Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Prayers Please

Tomorrow we go to the Minneapolis Children's Hospital for tests for Simeon's kidneys.
I'm actually looking forward to getting out of the house, this mama is used to going places!!
We are hoping to find out when surgery will be.
He's still so little.
We are thinking he's about 6 lbs now.
He's still in the Newborn size diapers and clothes, which are big on him.
He's such a little honey.
He has a dimple on his left cheek, like me, and another dimple on the same cheek, by his mouth,
like Ballerina Rosie.
He loves to hold my finger while feeding him
 and he's so gentle always with his hands up by his face constantly.
He loves his cheeks kissed constantly, and this mama loves to kiss him constantly.

We are Baptizing him tonite.
Since we cannot take him out in the public, for fear of germs and sickness which can lead to
RSV, with his mouth and nose open to the air, we just cannot risk it.
We wanted him Baptized before any surgeries or even procedures like tomorrow will bring.
Our Deacon is coming tonite to Baptize him.
It's the quickest planned thing ever, Papa Murphy's pizza, a cake from Sam's Club 
and many blessings coming his way.

It's a special day. 

Thank you for all your prayers, they are precious and appreciated so much!


  1. prayers for the blessed occasion and tomorrow's hospital visit.

    pax Christi, lena

  2. What a blessed night. Prayers going up for you guys tomorrow; I will offer up my Holy Hour for you as well. God is in control...

  3. Praying for sweet Simeon! My heart just melts every time I see a picture of him. God's got big plans for this boy.

    This will be a night of great blessings- just the start of many for that sweet boy.

  4. Praying, Jamie! He is such a little scrumptious doll!

    Many, many congratulations and blessings to you and your family. What a beautiful new family member for Holy Mother Church! Love you.

  5. We'll be praying you through the day!

  6. prayers for your little blessing! And for his lovely family.

  7. Praying that tomorrow you will be extra *thankful* for good news from the doctor and, of course, your beautiful newly baptized baby! :)

  8. Prayers coming your way! Love this picture of you kissing Simeon! He sounds like such a sweetheart!

  9. I'll be praying for you all in a special way tomorrow. Congrats on your special Baptism day, sweet Simeon! Knowing you, Jamie, it will be a very special and wonderful celebration tonight.

  10. prayers for you all. That picture is so beautiful!

  11. What a special way to celebrate - at home, with those who love him. Best of luck tomorrow. Prayers definitely coming your way!

  12. Thinking of you all on such a holy night. Put together fast but oh so special.

    Praying for that sweetpea.

  13. Sending you hugs and prayers. Always thinking of you all!

  14. We will be lifting you all in prayer.

  15. Welcome baby Simeon to our beautiful church family! Your celebration will be wonderful!

    I will say a special prayer for you all espeically your sweet baby tomorrow.

    Love your new blog header...I have to tell you I counted and had to looked twice for the real baby!

    With our Lord & Lady,


  16. I am praying for sweet little Simeon. Conrats on his baptism.

  17. Prayers for all of you.
    What a beautiful picture of you and your sweet boy. I love how he is hugging you and touching your cheek with his little fingers. What a precious gift.

  18. Such a beautiful picture, Jamie, it brought tears to my eyes!

    Welcome into the Church, Simeon!! We are so blessed to have you.

    Praying tomorrow to help you through your day.

  19. Congrats on the Baptism!! What great joy to have him baptized right of way. Hope everything goes well. He is a tiny little guy. So precious of a life!! I love the picture of you two!! Mother and child bond full of LOVE. Praying and have been offering up many things for you. God Bless!! --Also, can you send me your home address to my email I would love to send something through the mail to you. I promise I won't give out your address or come to your house (too far for that) I am in AZ. :)

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I feel as though you are part of my family too. We will add your family and your precious baby boy to our prayer list. Welcome to the church Simeon! This is truly a special night.

  21. Oh I love how you describe your little honey's sweetness! Thank you for the smile you just brought to my face. I know it must be tough to stay put...This mama is used to going places too so I can imagine your bittersweet cabin fever. The good Lord knows what He's doing when he tires us out so we are forced to stay put...and in your case keep them protected too:)

    I will offer up my evening prayers for your hospital visit.

    Congratulations on such a special and personal Baptism! May the power of this Sacrament reign down grace upon you all:):)

  22. Prayers that everything goes well and smooth for you and your family tomorrow, and that you will find the answers that you're looking for. Thanks for the update, I've been wondering how you were doing!

    Simeon continues to amaze me with his littleness and cuteness!

  23. Welcome to the Church, Simeon! We love having you :)

  24. Welcome to our Church family, you sweet little boy.
    We love you.

    "Ephpheta, that is, be opened for an odor of sweetness. As for you, Satan, begone, for the judgment of God draws near."

  25. Simeon is in our prayers! Hoping for a positive hospital visit today!

  26. Prayers for your sweet little Simeon and family. He is so adorable. God bless.

  27. What a beautiful baby boy -- congratulations!! Congratulations on his baptism too and sending prayers for a good doctor's visit. Love from Virginia!

  28. Welcome, new little Child of God!

    I'm so happy that he's baptized, and ready to take on the World! :)

    Prayers for a wonderful appt (still praying for a miracle healing!) and a safe trip to the Cities.

    Such a beautiful picture of you two. Love the dimples, like his beautiful Mama.

    How amazing I sent his baptism gift this week :)

    Love and prayers!

  29. Chiming in late here, but know you all have been in our prayers. We had one of the "quicky" baptisms for our second child who was born with a heart defect and needed surgery. Not wanting to take her out, the priest was amazing. God bless Simeon on his special day and God bless you and your family as you continue to parent this little baby in such an awesome way. Through His grace alone can we carry through each day in times like this. God bless!

  30. Jamie and Family,
    First off, CONGRATULATIONS on your new little baby BOY!! I haven't checked your blog in a while and have been wondering if you have had the baby. I was delighted to see that you HAD had the baby and it was a BOY! Tom and Jedi must be pumped to have the numbers closer to even in the family :-) So happy to read that Simeon doesn't need surgery, that is wonderful!! I would love to bring you a meal to make one night in your home less hectic. Let me know when would be a good time. You little boy is absolutely precious. I love the picture that goes along with this post. The love between the two of you is very evident. Congratulations again!! your neighbor, Sarah.


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