Monday, March 3, 2014

First Jobs

 Billie Jo posted a post about her daughter's first job 

It got me thinking about a few things 
Mostly how important it is for teens to have a job, 
learn that responsibility, learn how to work with and for others,
and how character building it is for them.

(not my picture and not me!)

 My first job was good ol' Burger King, 
in Santa Rosa, CA.
I had just moved there and was only 15 when I started.
Since I knew no one, I loved going to work!
I lived for it!  
I have such wonderful memories of that place and the people!
Above is the exact  uniform and visor we had to wear....oh, gosh.
That man there reminds me of my boss, he was I think, Iranian.
His name was Ali.
I was his favorite, 
everyone said so.
He told me he liked my smile and it reminded him of his little girl.
(he was not creepy at all--don't get any ideas)
I worked hard and always was good to customers and had a smile 
for everyone.
He quickly promoted me to Crew Leader!
(faster than all the others I was told)
(which meant I could train and could be in charge when the managers were on break)
(next step Assistant Manager!!  Woo Hoo!)

But we moved. (again)

I could make a mean Whopper though!!
I'm pretty sure I still could.

Having just moved from Minnesota,
I called pop, well, "Pop" and everyone would look at me 
and think I was saying "Pot".  
They call it soda or coke.

I worked with one manager, she worked opposite of Ali,
I remember she was an atheist
The first I'd ever met in my young life.
I asked her what she believed would happen when she died.
She said "Nothing."
I remember asking her what her reason for living was...
It was an interesting conversation, 
so funny the things that stick out in my mind, 
that is one of the top conversations that stick out.
(yet, I don't even remember her name!)

I pray for her though, God knows her name!

Having moved so much sure gave me a good experience with 
many different types of people..

 I looked for a picture of me in my uniform,
but I don't think I have one.
Maybe my mom does...
This was taken at the time I was working at Burger King
(see the boxes in the background...we look like we are getting ready to move again)

I found this picture with the one above.
On the back, I have written:

"Who's Johnny?"
"This is Johnny!"

I remember calling him
"Big John"
Good memories...

 Pretty sure this was what I was referring to on the back of the picture!
Anyone remember this song?

What was your first job?
Please Tell me about it! 


  1. OMGosh, Jamie Jo…my FIRST job was BURGER KING too! LOL I also was 15…was this the only place that hired under-16 year olds???!!! My mom and dad had to drive and pick me up from work. I often had to work the closing shift…restaurant was open until midnight…drive thru until 3 AM. Wow…I won't be happy if I have to pick up Mary at 3 AM…(more like 4:30 after cleaning up!) LOL I think I had the same uniform. I had mad Atlantic cod fish frying skills…and the onion rings were my favorite too! Even then…my sense of social justice issues was intact…I couldn't believe the amount of food we threw out at night b/c it was "past time"! Hope all is well!

    1. Yay Val!!! Must have been, I remember asking the manager if it was OK that I was only 15 and he was like, "it will be fine"....I never had to close, they did have rules like that where I was, I was too young to close, I think the age was 18 to do that. I only worked breakfast like a couple times...You are right, lots of food thrown away. Pretty sad.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My first job was gotten "accidentally." I'd ridden a bus to get my social security card (in "my day" we got those before working, not at birth) and then decided to stop on my way home at a dry cleaner's 3 blocks from my home. They had an ad for a "counter clerk." I thought it might be nice just to practice applying. They said they'd call me in a few days. When I walked in my (parents') door 15 minutes later the phone was ringing. I had the job. That fast. Didn't really want it, but thought I had to take it since I'd applied!!! It was good for me. It taught me that people working at counters are NOT the ones who didn't press a skirt correctly, or who failed to get a spot out of a blouse... but they're the ones who get shouted at for anything amiss. It taught me to be understanding, and to deal with the public. Priceless lessons!!

    1. Fun story! I like that you look back and even though you didn't really want the job, learned from it!! Yes, working with the public, teaches us a lot...mostly to be patient with others (crabby customers)

  3. I taught gymnastics, balance beam and I loved it. Then I went to work for the U.S. Attorney's office as a receptionist and STILL went to my gymnastics job afterward. I babysat like crazy too, I moved out when I was still a senior in high school (very dysfunctional home life) and so I had to support myself. My Mom helped me get the U S Attorney job and I'm still grateful for that opportunity!

    1. Wow, I love the wide variety of first jobs I'm reading here today! How unique! Oh, to be back in the day,huh?

      I babysat a ton too!
      Oh, you have quite a story and look where you are today...God is good.

  4. Dairy Queen at Crossroads....loved that job. As much as we could eat on 15 min. break for FREE! My jr. and sr. years of high school were a perpetual ice cream headache. And, yes, I can still make the little swirly on top of the sundaes at Old Country Buffet...not like we get there often, though.

    1. I bet making those sundaes at Old Country Buffet helps make the food taste better. (OK, maybe not) We havent' gone in a long time, but the kids love it.

      What a fun first job!

  5. My first job was at Subway when I was 16. I didn't really like it much. Most of the people I worked with were pretty rude and I had to usually work till 11 or 12am cleaning. I only worked there for the summer, because of the late hours. Once school started again, I got a job at a doctor's clinic doing some filing and then later helping out with the patients in the clinic. I did enjoy doing that!

    1. I worked at Subway!! I was working full time somewhere and this was my evening job, so I could get that free 6 inch for supper! I never had to close though....I only worked for a few months there.

      I think that filing job sounds a little, less stinky...right? That is what I hate about fast food, even Subway, how we smell going home. (like the food and condiments)

  6. It wasn't my first job, by one of my favourite was working at Tim Hortons, ( a famous Canadian coffee shop. I wasn't even a coffee drinker when I worked there. I was the donut finisher and got to fill and decorate the donuts. My favourite part was eating the honey crullers hot. Now, I am celiac and can't enjoy their donuts, but the memories are great.

    1. Those donuts look heavenly!! We do not have Tim Hortons to see new places. I'm sure it is popular in Canada.

      Fun memories!

  7. Thanks for the shout out love, Jamie Jo!
    And I love love love Burger King!!!!
    We don't live near one, so it is a treat when we get it. Whopper Jr. Fries. Chocolate Shake. : )
    My first job was working at my Dad's store.
    My sister's and I loved pricing the toys when we were little. We got to see all the new toys!
    Then, as we got older, we could bag items at the check out.
    Finally, we could run the register. It was so fun!
    It was like a mom and pop store...literally. Before Walmart. Ugh.
    I worked there all through college and even after when I taught school. I would work on weekends and holidays, just even to hang out. My mom, dad, and sisters were all there. : )
    Great post!

    1. My ' needed. : ) Sorry!

    2. I loved it when someone goofed up a chocolate shake, we'd get to drink the goofs!!

      Working for your dad in his store--such a great experience. I'm sure he loved having you girls there. You got to do what little girls dream of! I always dreamed (when I was really little) of being a checkout person, bagging things!! (funny now!)

      I love mom and pop stores!! Did it have an old creaky floor?

      I did not know you were a teacher!! What did you teach?
      Fun memories, thank you for sharing them with us!

  8. Hmm... my grandparents' own a woodcarving shop and they sold stuff, held/taught classes, and brought in instructors. My first jobs were definitely through them. I was the kid who washed everyone's car for $5, picked up nuts out of the yard at a penny a piece, mowed grass, planted flowers, and whatever other odd job there was.

    Aside from that, my first real job, as when the government took money out of my paycheck was a video store. Remember them? My uncle actually owned one at the time so I got break with that but hey, I was a responsible kid. I ended up also working at McDonald's at the time too so holding two jobs in high school. There weren't many options in our small town.

    1. Oh, yeah, I've seen your work!!

      Well, if we are counting those kind of jobs, I sold Christmas cards and wrapping paper door to door every year for a few years...still can't believe my parents let me go all over the place. By myself.

      I worked at a video store too!!!!! That was my 2nd job!! I worked there for 2 years. I loved giving people my honest opinion and had several people that would only go by my referrals!! I loved that job....of course that store is no longer in business!

      Wow, 2 jobs in high school? How did you do that?

    2. Yes, I started at the video store working around my school schedule, weekends and a few school nights. When I started working McDonald's, I did mostly opening on weekends so 4:30 or 5 until 1 or 2. I wasn't a church goer then, school was easy and I could finish most of my homework in school, and aside from meets, cross country and track were done by 4:30 or 5. I only juggled the two jobs for part of high school too.

      I really enjoyed the video store job too even if I had to deal with family issues.

  9. Operating the Log Ride at an amusement park. I dreamed of floating logs for weeks.

  10. Great post. Fun memories. My first job was at a little advertising newspaper called Magic Ads. My son has been looking for a first job with no luck yet. Our here it is still a bit tough for kids to find jobs. I always enjoy your posts. Have a good day.

    1. It's fun to hear the wide variety of jobs people had...

      Why is it so hard for kids to find jobs where you are? I'll pray he finds a job.

      You have a great day Deb too!

  11. Now that sounds like a great job. My first one was the most unglamorous one ever, and one I did for three years in school. I was a vet technician, and I not only helped the vet, I cleaned poop and vomit, was bitten, scratched, chased, hooked with a horn, clawed...but most of all, I was loved by the animals, and I loved them.

    1. EEEEEewwwwwwwww.....glad you loved and was loved by the animals!! You could probably say the same thing about teaching?!!?

      (just kidding)
      SO fun to see the wide variety of jobs people have started with!

  12. Oh boy. I worked at KMart and it was not pretty. It was TERRIBLE! My managers were mean, people used the fitting rooms for a toilet. It was not good. The only thing I like about that job was doing the Blue Light specials over the intercom. They always had me do it because I had the best voice for it, lol. Oh I guess I had another job before that, but I wasn't paid, does that count? I was a disc jockey for my high school radio station during lunch break my freshman year of high school. That job I LOVED. :)

    1. OK, this made me laugh. Just reading KMart made me laugh. SO sorry your managers were mean though..that stinks.

      Disc jockey sounds super fun!! (even though you were not paid)

  13. Don't you love to take trips down memory lane? My first job was at a produce mart run by Iranians and they were fighters (with each other). Bad tempers. I liked the people I worked with. I could NOT stand Saturday mornings because that is when the boiled ham went on sale and all the women came in from town to get their sliced boiled ham. Since I worked behind the deli counter, the thing that grossed me out the most was the "head cheese". Yuck. (the brain of a cow or pig.)

    1. Eeewwwwwww, on the head cheese!!! Yuck. I watch "Chopped" on the food network at night, so I know what head cheese is. Ewwww....I don't think I could touch it!!

      That is so funny about boiled fun to see where everyone has worked and started out in the real world!

  14. I always had "jobs"...I was a farm kid! My first paying job was on a farm. HA. Milked cows twice a day. Hardest job I have ever had. I babysat a lot in high school also! I have never ever worked in a food establishment. fun post!

    1. I babysat a ton too...but that doesn't count, does it? I did buy my own school clothes with my babysitting money though.

      You don't want to work in a food establishment!! You go home smelling like the food, greasy and stinky.

      Farm you are a hard worker!!

  15. My first job was at a craft store called The Rag Shop in NJ. I was shopping there with there with my mom and the manager offered me a job because she liked my smile! Smiling pays. :-)

    1. Oh, smiling does pay!!! Love that story Jennie!

  16. The way you write, it creates a visual for the readers. Totally loved reading it!
    Here, there is no norm as such for the teenagers to work. I think it's an important aspect of one's life. It helps build people skills right from a very young age.
    I got my first job in Feb 2011, at ICICI Bank when I was 21, for which I had to move to Mumbai. It was an amazing experience! :)


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