Monday, January 9, 2012


 Thankful, just thankful, because I can't promise a post on Thursday.
Thankful for Simeon, he's perfect.
He seems so perfect, it's easy to forget he has an enlarged left kidney and needs surgery for that soon
We go for more tests on January 19th at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital to find out more.
 Thankful for big brothers...
 little big sisters....
 big, big sisters
 more big sisters...
 and more big sisters....
all who love their new brother with all their hearts!
 Thankful for my wonderful husband who went back to work today...
He did everything for me, let me sleep in, nap, cooked, shopped...
(you can see how little Simeon actually is in this picture compared to daddy)
 Thankful Sweetie Pie is finally sleeping all night in her room, out of her baby bed, 
in bed with Colette!!
 Thankful for baby toesies....
 Just in case you couldn't see them, here's a close up!
(she's still my baby, my baby girl)
 Thankful for newborn outfits that almost fit him
(Thanks Christine)
 Thankful we live in a country where I can feed my baby with a special bottle, 
my breastmilk...
 and Thankful there's always someone to kiss him (always)
 and check in on him...
 Thankful for games on my bed in the evenings while I feed Simeon....
 Thankful I have a freezer full (this is the garage freezer, so pardon the dirtiness of it)
of breastmilk...I think I have like 70 four ounce bags of milk so far...
so much, I'm running out of room to freeze...
 Thankful I do not have that enzyme thing with my milk, I can freeze my milk without scalding it first...
Thankful for a fridge full of breastmilk too...
 Thankful we got our Epiphany King's cake made and devoured....
Thankful we homeschool and my kiddos are able to enjoy this time off with the baby, 
to get to know him, to love him and be around him.

Thankful for the unseasonably warm weather we've been having here in MN, 
40's today....

Thankful for all your prayers, gifts, help, and love we've received from so many of you!!
You are a blessing in our lives and we appreciate it.
I pray for you in return.


  1. Oh, Jamie, he is so very gorgeous. I'm so taken with his eyes- they are deep pools, so lovely.

    There is such joy in each picture it made me smile. Love the toesies!

    The breast milk bags in the freezer brought flooding back all the memories of my days of pumping with my #2 daughter.

    So good to hear from you! Give that sweet baby Simeon a little hug and kiss for me!

  2. Oh Jamie the pictures are all so lovely. Simeon is so loved and blessed to have your wonderful family loving and supporting him. Thanks for continuing to post these awesome pictures that bless us so much.

  3. Jaime, you are a pumping MACHINE!!! That is amazing!! I've never seen so much breast milk and he's such a newborn still? How the heck does your body produce that much? I am so impressed :)

  4. Look at all that love from his brother and sisters! I love it. Isn't it amazing how much a little one brings that out in others?

    And, yes, you are a pumping machine! Wow, I can barely get 1/2 oz out at a time here. But I am so glad you are able to pump so well for your little one.

    Glad to hear how it's been going!

  5. You have much to be thankful for!! Simeon is surrounded by love!!

  6. Looooooove this post!!!! He's so adorable and tiny, I just wanna kiss him!

  7. OK, anyone who knows me in real life, knows I have HUUUUUUge boobs. (no nicer way to put that one) and so, well, I guess they hold a lot. I know they feel like 10 pounders now!!

  8. You have a completely perfect, gorgeous family.
    I love your pics!

  9. Simeon is soooo sweet & precious. THANKFUL that you let me snuggle him for a bit when I came over!
    Blessings to you all...

  10. Oh I love that photo of all of you gathered around on your bed at night...I can picture the love and togetherness. The toesies made me smile too and your baby girl all snuggled in with sister:) Your thankfulness is especially contagious this time!

  11. So thankful for your post and the beautiful photos. They all made ms smile this morning!

    Great job on the milk supply!! Wow! That's a great amount for this stage--great work mama! When I've pumped with my kids I somehow always got a rewarding feeling when I looked in the freezer and saw exactly how many bags were filling it. ;)

    We're enjoying these nice weather days and cannot believe it's January in MN!! We'll enjoy today too before a blast of cold comes through later this week.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  12. I know some people personally who have paid big bucks for HUUUUUGGGE boobs!!! Consider yourself blessed that all that wonderful milk has come for that sweet little boy.

    Man is he cute. I can see Tom's eyes in him. He looks so happy with all that love.

    You are blessed also with homeschooling and have the kiddos at home. I bet they help out a lot.

    ENJOY today. I was outside a lot and did not want to come in and fold laundry.

  13. He is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing him with us!

  14. Beautiful pictures Jamie! That Simeon is just magnetic! His eyes are amazing. Your kids look like they're in heaven! And now I know who to call if I have any trouble breastfeeding!!!

  15. Beautiful, joyful, faithful post! Thank you, Jamie, for these photos...except, it makes me ache to hold that little man of yours.

  16. Very nicely put! Oh the breast milk:) I know the feeling. I always have to pump at the beginning because I produce so much. Miss you and hope to stop by soon with a little gift for Simeon;)

  17. your family is a joy to see. they are all so full of love, I can just sense all your love. Your baby S is beautiful. love the tiny toes peeking out under your girlie's pj's! your garage fridge is much cleaner than mine !:)

  18. Beautiful!

    Once again, I am thankful for you, Jamie, and your beautiful family. Sending you love and prayers.

  19. Congratulations on your new baby boy. You are so blessed. And just think of how accepting your children will be of anyone who looks different from NOW ON. Wow.


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