Tuesday, January 22, 2013

40 years

 Today my heart and thoughts go out to all the victims of abortion
Not just the babies that were killed
but to the mamas
who killed them
The pain they feel, forever now.

"Woe to these who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light, 
and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."
Isaiah 5:20
 Rosary Mom wrote about today here
Which will lead you to what this "Mean Choice" is about Here
Other posts for this cause are here

I read a couple stories from the pro-abortion site--the link there 
can be found in the link above.
I cried through them and felt sick to my stomach.

One woman wrote about her painful story, of finding out at 35 weeks along
her precious baby girl had severe birth defects and may even be stillborn
and how the doctor offered her the "choice" of abortion or adoption.
She chose abortion.
And is happy to this day for having that "choice" to kill her baby.
Gratitude is her greatest feeling, when thinking about her abortion.
Wow.  If that is what she thinks gratitude is, 
she would hate my Thankful posts. 
I think she is fooling herself.

Trying to understand why she chose abortion instead of adoption,
I understand she felt she was saving her baby, if she lived at all,
from a life that is not "perfect" in the world's eyes.
we know, God does not make mistakes.
We know that this baby's life would have been "perfect", because she
was perfectly created in the likeness and image of God.
She has a soul, and that soul lives forever.
The good out of that is the precious little girl that was killed by her mother
I believe is in heaven praying for her mother, 
she was martyred and baptized in her own blood.

In a way, it doesn't seem fair, that this mother is blessed 
with the graces of having a baby in heaven, does it?
But she needs it, and God is Merciful.

We must be merciful too.

We must pray for this woman 

We must pray for the many women like her 
Who will never know the beautiful love of the newborn baby
that she killed, the gaze and smile my good friend 
got to see and feel, when her baby son, Gabriel,
 was born with severe birth defects.  
The smile that was given to her, the mother
who fought the doctors to keep him safe in her womb, 
that fought for his life, as short as it was. 
He knew her love.  He felt it until God took him home, 
Where he is surrounded by LOVE Itself. 

They will never know if their baby could have been 
a beautiful baby like Dominic, who the doctors also 
wanted to abort.  Who the doctors, at first said his birth defect 
would not be a "quality life".  
Are you kidding me?  
If only we all could be loved like sweet Dominic.

This other woman's baby only felt the pain of being killed by her mother.  
After 35 weeks of being loved by that same mother. 

I keep thinking about what our priest talked about on Sunday.
40 years.
How significant 40 is in the Bible.
It usually marks the end of something

40 years in the desert
Rained for 40 days and nights
40 days in the desert

40 years

Hopefully the end is soon
We must pray, pray, pray
and be merciful.


  1. AMEN, bravo and prayers we regain our moral compass.

  2. Hopefully that "40" marks the end of something is true...
    a big however,
    our country (not me) voted for the worst pro-abortion president in history.
    So so sad.

    1. God is just though, Christine. The end of a lot of things could be the result of having that president.

  3. What a great post. I cannot even imagine aborting your child at 35 weeks. Wow. What I think of here, is the blog "Enjoying the Small Things" by Kelle Hampton who has a daughter with Down Syndrome. How many babies are aborted because they have Down Syndrome? Yet look at her blog, to see the love for that child, and her recent posts of other people with Down Syndrome who love life! It is SO sad how little respect people have for life. They think their child won't have a good life, but how can they know?

    1. I know, I have seen that blog too. Hopefully she has changed a lot of hearts about babies with Downs. (or any other birth defect)

  4. Hi Jamie Jo!
    I am new to your blog and (on a side note) I have to say...all of your children are just BEAUTIFUL!

    This post is so wonderful and well-articulated. I feel honored that I have been able to attend the March for Life in DC on 7 different occasions and am sad that I wasn't able to go this year. That is exactly what we march for though...to be a testament to life and to give a voice to those unborn babies. I hope you are right and that the end to abortion is coming. Statistics show that my generation is the most pro-life generation in years! I will continue to pray with you.

    God Bless!

    1. Hi Lisa! Welcome--nice to "meet" you! Thank you.

      7 March's for Life? Wow. What a blessing. I figure it's the pro life people having babies, right? So we are creating a pro-life nation!

  5. It turns my stomach to think about, but we must understand that they don't think like us. We don't understand, unless we've been there, how they can choose what they do. I had a friend 24 years ago, who was an "older" mom. She aborted her anencephalic (?) baby in the 2nd trimester (with her Episcopalian pastor handy to baptize the dead baby) so that she would have a few more months in which to try again for another baby. The whole thing was just so wrong to me. I wasn't totally pro-life then, but it still didn't make any sense to me.

    I hope the 40 years is over!

    1. Isn't that interesting how, even though, you were not totally pro life back then, you knew? Your soul knows. I think deep down these mothers know too. Deep in their souls, they know. That's what we need to pray for...their consciences, to realize the error, to be humble enough to admit they were wrong and ask forgiveness. Then the healing can begin.

  6. Gosh Jamie I read your comments on my blog and I do feel the same. I left a couple of kind thoughtful comments on pro-choice blogs and we'll see if I get a backlash on them. I stepped out in faith knowing I was called to do just that. Need to relinquish my butterflies on this one!

    1. Your small seeds scatter and grow....Thanks so much Noreen for the gentle nudge for me today!

  7. Thank you for posting this Jamie. I choose life. Always!

    1. Yay Denise! Me too. I love and cherish our friendship!

  8. Amen. God have mercy on our nation. Holy Innocents, pray for us!

  9. The first picture says it all.

    People are so removed from the reality of abortion. The reality is so far skewed that people buy into the lies as truth. And our country is so deep into Relativism they don't even know what truth is. Relativism has become the truth for far too many.

    God bless you for posting this today!

    1. Thanks Tina- you are right. Eventually we will win the battle. We have to, good always wins. (and the pro abortion people are not reproducing themselves like the pro life people are)

  10. It's time to end this tragic deception, to women who feel "gratitude" for letting their baby be killed. I've worked with women who've chosen abortion, and the reality does hit them, and it causes huge damage inside. The guilt is like a corrosive acid that just eats them up.

    Kathy Troccoli has a wonderful song she sings about an unborn baby singing to her mom, telling her she forgives her. Makes me cry. The whole abortion thing makes me cry, but also drives me to my knees for more prayer.

    1. Oh, Shelly--that is what I think. The woman I spoke about is only in her 20's. I feel bad for her, because, as I said, I think she is fooling herself. Someday it will build up and explode.

      I love Kathy Troccoli!! Her Sounds of Heaven album, we played when my oldest was a baby, it's the only thing that would put him to sleep!! He hated being in his car seat, but when we'd put on Kathy Trocccoli, he'd stop crying!

      What is the song?

    2. It is called A Baby's Prayer. If it works, this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fJF_vdt3hw should take you to it. Love her music-

    3. Thank you Shelly--beautiful!! Now I think I have heard it before, but do not have it. I love her music too...had to play my Sounds of Heaven CD!!

  11. I'm heartbroken over the decision of that mother. Here at 38 weeks... heartbroken. All day I've wanted to write, but have been busy with Ava and Daddy. Perhaps I will find the time... and the words (those are more difficult) to write tonight. Love you for writing this. Love you for loving Simeon... and Dominic... and all of them.

    1. I know, Marijanna!! My first was born at 35 weeks. Simeon was born at 36 weeks and my 3 year old was born at 37 weeks. So so sad.

  12. Love that first picture on your post. So true! My older girls are starting to have discussions where they realize the need to pray for those involved in the abortion industry...for a change of heart, conversion of soul for all those who have been hurt by this dreadful scourge. Still praying....

    1. Those innocent prayers so powerful. It's a hard thing for anyone to understand. We just need to pray.

  13. Very sad, but important post. Thank you for sharing. It's so sad to think about all those mothers who chose not to bring those precious children into the world. We must continue to pray for them!

    1. Yes, Kari--we have to keep praying...

  14. If only it would all end after 40 years. what a beautiful message that would be to the world, 40 years in the desert and then... no longer ! yes we must continue to pray. My daughter was born on that Roe v. Wade anniversary date, January 22 !! I praise God for the woman who said yes instead of no to her pregnancy so that I could become a mother. how precious is life !!

    1. Gardenia--I got goosebumps reading this--what a special day to be born on and be a testament to the gift of life in so many ways!


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