Monday, July 19, 2010

Plunger Shopping

Wow, I've been looking for a plunger for a few weeks now...OK, I keep forgetting, but when I remember to look for one, at the shops I go to (Wal-Mart) there is only a little wimpy one that doesn't even stick to the floor. How do I know this? Because today the kiddos and I went to Home Depot after piano lessons to pick up some paint chips (planning on painting some rooms in August) and I thought "Hey, I'm going to check the plungers out!" The kiddos found the plungers (like this one pictured) and plunged the floor and couldn't get the plungers off the floor.
Picture Babycakes with a little red face, trying to pull her plunger off the floor, as we are walking away....wish I would have thought to take a picture!
Then, there are plungers like this one, labeled "Sink and toilet", plungers with short handles, (who'd want that?) plungers that are labeled "Heavy Duty", heavy duty? What does that mean? Do some people have certain kind of poop that needs the heavy duty one? Do we?
I was just too confused and decided it was a job for my husband.
(both the buying and the plunging)


  1. We 3 boys, I have become quite the plunger-er...yeesh! I wouldn't know which one to buy either!

  2. Yep, it's a great job for the hubby. We actually have a plumbing snake - the Fargo home was plugging up constantly & a plunger just couldn't do the job. Anyway, the topic made me laugh!

  3. we only buy the ones at Home Depot that are black plastic and accordion shaped. They never flip inside out or get stuck. We ALWAYS have clogged toilets, and this is the BEST we've ever had.

    Just a side note: Buy a dozen donut holes. The empty bowl container fits the plunger perfectly.


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