Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Finished Tees!

 They wore the finished products on July 5th
 because we wore our Pro-Life Tees on the 4th!
(for the parade)

Kids Pro-Life Club Tees

The tee idea was found 

 This one turned out great!  
I want to make some more of these!
Instructions HERE

(I have what I did in the comments)
 "Let me close my mouth and smile"
(That's for you Christine, the kids say it all the time just for you)


  1. The Ts turned out so well!! (and the kids are as cute as ever!)

  2. I love all the t-shirts! How did you make the tie dye one? Reminds me of Captain America.

    1. I linked it in the last post, YES! It is supposed to be Captain America! It was really fun and easy to do too!

      OH, let me find the link and add it to this post!

    2. Kari, here's the link for the tie dye shirt:

      We (I) painted the outline of a star stencil and then painted it white inside, using regular acrylic paint. (after it was tie dyed) and for the tie dye, I did the kind where you mix it in a bottle and squirt it on, (never done it that way, I usually use RIT and buckets) It worked really well...let it sit outside on a garbage bag, and told the kids to STAY AWAY from it...sat there all day til I rinsed it out that night.

  3. The tees look amazing, Jamie! And it's so good to see that you are involving your kids in the pro-life belief right from the start. :)

  4. I love how the shirts turned out. So cute!

  5. Just for MEEEE! Your kids are so cute. Thanks for sharing the final product!

  6. So cute!! They turned out great and the kiddos look so festive.

  7. They're awesome! Your girls are the best: I love how each truly has her own personality!

  8. These came out SOOOOO good! I have to remember to do this with the girls next year!

  9. I love these cute patriotic t-shirts but I love even more that you wore your pro-life t-shirts to the parade. Good for you! So glad to hear that Phoenix is still at the top of you list. Just wait until it cools down a bit to come out. Have a great weekend.

  10. Love your shirts! We made them as well. In fact, Esther's looks a lot like Bridgette's! The older kids used tape and fabric paint to make super cool designs. If baby Benjamin ever gives me some free time in the evening (so that I can use both hands!), I'll get a blog post out there...I'm so far behind!!!

  11. Those are so fun!! Love the Captain America one!


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