Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Downton Abbey Talk

OK, time to Downton Abbey Talk
If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to come back

I was surprised at how many responded in my post yesterday 
saying they have not seen it yet. 
It seems like everywhere I go,
people are watching it, even husbands
(must clarify, not my husband)

Some people have wondered what it's about 
and what the fuss is about
If they are missing out

I admit, I started watching it
last winter when I was pumping and looking for something to watch,
Everyone was talking about it
I watched most of them on Netflix
and caught up online 

The first show, the very first episode, 
was good til one particular scene, if I remember it was towards the end,
it was a gay/sex scene (TV rated)
and I was shocked.
I thought, why didn't anyone tell me?
then, I thought about all the lovely ladies 
that were watching this show,
especially one of my favorites ladies

and then, thought if Barbara likes it, then it must get better.
and it did
There has not ever been another scene like that one since.
Makes me wonder if they maybe were going to go a different route 
with the show and decided not to.

about this past weekend's show!

My favorite part:

When Matthew kissed Mary, the night before their wedding, and, 
being the perfect gentleman he is, he did not disappoint, he kept his eyes closed!!  
Mary, on the other hand, being true to her character, did not.  
(keep her eyes closed)

I was only disappointed they didn't show more of the wedding.
What did you think of the dress?
truth here, 
made me happy we don't live in the 1920's
It's pretty, I guess, but so plain, which I guess must have been the style
which is actually one of the big reasons I love the show so much, 
showing the styles and everything from that era of time
which, I guess, makes the dress beautiful!

Did you follow that?

I loved the part where Mary asks her father if he's happy, 
and he responds
"I'm so happy my chest will explode."

Made me tear up.

And how funny is it that they picked 
Shirley MacLaine to play  Mrs. Levinson?
I thought she was the perfect pick! 

and my favorite line about her was Grandmama (Mrs Crawley)
talking to Mary about Mrs. Levinson, saying,
"She looks as if she will bury us all!"

What do you think about Bates now?  
He might have a dark side that only he knows about
(and his dead ex-wife)

Where do you think they will all go?
Do you think they will lose Downton Abbey?
(they can't, right?  It's the name of the show)

My reasons for liking Downton Abbey:
the clothes,
the era of time
the relationships between the rich and poor
the relationships between the help and the rich
the chivalry of the men, the men, (with the exception of a couple)
have outstanding character. 
I love a good strong man
(like my husband)

Why do you like Downton Abbey?
My curious readers, that have not watched
would like to know!  


  1. When Bates told his cell mate not to forget he was a murderer, Phil was like oh no, that's going to come back and bite him.

    Love Shirley Maclaine as the mom.

    Loved that kiss too. Mary opened her eyes just to make sure Matthew wasn't cheating. I would have done the same thing!

    Love love love the show!

  2. I love learning a bit about history (even if it is fictionalized). You learn so much about the era. I love that with the exception of the scene in the first episode, it is a clean show! I LOVE Maggie Smith!

    Cannot wait to see what happens this season!

  3. My sister and my mom were after me for the longest time to watch it, and I thought it would be really stuffy and boring. However, my sister loaned me her DVD's of it like in October, and I was hooked right then. I agree- when I saw the gay sex thing, I thought I would not watch anymore, but it got so much better and they've stayed away from that now.

    I love it for the same reasons you do- the fashions, the sets, and how the people interact with each other. I do think there is a darker side to Bates that will come out later. Dame Maggie Smith is spot on, and she is so dry most people don't even realize they've been cut down by her. If only my wit were that quick-

  4. I LUV it. I squeel when it comes on. Sometimes my teen boys will watch it with me. They liked the WWI stuff and Bates. In fact, my "cool" 17 year old decided to even put up a FB post after Sunday night saying he'd probably get heat for it from his friends and ice hockey team but he was glad the show was back. The post worked on the girls.;)

  5. Shirley Mclaine WAS great, but that Dowagger Countess can throw down!

  6. I love love love that wedding dress. That is exactly what I would have worn on my wedding day..back then. I didn't have one bead, sparkle, lace on my wedding dress. I wanted the very simple look. but that is just me.
    I would love to go back have have my hair professionally styled. Tried to cut corners financially and paid the price for stupid looking hair.

  7. My hubs even loves this show! It shows a real depth to each of the characters and all of their sides, good and bad. The filming is beautiful. My only complaint; they are too short! You get so caught up in what is going on and suddenly the credits begin!! I absolutely love Maggie Smith, what she says with just a sniff, eyebrow wiggle, or repositioning of her hands! Awesome!

  8. I was just talking Downton in my combox too! Come over and join -

    Just so you know, there's a blog for people like us:

    And Dawn has been hosting chat on the Mondays after:

    My all-time favorite reviews have been written by the hysterical Viv Groskop at: Her "Golden Eyebrow Award" usually goes to Carson.

  9. I understand why many people were offended at the one very short scene in S1E1, but the reality is that stuff did happen among the "uppercrust" during that time period, and the show is being historical about everything. I wasn't crazy about the wedding dress. I love Maggie Smith's character - I hang on every line. I love that Daisy is starting to speak up more, and that Thomas is "getting his due".

  10. I mostly love the dress - the simplicity, the softness. However, I disliked the torso. So shapeless, but that was the style. I did love the crown/veil though!

    I like Downtown because I love historical time pieces - the lives, the atmosphere, learning about history.

    My favorite character is Maggie Smith's. She is an amazing actress and one of my favorites.

  11. I love the setting and costuming. I love that there is very little "modern" behavior- by that I mean bad behavior... And I love that all the characters seem well-rounded- some good traits, some bad (even that pair who is almost entirely bad) and they all are developing and finding redemption.

  12. Also, over here in Europe I'm a full season ahead of you! Heehee!!!

  13. I love the show, too! I love all of the costuming. I did actually like the dress because it was so simple- totally my style. But, I think if it was just taken in a bit in the waist area it would have been perfect. I, too, thought they should have shown more of the wedding.

    Loved the episode, can't wait for more!

  14. Some good info here. Thank you for helping out curious readers!

  15. I want to watch. I keep meaning to catch up. I confess, we watched Moonshinersmthe other night during the premiere. Moonshiners! Lol.

  16. I just started watching the show on Netflix yesterday. I saw the scene with Thomas and the guy from Boardwalk Empire, I thought of you and wondered if you saw that episode. I almost stopped watching the show, but thought, if you watched it, it must be ok. I just finished watching episode 1-6, and I think I'm hooked. I love the guy with the cane, can't think of his name. I only beef with the show is the incest. Marrying a cousin is, well, Otherwise, I think I'm hooked!

    1. Oh, gosh, I don't get that cousin stuff either...can't be first cousins, right? Don't you think it was weird they had a scene like that and then never again? Bates is the guy with the cane....It's addicting watching it through's much harder waiting each week for it to now! :) Glad you like it.

  17. No, like second or third. My husband said the loyal families did that to keep the bloodline pure. Really gross if you as me. Reminds me of an old X-Files episode.


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