Sunday, June 10, 2012

Over 30,000

That's the number of pictures I have in files on the computer.

What do you do with your photos?

We are trying to copy them onto a special's taking a long time.


  1. I send my photos out to my cloud drive at 5 gigs free.

  2. Other than back them up on an external hard drive and use them for blogging, nothing. Let us know if you come up with a good idea!

  3. I save them into the cloud, too~

  4. Haha!! This is so funny, because I was JUST talking to Mark about this (while trying for the 10th time to download pics from my camera onto my macbook) and he wants me to use an external drive for my iTunes and photos. Let us know if you figure something out.

  5. We also do the external hard drive. I have them organized in files according to year and month ie. 2012 06 has all of June 2006 pics in it. This way, the files are always in order and I can find them easily. This is especially helpful if someone else emails you photos or took pictures for you. Storing by jpg number was just too annoying. Maybe I'm a little OCD, but this works for us. Good luck.


  6. I have a flickr pro account. I can upload all my photos there as back up. I did this a few years ago when my old PC started dying.

  7. The cloud thing sounds like a good idea! I will have to tell hubby.

    We have done the external drive several times- and try to do every so often, but it does take FOREVER, and I've heard that they fail after so long too and that transferring them to CD's is the best option. I'd like to be that organized someday.

    We lost all our pictures from Liam's first two years of life when our computer crashed a few years ago. It was very depressing. thankfully, I had already made photo albums of those first two years, so we have the hard copies, but now it's hard to make additional copies.

    I almost wish cameras still have negatives! those were much more reliable in my opinion.

  8. oh gosh, that's a lot of photos. I save them on my computer in file folders by year, then month, then day. When i post to my blog, they used to get saved as well on picasa. now they are saved on google. note sure why but I recently had to add more gigga space at $2.50 per month.

  9. hyperventilating hyperventilating..ok breath.

    I don't do anything with my pictures that I download online. Thinking I should do the cd thing. Sounds like the best option.

    Is your special device copying the pics to a cd??

    I have to print my pics and put them in the book or I freak. You know me, right?!???!!

    I am good about that but not good about saving them to another source.


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