Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Did anyone else notice he has no name?
I felt sorry for him last night.
They should have made him ugly. He's not ugly.
Maybe they will make him good in the end?


  1. It was definitely a weird show last night. Not only did they never tell us his name, but it did seem that the woman wanted him to be the "saver" and not Jacob. And if those are his bones in the cave, meaning that he died, has he been smoke until Locke? There've been other bodies on the island for him to "inhabit". I have more questions at this point...

  2. The one thing I noticed he doesn't really take over their bodies, just their essence. Lock's body is buried. When Richard first came to the island, smokey appeared to him as his wife/lover.

    I asked DH last night if her body was on the island and he said No, but her cross is. So perhaps he doesn't actually need their body, just their essence, soul, spirit? I don't know.

    DH said he's more of shift changer...

    There are some circles that are saying MiB and Smokey are NOT the same person. There are others that are saying they are the same person, but not really. More of a Hulk type thing. That Smokey is MiB all Hulk out it. Does that make sense?

    Personally I'm liking the Hulk out theory. That makes the most sense to me.

    As for the MiB name? Some are saying Esau (Jacob and Esau from the bible); Others are saying perhaps the MiB name is Aaron? They are saying Aaron because of how the name just came to Clarie.

    As for the name, personally I like the Esau theory. I know that in the bible that Esau was born first. Ignoring the birth order the rest makes sense. Esau should have been the chosen one, but we know that Jacob got it....

  3. I also like the Jacob and Esau theory because so many of the characters names are based on real people.

    Example John Locke: He is named after English philosopher John Locke.

    Jeremy Bentham (Locke's Dad's alias) is named after Jeremy Bentham English jurist, philosopher, and legal and social reformer.

    That's just 2 examples there are more. The French Woman, Faraday, Hume, the eye patch guy and others names come from real people.

  4. I agree with the "essence" thing.

    BUT I think the smoke monster can control his actions, because he has skipped everyone on the list.

    Now, I'm thinking "the rules" are the same "rules" for that game.

    I think Locke is the one who can finally help him off the island, where as the other people he's appeared as, Jack's dad, anyone who's died, he only needed for a little.

    What they want still remains the same, Jacob wants to protect the island and the man with no name wants off the island.

  5. I liked him so much more too.

    The scene where Jacob drinks from the cup was so agony in the garden...Lord, if this cup might pass....

  6. I'm definitely confused as to whether MiB and the Smoke Monster are the same thing. If they are the same, I'm curious as to why he became black smoke just because he went down into the light. I can see why he could become selfish and greedy, but why black smoke?

    NO questions answered except that we know Jacob wasn't the first "Jacob".

    I do like the parallels between "Mother" and Ben. Both stole babies, both purged the island of evil inhabitants.


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