Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday and Stuff

Thankful for crying babies at my feet....
I always take at least one picture of each of my babies doing this, 
(they all did it)
This time goes away quickly, so it reminds me to swiftly pick him up!

Thankful for happy, waving, talking babies who love their mama
 Thankful we finally made these...after 2 years of hoping to do so...
(just copy off your favorite sheet music, cut out stars, brown is paper bag paper,
glue together and use as ornaments or gift tags, we're using a couple for our piano teacher)
 Thankful I tried this bow-making thingy I saw on Pinterest
They turn out pretty cool, and it uses up those scraps from wrapping gifts....

Thankful we got our gifts wrapped last night
Thankful my husband always helps with wrapping.
(I need to get everything done by Monday,
 since we'll be in the hospital the rest of the week
 and he'll be too fussy to do anything when we come home)
 Thankful even though this sweet little 3 year old falls
 every 2 feet of walking in the deep snow,
she still loves it outside!!  "No!  I walk myself!"

 Look at this little Monkey!
Thankful Simeon is so very curious and is crawling into and over and on top of
Bumping his head along the way, 
does not stop  him
 he's getting little bruises on his forehead and sides of his head
Slow down baby!
(have I ever told you, he's not a cuddler?  He's a go-getter!)
 Thankful I got 7 more Jesse Tree ornaments done last night
We're using these as our models
But my inspiration came from Jessica!
 Thankful for the ups this week, in a week filled with ups and downs.
Please keep praying for sweet little Dominic, he and his family need our prayers!
OK, this is not a "Thankful" thing, but a question!
The other day at Simeon's pre-op appointment,
I saw a mother, put this on her baby's carseat, 
I guess it's called a "canopy" 
Now, it was close to zero degrees outside,
and she did not even have a blanket on her baby, 
just this canopy, no coat, nothing else.
Come on people!!
Would you be warm going outside in zero degrees weather, wearing only a tent?

I didn't think so.
I think they are supposed to keep the sun out?

I'll leave you with a Christmas picture we did NOT use for our card:

God bless you all!


  1. Hi Jamie, your sweet Simeon most definitely did say "mama". It came through clear! Love how happy he is and can imagine the joy he brings into your family during this Advent Season. Praying for his surgery next week.

    1. Oh, Noreen, he does bring a ton of joy in our house, he's so funny too...he laughs like crazy now, and falls backward laughing, it's so funny!

      Thank you for your prayers.

  2. I am thankful for you! Continuing to keep your family, especially Simeon in prayer!

  3. I love Sims smile. And YES..he did say MAMA! AND how can you not pick up a crying baby who has moose on his pjs..and little moose feet. HOW adorable is THAT!

    I need to try that bow thing. Looks cool and cheaper then buying stupid bows.

    He looks like a busy baby...and you have been a busy mama doing cool crafts and the Jesse tree is actually turning out awesome.

    the tent over the baby...stupid. That would freeze that poor babe.

    1. What? Didn't you think they would turn out awesome? You seem surprised. haha!

      Great to talk to you today!!

  4. When he smiled at Mama, I lost it.

  5. Hmm, I never used one of those canopies for Annamarie, but I know a ton of people do use them. I think they'd be useful if it were raining or really windy out, but definitely not as the only cover! We weren't big on putting a jacket on Annamarie when she was in the bucket carseat, as you're not supposed to anyways, but we would just cover her with a super warm blanket. Seems funny to just use a canopy to keep them warm, as I don't think the body heat would stay in very well!

    1. Yeah, I could see using it for the sun, or even in stores, I like to "hide" my strangers don't touch them--it totally happens all the time.

  6. We do use a canopy but only for keeping sun, rain, wind and if we ever get any--snow out. Christopher is always covered with a warm blanket as well though. They are really handy for naps especially.

    Love that talking. :)

    1. Snarky!!! I'm heading over to see your blog--you have a baby!!! Yay!

  7. yippee yah DID do Christmas Cards this year. Again, you are amazing. Such a busy mama.

    1. My Type A personality (A for Anal) wouldn't let me not do Christmas cards...I don't know how to take it easy.

  8. Ava came over and watched the whole video of her buddy Simeon and every time you said, "Say Mama?" She'd say "Mama!" (though she doesn't do it when I ask her to) Great post!

    Loved it. And that little curly mop head? She's DEtirmined!!!

    1. OK, Marijanna--that is so funny!! Do you want her to say anything else? I'll make a video!

      OH, my curly haired one, she is independent for sure!!

  9. Awwww- Little Sims saying Mama! He's so cute, crawling into the shelves, not stopping even when he bangs his head.

    Cutie little girl in the snow, too. Next year, this time, she and Sim will be all over the place in that snow.

    Prayers going up for him and continuing for Dominic~

    1. Shelly--hard to imagine them next year, but you are right, they will be all over the place!

      Thank you for your unending prayers!!
      Praying for your daughter and her wedding!

  10. When we had a December baby, we were going to put a cover that had elastic around it on the carseat and the pediatrician made us stop. She said that if you can't reach behind you and remove it one-handed, that it should never go on a baby. She said that the biggest reason they see sick newborns is overheating and dehydration. I never would have thought of that, so we never used the thing and put a blanket we could pull off one-handed.

    1. Traci--Interesting...Thanks for the info!

  11. Jamie, I have to share this with you. A couple nights ago I started praying for Dominic and Simeon with my boys when I put them down for bed. Tonight when I was tucking in Benjamin (3yrs), he said "Mama, let's pray for Dominic and Cinnamon." I corrected his pronunciation (and tried not to chuckle) but then got a little teary as I heard my miracle boy pray without prompting for the upcoming surgeries of both Dominic and your precious Simeon.

    1. Jamie--Awwwwwww...melt my heart!! When Simeon was first born, the kids accidentally called him "Cinnamon" too. Awww, he's going to have so much compassion for others, well, he already has it. What a sweetie pie!! Thank you so much!

  12. Keeping your whole family in prayer as you get closer to the date of surgery. It is the 18th isn't it? I was wondering, you said you had the pre-op appt was last week, why do they do it so soon? YOu mentioned a catheter? Anyways, I am thinking of you Jamie, you have been an incredible support, I hope I can be the same prayer support for you!

    1. Thank you Mary, with all you are going through, I am humbled by your thoughtfulness and your prayers! They do the pre-op appt 7-10 days before surgery, I guess in case of any infections, so they can take care of it beforehand if necessary. They had to do a catheter on him in order to get a "clean" sample of urine to test for infections. It was awful, even though, they say, "we numb it and he shouldn't feel a thing, just uncomfortable being held down" Whatever. I'm sure it hurt. No infections....he's been on an antibiotic since August to prevent that anyway. Hopefully after surgery he will be able to go off the antibiotics...

      I will be offering our pain and suffering during this next surgery for you and Dominic.

  13. Jamie Jo, so thankful you told us about Dominic Pio; i've been wathing his story closely and praying. what a miracle! I love your Jesse tree ornaments -- love the beads fo water on the shell one !! and the crown too! I'm sad we don't a little bit of your snow. no snow here yet, at all! it rained yesterday all day. what a cute video -- your S is wuite a talker. ((I love your voice )). very cute pic of the children!

    1. I think Baby Dominic has brought many people together to pray and we have all fallen in love with him.

      You can have our snow. I'll take the rain. :)

      I think my voice is poor kids. Thank you though...Yes Sim's is a talker, like his sisters!

  14. Oh, I loved getting to see that video of Simeon. He most definitely said, "momma". And the wave good-bye was just precious! Many things to be thankful for, to be sure.

    I don't have a "canopy" (I've always just used a blanket over top), but I wouldn't be against one as long as you used a blanket and/or snowsuit with it in cold weather. Especially in zero degree weather. Burrrrr!

    1. kelly--those canoy's are pretty, arent they? I love all the things "close to one year olds" learn to do, like clapping, waving and laughing--he does this thing where he laughs and falls backward funny!

  15. Oh I love his little pjs! And the canopy... yeah, brrrr!! Poor baby. I see some people overdo it here, which worries me too and we get nothing like that cold!

  16. Canopy...ya, not really very practical when your car is in the ditch and there isn't any heat while you wait for somebody to come and get you. I always think of things like that. I don't even like my kids to ride in the car on long trips without a coat on. We do, but I worry that we'll get in an accident, shock will set in...etc. Weird. It was pretty though...and yet I can't see my husband carrying that either. We used a bundle was so warm they would sweat.

    Praying for little Dominic.

  17. I sew, use and sell my Cozy Canopies for carseats. I love it because it is NOT one of those covers that fit snug over their faces or a heavy blanket limiting air flow, or the very unsafe snowsuits. The canopy is the perfect solution, keeping my baby plenty warm in our Minnesota winters. He's already dressed in warm clothes (long slvs, pants, socks). I add a "tootsie cover", hat and mittens. He is always warm, even if he pulls it open to check out where we are. It detaches very easily, and can be used as a blanket. Unlike many canopies, mine are made from fleece and flannel.


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