Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thankful for Everyday Life--Link-up

 OK, now about my Link-up
I'd like to do it weekly (as best I can)
I'm going to try to keep doing it Thursday's sometime, Fridays at the latest.
That gives you an idea of when to make your posts to add.

I'd also love to be able to make the above picture my "Link-up" picture
but I get stuck about 3/4 of the way through it
I'll figure it out

I have plans, I have big plans!

My goal for this blog is
for everyone who comes here to remember to be Thankful 
for all the daily blessings in your own life.
I'd like you to tell me what you want it to be called:
Thankful Blessings 
Thankful Life
Thankful for Everyday Life

Any  other ideas?

Thankful last Friday we got to meet our new Bishop!
He said Mass for our Catholic homeschool group
and afterward, a potluck lunch and question answer session for the kids.
He was in a diocese in Alaska for the last 12 years, 
his last diocese was the size of 1 1/2 Texas's
and he had to fly in to all parishes except 3.

Needless to say, he's a tough man and to hear us complain about our weather
must make him laugh inside!  
 Here's a better picture of the crowd! 

 I brought my friend Bob.
This wonderful man is 66 years old, 
he worked for 40 years washing dishes for a state college here in town
He is retied now
 and every single week day, 
he gets on a bus in the morning, 
goes to Starbucks and has breakfast, 
then on to Mass by noon 
and straight from Mass to Caribou Coffee usually for quick lunch
and then on to the Adoration chapel in town, 
where he stays til about 6:30.

This man is a saint I tell you.
He radiates joy to all with his friendly smile, waves and blessings!

So very Thankful Bob is in my life and I have the honor of knowing him!

(yes, that would be my kids running around in the background)
 Thankful they had big doors and he did not escape, as much as he tried!
 Thankful my kids have huge imaginations and can't wait til spring 
so they can make real mud pies!
These are ice pies, and I am informed that they are not as fun to make as
real mud pies
 Thankful this is my view, from inside a warm house!
(Thankful for the "inside a warm house" part not the extra 8 inches of snow we got Tuesday)

 Thankful for my weekly kitchen helpers..
(no she does not have her ears pierced, 
she hooks crucifixes to rubber bands
 and hangs it on her ears

Yes, my girls want their ears pierced!
 Thankful for St Patrick's day painting
Thankful for
 homemade Shamrock Shakes
I didn't measure, but Patty gave me the idea!

Shamrock Shakes
Vanilla ice cream
Green food coloring
Mint extract

Mix in blender!
Better than the real thing!
 Thankful for green bread!
with plenty to give away to friends!

Pistachio Sweet Bread

1 yellow cake mix
 1 pkg instant pistachio pudding
 4 eggs
1/4 cup oil
 1 cup sour cream
5-10 drops of food coloring (or more)

 Mix above well. Generously grease 2 loaf pans.
 Dust with a mixture of
 1/4 cup sugar and 1/2 Tbsp cinnamon.
 Reserve remaining sugar mix.
 Pour batter into loaf pans.
Sprinkle remaining sugar mix on top.
 Bake at 350 degrees for 55 minutes. (or til done)
 Remove immediately from pans and place in plastic baggies and refrigerate!
 Thankful for early risers that love to do puzzles in the  morning with mama
 Thankful for this fun birthday party we went to this past weekend!
This is my SIL Michelle, she's married to one of Tom's brothers.
Yes, she stayed up almost all night making this cake!
The whole thing is edible!!  
Isn't it cool?
(our nephew is now 3!!)
 The little kiddos got these to wear!
 They were even paid their wages with chocolate coins at the end of the party!
So cute!!

Thankful for screaming toddlers...oh, my
our house is loud.

Thankful for our beautiful view from the top of our stairs...beautiful sunset last night.
Thankful Minnesota has 40's in the forecast!

Now Link up!!
Show us your Thankfuls!! 


  1. Jaime, thank you for the invite to come see your thankfuls!
    Your kids are so cute!
    You are so blessed!
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

    Maria :)

    1. Thank you Maria! You are a prayer warrior!!

  2. I like that title..thankful for everyday life. You are teasing us in Minnesota with that flower and green grass picture! What could that possibly be like?

    That party looks really really cool. Great ideas from your sil....I was curious about the ear that is on her shelf?

    Your girls are old enough (I think!) to get their ears pierced! Colette did hers around 10 or 11 and she was real good with them!

    We have a loud house also..I love the sound of a crazy busy life. Trying to stay warm and will just wait and wait and wait for spring.

    1. Link up christine!! I'd link up if you had one!
      Come on, be supportive of your friend. (haha)

      Our piercing age is reason, except that is the age I almost 12 year old has a whole party planned around her getting her ears pierced...

      The ear? I know...the party was at her mom's house, (they have a bigger house) and she has interesting Art! (they live in the cities)

      Can't wait til tonite!

    2. I forgot to mention...I enjoy seeing Bob at adoration also! He is the sweetest you said a saint.

      I like that idea about waiting just makes it more fun and a whole party sounds really cool!

      I just don't know what to be thankful post would be the same...the family.the house...I just don't have that much going on??!! I am thankful right now that we do not have any car problems??!! I can try one post I guess!

      looking forward to tonight also.

    3. I don't do the I'm thankful for my faith, my husband, my kiddos...of course we are thankful for that...I'm talking looking through your week and being thankful for all the little things. Like chickens in the coop...and eggs every day!

      I'm not aiming this at you, but ME!! I have to do it otherwise it becomes a habit to only be thankful for the big becomes generic. I want to be thankful for every thing, even screaming kiddos...and by doing these thankful posts, I keep it in my head all week....does that make sense?

      I want that to catch on for everyone, that spirit of being thankful. For little things. If we look around, there are a ton of those.


    4. thankful for the teen-ager who was smacking me with his licorice..just for fun...still hurt.

    5. YES--you get it!!

      (ouch!) At least it's not chocolate?!!! You can eat it....

  3. Agree with Christine...Thankful For Everyday Life...
    And indeed I am.
    And thankful that this world of Internet brings us closer to women of faith and home and family and joins us together.
    And for the promise of spring.
    Snowing and windy here in PA.
    Oh and love love love you treats!!!!!!

    1. Oh, I know, I am so thankful we live in the times we do, that we can connect with people all around the country! (and outside the country!)

      yuck...winter has to end, sometime, right? Maybe April.

  4. I love how you added that you are thankful for screaming toddlers! We definitely have that here.

    All that beautiful snow!

    I wish I could reach in the computer for one of those shakes and some bread! Yummy!

    1. Beautiful is one way to describe it. I won't describe it any other wouldn't be thankful!! hahahah!!

  5. Love it as usual. I think the link-up is a nice thing. As I've already said, it helps ME, and it's not for you or anyone else, though I sure am glad it puts a smile on someone's face. Last week when I did it, after a not horrible week but not a great one, it really put the week in perspective and left me feeling lighter and happier. As for a name? Of yours, the every day life one. Maybe you could get Elisa to help you? :) I don't know how it works.

    You are making me hungry with all the food. That cake is awesome. I think I would have gone the new truck route and put it on a simple cake. Present and cake in one. The shakes? I was craving the McD's shamrock shakes but we never go to McD's any more so I had my husband pick up the items. He decided to buy spearmint instead of the regular mint. Not as good. At all.

    I love the creativity of your girls. The earring thing is something my friends and I would have done (and I never even wanted my ears pierced!).

    Beautiful sunset. This winter has been full of them for me with all this sun we're getting. Cold and sun or cold and gray? Definitely cold and sun.

    That is awesome about visiting with your Bishop and him holding a special Mass for the homeschoolers. We are still waiting for a Bishop to be appointed. Bob looks like a happy guy. People that spread sunshine are so necessary.

    Have a good weekend! I'll link up when I get mine up...

    1. I'm going to see if my husband can help me with Elisa's instructions!
      You totally get it. If I don't think about my little thankful things throughout the week, when I'm taking pictures, then, I forget to be thankful! It helps. It helps to always be thankful.

      Yes, I guess the cold is good for something, great sunny days...that we can't go out in!! hahah!

      I want gray and melting....melt away that snow! (then be sunny)
      It takes forever for a new Bishop to be appointed....I think we waited like a year!!

      Thanks for linking up Nicole, love your thankfuls!

  6. Oh, that pistachio cake brings back memories! Remember how you gave me a bag (or maybe it was two) when we first met at the MOA? Jamie, I broke off chunks of it throughout the day! Could not WAIT to get it home.

    PS. Are you really thankful for screaming toddlers? Honestly, I'm not there yet.

    1. Yes, of course I remember...a stranger giving you bread, well, you didn't think I was too crazy, you ate it! I was just a reader back then and you and Danielle Bean were the only blogs I read!

      I AM thankful for screaming toddlers. (that doesn't mean I LIKE it, I'm just thankful...)
      Little kids, little probs...big kids, bigger probs...

  7. Looks like you had a great week with lots of blessings. I am hoping to link up tomorrow if possible. For having a week off, I am exhausted and need a week off to recover. Lots and lots of running around and appointments and trying to jam everything into five days. I am hoping for a few free minutes tomorrow. Have a great Friday!

    1. Yes, you should get 2 weeks, one to get things done and one to relax!! You deserve it!

      Thanks for linking up Deb!

  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Your blog fully achieves your goal, my friend, as I'm always reminded of things to be thankful for after I read and see your wonderful pictures. And that cake is a work of art! Beautiful kids!

  9. Another great list! I don't know that I will link up, but knowing when you'll do it each week maybe that will be a post I can actually muster up if I do post at least once. As for the name, I wanted to try and help you out, but I liked all of them. I would lean toward one, then change my mind, then change it again. My first thought was Thankful Blessings. If that matters. I like them all. :)

    I was so bummed we didn't make it to Mass with the Bishop. With a couple kids still with bad colds at that point, we just couldn't make the trek work on our end. It looks like so much fun and that he's actually enjoying being with the kids! What a great bday party, St. Patrick's day and beauty from your window. Now if all the snow would melt and the temps be consistently at least in the upper 30's, I'd be really THANKFUL.

    Happy weekend and Happy Spring!!

    ps...Bob. I've never known his name, but I've seen him everywhere in the Catholic church circuit in your area. He always makes me smile. What a great man.

    1. I kind of like Thankful Blessings too...but looks like more people voted for Thankful for Everyday Life...

      The bishop was really warm and friendly. It's got to be hard starting over in a new diocese.
      Yes, we need above 32 degrees...please? It's hovering around 30 this whole week....

      Bob is a saint. He says he "prays for everyone, the whole world"
      I give him a ride home from the chapel on Thursday evenings and from the noon Mass to his next coffee place and what I thought was helping someone out, has become such a joy in MY life. He's more a blessing to ME.

      Love you Sarah...

  10. What a FANTASTIC opportunity to have with your new Bishop! A true blessing!! And what an amazing and inspiring man Bob is. The snow?? Ugh. Not so amazing. I would be packing and putting the house on the market at this point! (BTW, San Antonio is one of our favorite places to visit ;) Thanks for the link love on the shamrock shakes. That's all we had time for since we were at my daughter's scoliosis check. And I'm thankful for getting over the stomach bug. Woke up and had it all day on a gorgeous first day of spring. On top of it, I was suppose to go to the dentist for a check on a tooth ache. So yucky stomach meant no meds which made for a painful day to the nth degree. But today was better, praise the Lord. :) Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday!!

    1. It was a special blessing being able to be there with the Bishop. He seems really warm and friendly. No, we are not liking the snow. At all. It's March. It was fun in December.

      I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope your tooth is feeling better?!!

      I visited San Antonio when I was a kid...I think 10th grade. We were thinking of moving there or something, but my dad chose to move to California again instead.
      We visited the Alamo...I remember that And I remember it being hilly there.

      Oh, and everyone had a southern accent.
      Happy day Patty!

  11. OH MY!! That is your Catholic homeschool group?? What a blessing! Ours is so tiny, like I think I might only be able to count the families on one hand. Trying hard not to be jealous!

    1. Amy, we have about 60 families in our Catholic homeschool group and about 200 overall in the whole group (non denominational)!! It's huge! A blessing, that is for sure.

      Don't be jealous. On one hand? I bet you are all closer than a big group!
      You COULD move to MN....hahhahahahahaahaha!! Why would anyone move here?

  12. I am so bad at link ups but I love them. I love to find new like minded bloggers that way. I also love the goal of this link up. I will try to plan something for tomorrow as it is Thursday again! Thank you for doing this and posting such a beautiful snow picture.


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