Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!!


  1. He just flat out melts my heart. So adorably precious. I can already see how he's grown- gosh it happens fast! I hope you are catching up on sleep!

  2. They grow so quickly! I bet Jedi is just loving having a little brother! He'll have so much fun as little Simeon gets older!

  3. He's getting bigger! It's a little sad seeing some of the newborness wearing off (speaking of mine as well as yours). Still in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Oh how adorable... Simeon is already getting so big! Thank goodness for his Mama's milk!!! 'When the going gets tough...,' way to go Jamie!! :-)

  5. Simeon is sure an arm full now and I am drawn to his eyes. It will be his first real Christmas before you know it. He sure is one blessed little boy being in your family. Remember to take care of Jamie too.

  6. He's totally flashing a gang sign. What a little thug :)

  7. I would have a zillion little winter hats for the little sweet pea. Look how cute. YUP...what a little blessing this guy is for Jedi. Nothing and I MEAN NOTHING is better then a sibling for a gift. I know you are busy....BUT...I love to see and hear you through the blog world. Crazy busy mamas that we are.

  8. Cutie pie! Looking good little man. *love* the outfit and hat!

  9. Yep, he is just precious! Isn't that so sweet of Odie to remind you to take care of Mama too:) Hope you can heed a bit of his advice*wink* Meant to tell you that I love your new blog header and family photo!

  10. What a beautiful babe in blue! I agree; he's growing and changing so fast!

    Hope you are resting when you can and healing well! Miss you!

    (Still waiting for some Baptism pictures :)

  11. Jamie does Simeon have pain? i can't help but have sympathy pains for him. It must really tug at your heart. When i was in Guatemala i held a baby with clef palet and no hope of surgery. we are blessed to live in a country with health care.
    Love your family photo, such love is beautiful.

  12. He is just too cute for words!

  13. Hi Bonnie!
    I was just telling someone how we now let him cry...when he had the kidney thing going on, we never let him cry (we are paying for that now! haha!) because we didn't know if he was in any pain or not. He is not in any pain now. His lip is just the way it is. His little lippy (that's what I call it) does get dry and chapped, so I am constantly putting vaseline on it. I wonder too, if he will be more thirsty, when he gets a little bigger because of dry mouth? (with his nose being open to his mouth) I also wonder if he will get a lot of air in his tummy when we play outside this summer?

    That poor little baby, you were blessed to hold. Prayers for him. How did they feed him?

    Yes, another true miracle is where we live, in a country where surgery comes automatically. At 3 months his lip will be fixed. At a year, he will get his palate fixed....and more surgeries too, automatically.

    The doctor Simeon will have for his surgery goes to Guatemala every year and does surgeries on children. He just got back a week ago.

    Thank you everyone else!!

    He looks big here, but he's still only around 6 lbs, pretty tiny!

    Christine--yes, I love hats!!!

    Lori--I DO call them my "bookend boys" and always think of you!!

    Odie--you're the sweetest!!

    Shelly--Sleep? What's that? haha!
    I sleep about 5 hours a night, but end up sleeping in, til 9, after the 5-6 feeding/pumping and then feed, pump and try to shower, so it's like 10am before getting down to start the breakfast routine!

    Colleen--had to laugh at your comment and look at the hand signals....ummmm, you seem to know those signals far too well....! haha!

  14. Jamie, He is a treasure, and yes, that picture is deceiving because he looks bigger than 6 lbs. His eyes are very captivating. God bless you and your family.

  15. I bet you are loving the boy clothes! I love hats on my kids too! He's precious!!!

  16. He is just too cute. He looks a little bigger already!!


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