Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Consecration Answers

Some people have asked me about this devotion, I hope to give some clarity for them.
To read all about it, you can go here
For reasons to do it and a free kit go here
I have to say, I didn't give it much thought the first time I did it.
Consecrate myself to Jesus?
For me, it's a no brainer.
We come to the Father through the Son.
We come to the Son through the Mother.
To Jesus through Mary.
Simple as that for me.
It's just 33 days of prayers.
Every year I feel the peace and graces it brings.
For me my question back would be
Why not?


  1. As you said Jamie it's a no brainer, hope everyone gets that.

  2. Thanks for the resources...I have been feeling like the Blessed Mother is calling me to somethng more, and perhaps this is it...I agree it is a no brainer, but I still need to pray about this...praying for you, dear friend!


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