Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's Happening Here

Our newest member of Tae Kwon Do. (isn't she cute?)
Don't mess with my children, they can protect themselves and me!
With Daddy and 3 of the children gone Tuesday and Thursday evenings, it gives me lots of "mommy time" with Babycakes....and Sweetie Pie who is very busy these days....

....watching her sisters and brother jump on the trampoline.....
Wish I'd thought of this watching by the window before this, she loves it!
She makes just as big a mess as her sisters now, loving to dig in all the toys.
That playing wears her out though, so big sis lets her sleep on her while mama takes a shower!

When she is fussy at night and mama is busy....daddy holds her "way up in the sky" and she's happy...until he brings her down again.
She is taking lots of baths now....

....because every time she eats, she gets carrots in her hair, bananas in her eyebrows and cheerios on her bottom and legs....(the food falls down or she puts it down there)
Then, more window watching.....
Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I think Sweetie Pie and Alex could make lots of messes together! So cute!

  2. Happy Wed. to you also. Isn't hot here in Minnesota now. I should never complain about the heat but it seems a little hotish in the house.

    Love seeing pictures. Fun to see what goes on in your home. Kids are so blessed to be home. It would kill me to put my little bean in daycare now that she is 3 mo old.

  3. That's wonderful that you are able to have a bit of time with just the two youngest, Jamie! I'd imagine the oldest enjoy thier daddy time, too.

    Sweetie Pie sure is growning & changing. Teeth already, too, I see.


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