Monday, May 3, 2010


May is jam-packed with just a ton of things, just like this post!
Baby Ava was Baptized yesterday and it is an honor to be her godmother!
See in the photo above, how smart she is? She's pointing to where father should put the holy water!
It was truly a beautiful day! The dress she is wearing, Christine's mother sewed it for Christine when she was a baby and she and all her children have been Baptized in it!
This is the view out my back patio door, the pink tree is our neighbors tree, but it inspired this next art project!
First the kiddos waterpainted (acrylic paints) the background.
Then, glued on black tree trunks and painted pink buds, by dabbing the brush on the tree.
This is why we decided to waterpaint the background, it's a little plain on just white paper.
May is know traditionally known as the month of Mary.
Lovely Lady dressed in blue-
Teach me how to pray!
God was just your little Boy,
Tell me what to say!
Did you lift Him up, sometimes,
Gently on your knee?
Did you sing to Him the way,
Mother does to me?
Did you hold His hand at night?
Did you ever try
Telling stories of the world?
Oh! And did He cry?
Do you really think He cares
If I tell Him things-
Little things that happen? And
Do the Angels' wings
Make a noise? And can He hear
Me if I speak low?
Does He understand me now?
Tell me-for you know.
Lovely Lady dressed in blue.
Teach me how to pray!
God was just your little Boy,
And you know the way.
This is one of my favorite prayers. I can just see Bishop Fulton J. Sheen saying this. I always picture him praying it when I see it!
May day baskets, with this prayer on our holy cards, seeds, candy and flowers!
Happy May everyone!


  1. Happy May, friend! Love all the things you have going on! Hope to update my life soon!

  2. I love Ballerina Rose in her Star Wars shirt. CUTE! I also noticed kiwi fruit on a plate! I like looking for little extra things in pictures.

    Thanks so much for being AVA's Godmama. I thankya for the salad and for bringing the whole family to celebrate the special day.

    Nice crafts and May Baskets. You do it all!

  3. Sorry it's taken me so long to stop by--I'm preparing my talks for the conference and am a little addle-brained.

    Happy Month of May, Jamie! And congratulations to your beautiful daughter. She looked lovely and now that loveliness will grow and grow. Tell her that we're proud of her!

  4. Such a pretty post! (And pretty backyard!) I love your May baskets! I have to remember those for next year!!!

  5. sweet may!
    lucky ava that you are her godmama.
    and lucky you...
    God bless you both!
    what lovely may baskets.
    i've been wanting to do that for years. but this time around my kids weren't home...i guess it wouldn't be too late to still do something like. beautiful tree paintings and i love that poem.


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