Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am planning on doing a "Thankful" post instead of "Thankful Thursday" as I have doctor appts on Thursdays and need to teach school, and just can't seem to get it done!

These "Thankful" posts are not to show our "perfect" life, as it is so far from that, believe me, but, for me and hopefully others to look for the good, the things we are thankful for during our week, during the hard times, the busy, crazy times of raising children, and trying ourselves, to follow our Lord and accept His will, at all times.

If God were to tell us today, He was only going to let us keep what we've thanked Him for, what would we have?

 Thankful for little girls who occupy eachother during school time...
 even though, it leaves many messes throughout the whole house....
 Thankful for those chocolate Advent calendar countdowns!
 Thankful for some of our favorite Christmas books....
 And Thankful I was finally able to go through all our books and donate a ton!!
 Thankful for cuteness and Elmo girls!
 Thankful for all our play Nativity sets that are joined into one big set, 
the girls like to pick one baby Jesus and then, everyone else comes to visit Him.
 Thankful for this great new place that came to town!
Do you have one near you?
 They are fun and healthy!
I didn't have my own, I knew Sweetie Pie wouldn't eat all hers, 
so I got her Strawberry flavored w/Nerds candies on top.
If I were to pick my own (will that ever happen?)
I'd pick Strawberry with fresh Strawberries on top!
The kiddos had some interesting combinations of flavors!!
 Thankful to Kelly for sending us this beautiful headpiece to help us celebrate St Lucia Day yesterday!
After last year, (read it, it's a good one!)
I hoped this year would be better. 
Oh, we ate earlier, but you can tell by the expression on Ballerina Rosie's face 
(who wants to be called Rosie on this blog now)
that she had a crabby mama this particular morning.
I'm not a morning person, and add a day full of doctor appts, 
(I left for the doctor at 10:30am and got out at 3pm!)
Well...I was crabby....and I crushed the spirits of this sweet girl
Everyone else was happy, after all, we were having cinnamon rolls for breakfast with hot cocoa!
I plan to plan better  next year and I should probably have coffee or something to help with 
those morning crabbies!

Thankful for grandparents who came up from the Twin Cities to help with the kiddos
knowing I had all these appts, who made lunch and played with the kiddos, 
and made homemade waffles for supper, so we all could go to Jedi's Band concert!

 Thankful for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, (or Confession as I call it)
Mary Hannah made her first Reconciliation Saturday!
This sweet girl's soul is white as can be!
She was so excited to go and did wonderfully!
 She really wanted a bible of her she could highlight it....we are making her only 
highlight with us though!
We also really stressed that the clean, white, sparkling soul, happens 
EVERY time we go to Confession!!
Thankful God gives us the grace to work on those sins we confess!!
Thankful for Band concerts and for Jedi,
 how hard he works at his trumpet and piano and how much he loves it!

Thankful for this little piece the Trumpets played for us last night!
Thankful for your patience with my terrible shakey video filming....
Hmmmm...can't get it to upload for some reason....I'll try to fix it!

Thankful my fluid level is at a 7 and am hoping to make it to Christmas!
(the 7 was hard for the Ultra sound tech to find, but she did it!)
Thankful my doctor thought there would be no reason our baby couldn't be in my room with me!!
Thankful we don't have snow yet, here in Minnesota!  (Yes, I said MN)
With all these doctor appts, it's so nice to not have to worry about ice and snow...I'm not worried, 
we'll get our share I'm sure!


  1. There is always plenty to be thankful for, isn't there?

    So glad you have grandparents to help, that baby's fluid is at 7, and that you can room with baby!

    And, having a mild December has been a blessing! We've only had 2 dustings of snow and a few days hovering around freezing. Last year it was like the Artic moved right in at this time. Crazy weather...

  2. When I think about things I'm thankful for, it always makes me feel so clean and burdenless. I love to read yours because I enjoy it, and also because it inspires me to think about all the blessings I have in my life to be thankful for.

    And as always, precious pictures of precious kids!

  3. What wonderful things to be thankful for!! I am especially thankful for no snow yet either!!

    Cherry Berry looks like a hit!! I'm gonna need to find out where it is and we need to stop as a special treat the next time we are in your area. YUM!! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Third Week of Advent! I hope the appointments keep going well!

  4. Those kids are so lucky to have you for a mama. It is normal to be crabby....totally normal. I could not imagine smiling and prancing around 24/7. Do not get down on your self ever about the ups and downs. Totally normal.

    SNOW...I WANT SNOW!!!! I am glad though it has made your winter easier. Especially the warm weather.

    I love all the pics. and congrats to the new shiny soul. God Bless her always.

    Congrats to the trumpet player and all his hard work practicing.

    Thankful for you.

  5. You have much to be thankful for indeed! Your children are blessed to have you as their momma!! I've never heard of Cherry Berry but it sure looks bright and fun.

  6. I'd be crabby too if I had that many places to be in one day! It's crazy how those doctors have you hopping! I'm glad that you have the medical care you and the baby need, but geez! It's exhausting just reading about it.

    I'm very glad that your fluid was up to 7 and that you'll be able to have the baby with you in your room. That was the hardest part of having Little Man in the NICU.

    Sending you love and prayers.

  7. I am thankful for being able to see your beautiful children on a weekly basis that make me smile every time.


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