Monday, April 19, 2010

First Holy Communion Week!

Ballerina Rosie will be making her First Holy Communion this coming weekend! She's been asking and asking to "practice" with Neccos. (I always think of my good friend Sarah's mother when I think of these candies, she is the one who told me about them long ago.) We will practice because we all receive Communion on our tongues (she doesn't have to do like us, but I'm sure she will), so we will practice how to do this. We will also practice receiving in the hands, because the Church does allow this.

Socks purchased and ready to go!
(along with the dress and shoes!)

This book read together. (I cried in the end, it was so beautiful)
This is Margaret's novena we started on Friday, it is truly getting her ready heart and soul.
Our white theme, white cake ordered (Sam's Club), white balloons, plates, streamers, tablecloths.
I'm planning the menu, she wants turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, I'll add some other whites....cauliflower with dip (one of my favorites!), white buns, I'm planning on making either the First Communion cookies or cupcakes (I'll do muffins for breakfast) pictured on Catholic Icing

We've practiced the hair style (she's been planning this for a year now!)
This is my wedding veil, it's a little big, but she loves it! (and hey, the price is right)
Now, all I need to do is pray, clean, shop, clean....clean, clean.....
It's weird, these special, holy days, (like Baptisms) I get this need to clean and have the house, I don't know, ready for such holiness....
Windows washed...check
Screens washed...check
Fridge cleaned....check
I ask for your prayers for my sweet little Ballerina Rosie.
St Catherine, pray for her.
St Therese pray for her.


  1. Prayers to you all during the time of prep!

    Beautiful veil...I can see why she wants to wear it.

  2. I need you people like you to help with hair stuff. I tried to curl Annes hair and it fell flat on her day.

    Ballerina Rose will have perfect hair! I am not good at that kind of stuff.

    Thought you were going to come clean my windows!!!!!!

    ps... I will be thinking and praying for her, you and the whole family all week. Such a special special special day!

  3. How wonderful! Many prayers coming her way this week!

  4. God bless your darling girl, as she prepares this week for one of the most special days of her life! Savor. every. precious. moment!

  5. Sounds like a busy week, but it also looks like you've got everything under control. What great planning! I love the idea of the white theme. We have one more year to wait yet and we'll be planning too for the big day!

    Blessings on your week. I'll be thinking of your daughter on her special day!

  6. Happy 1st Communion to your lovely daughter! I remembered Ballerina Rosie today when I prayed my rosary. I will continue to pray for her all this week as she prepares to make this beautiful Sacrament!

    May God Bless her and the whole family!


  7. Jaime, how do you and Christine stay so young looking and radiant? You both look so beautiful! I can't believe you two ladies are in your forties! How do you do it? Please share!

    May God Bless you both and your families!


  8. you gave me goosebumps reading this post. mainly, that your daughter has been looking forward to this day for a year. that says so very much about you and your family. how utterly tear jerking for me to read that. and look at your sweetheart all in her curlers, and what an absolutely great idea that she would love your wedding veil. i think I shall decide right now to save mine for my daughter's first communion day. (I love coming here!) and i know what you mean about the need to clean. :)

  9. What a beautiful time of year! We used to get a round cookie cutter/biscuit cutter and make the "hosts" out of that to play Mass!

  10. You have my prayers, Jamie. She's beautiful and knowing you, your house will be too. :)

    PS. Ours is in a month!

  11. Brought tears to my eyes seeing those Necco wafers. We'd walk up to Janski's Grocery in Rice, MN and my sweet mom would buy the kids a treat. Most often it was a sucker and some Necco wafers. They would love to "practice" for their big day!
    I know my mom is praying for her and for you, Jamie. She sees all the love and purity in BOTH your hearts and will always be petitioning on your behalf before the throne of God. She thought of you as her daughter too...I'm getting misty now...
    Tell sweet Ballerina Rosie that we are/have been praying for her and know that she is ready to receive the Ultimate Gift. We will come for her Mass, come Heck or High Water (well, the high flood waters have gone down, and we'll pray about the rest! :)
    Love and kisses

  12. My daughter Avila is receiving First Communion soon also.. Great ideas. It was so much fun for her to see what another little girl is doing.

  13. praying for your sweet girl, jaimie. First Communion for girls always reminds me of a wedding for some reason.
    but they are so beautiful and pure at this heart just sings to see them. boys and girls!
    and there's nothing like a party to get your house clean, eh?
    i started looking forward to our family game nite because it FORCED me to clean the things i sometimes neglect.

  14. O Jamie, I want to see more pics.

    What a monumental day. I luv that you made her that novena.

  15. Beautiful post...I love that she has been looking forward to this for so long and both of you have been preparing so well for it. I love that she's wearing your wedding veil!

  16. Just realized...that was a few years ago!! I'm sure it was wonderful...


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