Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Holy Communion--Part II

Dressed and ready for pictures!

We got a rainy, dreary day, but were able to get one picture in the morning before sprinkles came!
(it did clear up later)

Excited sisters!
Good friends!

I love this picture, it reminds me of a bride rushing into the church!

She got to read the petitions.

We belong to a cluster of 3 parishes and the other 2 parishes have about 60 kids each who made their First Holy Communions. We are the smaller parish and only have a few kids each year. It's so nice!
Beautiful Rosary gift.
Grandma A. came from the cities.
(my mil, isn't she beautiful?)

Such a special day I hope she will always remember and always feel the same way each time she receives Jesus!
Thank you for all your prayers, it was truly a beautiful day!


  1. Great photos, Jamie!
    Congratulations to your daughter on her very special day. It looked very lovely!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Jamie. Great memories.

    I should be cleaning for our party on Saturday, but I'm taking a break!

  3. What wonderful photos Jamie! She was absolutely beautiful for her special day. I can't wait for Lily's next year!

  4. Beautiful girl! Beautiful photos that capture such a special day. Congratulations to your daughter!

  5. Beautiful! Congratulations! FHC is once in a lifetime, not like a birthday. I'd better get busy over here for L.'s day on Sunday!

  6. I love the picture of her looking out of the full of anticipation! There's nothing as sweet as little ones in their communion garb. Love the beautiful rosary!

  7. Fun to see Parts I & II. I agree with you on the pic from behind - she looks beautiful from all directions, though! Glad you had a happy weekend ... even rain can't dampen spirits on these days.

  8. How beautiful, Jamie! What a blessing!

  9. beautiful girl, jaimie!
    everything and everyone looks so pretty...perfect for receiving THE Perfect Sacrament.
    God bless her and your family!

  10. great photos! my oldest went through her first communion last year such a special and joyous time!

    congrats to your daughter on her first communion!

  11. oh your daughter is just so full of grace, i can see it in her eyes and her smile. the dress is beautiful, and the lovely long veil and headpiece are exquisite. congratulations to your daughter and you, since iknow you are filled with joy too! the family pic is great, and I love the new blog header.

  12. Thanks for posting. I have been checking eagerly every day hoping for a pic of Ballerina Rose.

    Congrats to the whole family.

  13. ALL the pics were so great - I think my favorite one is her looking out the window. Noelle said, "WOW! Look how beautiful she is!!" Inside and out!
    Also love YOUR new haircut (speaking of beautiful) and how much love you put in to making her day so special. You are such an awesome momma!!!

  14. Blessed and beautiful. Welcome to the Lord's Supper!

  15. Congratulations "Ballerina Rosie" - so thrilled for you! Looks like the day was very special to you and your family.

    Jamie - I like your new blog header pic!

  16. Lovely! Beautiful dress! Congrats to your daughter!

  17. Congrats and blessings!

    I found your blog from a link at Shower of Roses.

    Please come join my blog party that I'm hosting this month, First Communion JOY.

    You can view the party post here.

    Pax Christi - lena


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