Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Strawberry Slushies

This is a good day for
an original made up recipe by me, when I was 18!
(the heat index is 100+ today)

Frozen Strawberries
Diet 7-up

Put in the blender, and drink in the shade!
*This counts as 1 (!) Weight Watcher point, if you are counting!


  1. Yummy!! It's pretty hot in SoCal today too. Gonna be in the high 70's!

    1. High 70's? Perfect weather Arley!!

  2. That sounds delish! Love the low cal part of it, too.

    Our actual temp yesterday was 114, and we haven't even hit the hottest part of summer yet. Factor in the humidity and our heat index is above 120. Ugh. Where is winter???

    1. Oh, my gosh Shelly!! Now, I never wish for winter, living in MN, it might come true...but if I lived where you lived, I just might!!

      The girls had a lemonaide stand today and made lots of money! I made them slushies to help keep them cool!

  3. That sounds YUMMY!!!! I hear our weather's turning to HOT-HOT-HOT tomorrow! I'll have to keep this in mind!! Thanks! God bless!

  4. I make these all the time thanks to your idea from some other post.

    Lemonaide stand! So cool! I bet they really enjoyed that.

  5. Has to be very tasty and the picture is adorable

  6. Might need to make some today! Sounds delish and love the low point treats! How's WW going??
    It's been hot and humid here in Fargo in the 90's. BUT! I'll take it - winter seems to be 9 mos long here! :)
    We'll be making your frozen banana ice cream today - well, Noelle will run the other direction fast :)
    Time for cool Summer Salads for lunch!
    Try cutting up broccoli, cherry tomatoes, thin carrot circles and add it to cooked and cooled rotini noodles (we use veggie noodles - Wacky Mac). Cube up cheese and any meat (or mini pepperoni) and then pour a bottle of italian dressing over it all. YUM! Never any leftovers! Kids' hands down favorite salad!

  7. I dislike that I can never reply to your personal comments. Blogger doesn't play well with Windows 8.

    Its not too bad, gets a little humid when it gets that hot, but livable. The 4th is going to be 69!!! Perfect BBQ weather!

  8. I am craving for strawberry slushies. LOVE !

  9. Hi Jamie Jo, I Just wanted to let you know I awarded you the versatile blogger award!
    God Bless!

  10. Sounds wonderful for a hot hot day!


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