Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Things on My Mind

Lots of you have been asking how he's doing!
He's been more like himself, since New Year's day!
He's happy and busy 
 I tried to watch Downton Abbey yesterday 3 times...Just couldn't do it
with crawling, giggling playful babes around!
You can see it here though, online,
 I am watching it during my evening pumping
(don't tell me what happens, I'm only half way through it)
Does anyone out there NOT watch Downton Abbey?
Just curious...
 Laundry soap
Just curious
(I titled this "Things on My Mind)
I've heard of lots of people making their own
What's wrong with Tide or this Era stuff?
Do you make your own because of money?
 Made these muffins yesterday for breakfast
Got them off Pinterest
There's lots of ideas on there, you just never know if they work or not
baking eggs in muffin pans--check!  It works, hard baked eggs!

Pumpkin Muffins

yellow cake mix
1 can of pumpkin
bake 350 for 25 minutes

2 ingredients done--check!  
Not as good as homemade pumpkin muffins (regular recipe)
but great for something quick!

 OK, another curious thought
Minnesota gives lots of benefits to Somalis I guess
so we have lots of them living here.
(and lots of smoke shops now)
I see them mostly in the grocery stores (Wal-mart)
and at parks
I'm not prejudiced here, just noticing something
they do not acknowledge we exist
(unless they have a question or they happen to be a teen working at said Wal-mart)
Unlike the Hispanic community here, they are friendly
and seem give smiles and eye contact.
Even the Somali mamas don't talk when their kiddos are following my kiddos 
all over the park

Why do we never see them 
On vacation anywhere
in any restaurants?
In fact whenever we go out to eat,
(which isn't that often, but over a years time, I've noticed this)
there are no Somalis there. 

I just find it  odd...is it because of their faith?
Is it because of lack of money?

Curious minds want to know, but they won't talk to me.

I also found this on Pinterest
I'm am so doing this!  

Any curious questions out there like mine?  
Is my mind the only one that things odd things all the time?

I'm sure I'll think of more as my day goes on...


  1. I can answer Downton Abbey question... I don't watch it! And I feel like I'm the only one. I really wanted to like it, and tried for about 10 minutes, but I can't sit still to watch anything but silly comedy. Love British humor, though! Don't know why I've turned this way, but I either fall asleep or jump up to do something else when the viewing is the least bit serious. I get my fill of serious in real life. Is that bad?

    Love the pics of sweet Simeon. He is just a couple months ahead of my baby boy, and I can't get enough cute baby boy pics. So happy he is doing well! :)

    1. Oh, gosh Robin--I feel like I have ADD since having kiddos, I can't sit still either, if I have a doctor appt and am alone (very rare believe me) I catch myself yawning and having a very hard time sitting there)

      It's not bad.

      Cute baby boy pictures are the best!

    2. You are not alone Robin, we have never seen the show either. We don't usually have time to watch shows, but my husband makes time form that stupid Walking Dead show on HBO. I like Boardwalk Empire and Young and the Restless.

  2. LOVE Downton Abbey but have encountered a very few who don't watch it on FB, including my cousin who was so mean about it! :(

    No idea about the Somalis, but good questions!

    Glad Sim is back to his cute self! :)

    1. Thanks Therese--Did you see yesterday's post, the comment I made about me not calling you back? (sorry...I'm the chicken)

  3. I don't watch Downton Abbey, but I plan on it. I want to start at the first season, but I haven't been able to find it online, so I might just get it from Amazon.

    I know some people make their own laundry soap because it's way cheaper, and some people do it to wash their cloth diapers, because it has less additives and stuff in it. I don't, I feel like I have enough to do!

    1. I watched it all on the links I shared in this post, but maybe last year's has expired now? (online while pumping)

  4. I am COMPLETELY hooked on Downton Abbey. I love the fashions, the sets, and am trying to keep up with the story lines. Little Sims is looking like a body builder! Happy babies are such a joy to look at.

    Maybe that is part of the Somalian culture? We haven't had any down here that I know of. I know their nation is so torn right now and I hope they find good lives here.

    1. I think I saw that on our FB--is that my fault? I love the things you've talked about too!!

      yes, Sim's chubs are muscles..

      I know they are here as refugees...I think maybe part of their culture is the women can't give eye contact....some kind of submission thing. There are alot of Somali gangs here though and I've heard "gun issues" They come from a completely different life than here and I'm sure it's hard to trust.

  5. I have never watched Downtown Abbey. We just don't watch TV sat all at my house. I did make my own laundry detergent once. It was a whole lot of trouble and the final result was not nearly as good as the store bought stuff. I am not sure it even saved me money doing it myself, but maybe my "recipe" was not that great.

    Anyway-- I live in Florida where we have no Somalians but lots of people from Mexico and Cuba. They have their own culture and customs and they seemed to stick together for the most part. Even at Church, they have their own Spanish Mass. I sometimes wish it were different (my husband is the youth minister and he has reached out to the Hispanic community but they do not want to participate in his youth group). But, I guess we all just gravitate to what we know and what we can relate to. If I was in a foreign country I am sure I would seek out other Americans. Just my thoughts.....

    Glad to see Simeon is feeling better. He is so darn cute!

    1. Kari--I know you are right about people gravitating to what we know, what is familiar, but what I don't like or understand, is the no acknowledgment, at all, no eye contact, nothing. Has to be a cultural/submission thing, right?

  6. Hi, I watch Downtown Abbey. It helps me fold laundry, or at least that's my excuse. As for the pumpkin muffins, I recommend spice cake mix or carrot cake mix instead of yellow. I also add water to loosen it a little. They are dense muffins, but they don't last long in my house. Everyone loves them! Have a great day and thanks for blogging :)

  7. I haven't watched Downton Abbey. I've been spending a lot of time reading. Thought, I do have it on my Amazon watch list, so maybe when I have some free time!

    I've made my own laundry soap. However, not for about a year. I do NOT like the scent in Tide or Era - just about gives me an instant headache. If I were to go back to buying it would only be scent-free.

    A couple years ago, I volunteered at an English as a second language class. The percentage of Somalians was high, as Fargo has quite a large and active Somalian community. Many are just learning the language, so even in class it was not easy to converse. The people loved seeing me bring in my nursing baby; that was a common link to share a smile over. The most interesting day was when the instructors brought in movies that we could give out and thus start a conversation about ratings/etc. Many of the adults didn't want to take any of the movies because they didn't want their children exposed! What was I to do? I agreed, as there was only about one movie out of the dozen in my hands that I would allow into my own home. Of the six adults in our group, I think only two took movies, and neither man had children living in his home. So, IMHO, I believe they are just observing and trying to find their place in this country. They also know that not all aspects of our culture are healthy.

    Simeon looks great! Chubby legs...I'm a sucker for chubby legs.

    1. Funny when I use Tide or Era--I don't even smell it...except when using it I suppose, but that's like a few seconds. I'm sure our clothes smell like them, but we are used to it and don't smell it! I get Era, because it's the cheapest at Sam's..

      I know the Somalians are faithful people to their religion, and I really think they don't acknowledge others because of a submission thing.

      I love chubs on baby legs too!

  8. Sims looks so cute, I have his twin down here in FL. Reddish haired blue eyed girl who is nine months old.

    Another quick recipe for pumpkin muffins that taste like pumpkin donuts is the same as above, but substitute Spice Cake mix. If you use Devil's Food instead you get a fudgy type brownie. I make them as mini muffins for my crew of 5.

    1. Spice cake? Sounds way better actually. I thought these tasted too much like the yellow cake. And Devil's Food? Interesting, you had me at "brownie"!

      Wish I could see your baby too!

  9. Downton Abbey is WONDERFUL. I was feeling so left out watching all my friends report of this addiction, but I really didn't have time. My hubby watched the first episode for some reason and then decided that would be our show at night. We are on episode 3 and I like it, I really do. We have to have quiet to follow along and we only watch it at night after everyone is in bed and the twins need rocking and nursing.

    I have made our own soap for years. The extra effort was not worth the little money saved. It is so much easier to run to the store to buy soap than to make it. I have a child that had allergic reactions to all the soaps we used to purchase and I found it cleaned the close better but no "fresh clean smell" . . . but J just took a job with a company that makes laundry soap and our old ingredients are made from his companies competitors. As his turns out we are not allergic to this brand and they send him samples for free. Easy and cheaper, Yeah for me!

    That precious little red-head is looking fantastic!

    1. Neen--Free is always better, especially if there's no allergic reactions!

      I'm going to have to Downton Abbey talk....

  10. Not a Downton..ha..here the whole time I thought it was Downtown Abbey..Not a watcher either. I dont have a clue about it. Someday.

    I buy laundry soap. Would never make it unless I was forced too.

    Somalias?? They are sorta like homeschool people..sorta groupy and mysterious and a little unapproachable!!!!
    ha..just kidding. Giving you a hard time.
    A different culture I am guessing. Their kids will probably be a little more open.

    I AM SO DOING that card thing for Valentines Day for hubby. Pinterest..YOU ROCK!

    ps...drove out of the garage without looking back and tore off my mothers car mirror. You can give me a hard time now.

    1. You are mean.

      At least us homeschool people acknowledge other people--like you public school people!!

      Oh, no--did your mama get mad? At least it was just the mirror!

      I don't think you'd like Downton Abbey. I think you'd think it's boring. You seem to like comedy and no drama things....Maybe I'm wrong...

    2. I am just teasing!!!!!!
      my mom didnt get mad. I gave her money to fix it.
      I try to be mellow when my kids are wrecking stuff left and right around here. Always accidents....

      I do love comedy.

  11. Don't watch Downtown Abbey. I think the writing is poor but I'm a total snob like that.

    Laundry: I do both! I make my own, and have been for at least six months now. It's really not that terrible, goes quickly and saves so much money. I do have to buy Country Save for my cloth diapers, but I just read something on Wellness Mama about using soap nuts. If I'm able to do that (trying that next paycheck), then I might be able to stop making laundry soap altogether, since they're cheaper and they're safe for cloth diapers.

    Somalis? I get perturbed sometimes (I'll admit) to how un-assimilated they are to America, but I guess I have to remember that my ancestors, the Irish, weren't the most loved group of people on earth either. And they were Papists to boot! ;) No, my disagreement comes with Muslim theology: I have some real problems with it.

    Happy Simeon is looking good! Are any of your kids in the play this weekend?

    1. You are a snob Laura--haha! What's wrong with the writing? ANd if you don't watch, how do you know?

      You lost me at "cloth diapers" You are amazing mama!

      I get perturbed at the same things...I try to tell myself, they are refugees and they probably come from terrible tragedy...I also tell myself that the "Muslims are taking over"

      YES!! Katherine is in the play!! We are so very excited for her!! Can't wait! Hope to see you sometime--I'm planning on splitting it up, see the beginning and see the end of another, it's too long for Simeon. (and I'll have to get home to pump!)

  12. So happy to hear Simeon is doing better! I've never even heard of Downtown Abbey, but we don't have a television or cable. Is it a good show? What is it about?

    I've never tried to make my own detergent, but I think many people do it, to be able to say they make homemade items. I love homemade food, that doesn't come from a box, but when I'm in a hurry I'm sure glad that box food is there!

    1. Kari--I'm going to post about Downton...I think it's good...it's on channel 2--It's a drama....

      Homemade food is so much better, I suppose, I never looked at the detergent like food...

  13. I make my own detergent....WAY cheaper and better than store bought. In fact I just made another batch over the weekend. It doesn't take long. I recommend it! I am also watching Downton Abbey and really enjoy it. I got started on it when we went to visit my mother-in-law...she and my sister-in-law were hooked and now I am too! I am going to try those pumpkin muffins...quick and easy. Interesting observation about the people from Somalia...we don't have many as a group around here so I had never noticed. Glad that little Sim is doing better. Have a great afternoon.

    1. It seems like the majority of people make their own detergent because of cost, yet some have said it costs about the same or more...hmmmm....

      Downton Abbey is a fun show to talk about with others, isn't it?

  14. P.S. I only make powdered detergent which is easy and works great...you can make liquid detergent too, but I have not done that. I have seen directions but it sounds, hard, messy and complicated. The dry powder is great, we like it so much better than the Costco stuff we were using and it is cheaper by a lot.

    1. Maybe the powdered is cheaper to make than the liquid?

  15. Love, love, love Downton Abbey, though it's not without flaws.

    I used to make my own detergent, but as with the previous commenter, it didn't save enough money to be worth the bother. I use the costco brand.

    I don't know if we have Somalis here, but we do have other people, who ARE assimilated, and won't acknowledge I exist when we pass on the sidewalk, even to scooch over a little. Drives me crazy because I try to make contact and be friendly. We're in the South, afterall!

    1. Sara--that is a great way of putting it--about just about everything--"not without flaws" I like to pick things apart and that's a good way of putting it. After the very first episode, though, it's been pretty good, but not without flaws...:)

      It's that not being acknowledged, so I can acknowledge that bugs me....

  16. I thought I'd be the only one NOT watching Downtown Abbey! I don't have a clue about it either and don't really know what it's about. Am I missing out? I'm not a TV watcher either...My husband is often gone several nights (on duty) so I just like the teeny bit of quiet after kiddos are in bed. (To blog, pray, read, clean, etc) Did you notice clean is at the bottom of the list? ;) I can never keep up with laundry itself, let alone make my own soap! I know I'm missing out by not being on Pinterest but I know I'd love it too much and be sucked into the screen more than I already am. {Not saying I might not ever give in to the temptation at some point in time}Love your questions and fun conversation!

    1. You are missing out a little, but only on the discussions...I would not give up your quiet time, and add TV. I only got involved in it because of pumping breastmilk and looking for something to occupy my time.

      Pinterest? Yes, tons of ideas, but you can look for a set amount of time and then go away, come back or not, and every day there is new stuff, new ideas--I resisted for a long time, but am glad I gave into that, I've used several ideas, if I looked and didn't try any ideas, then it would not be worth it!

  17. After I pressed submit, I realized I sounded pretty boring! ha ha Maybe I am? Sometimes I DO feel like I live in a cave, though!

    1. You DON'T sound boring at all!! Caves are good.

  18. LOL, you crack me up! I never understood why anyone would want to make their own laundry soap, I would think that would be more expensive, but what do I know :)!

    Living in Cali, we see a lot of different cultures. For the most part, they all get along well, but my husband has no patience for the Pilipino community. They are not friendly, horrible drivers, an tend to be very opinionated, especially towards home schooling. We have a couple next to us that criticize me any chance they get for not putting our children in public school. The wife says I am "setting my children up for failure in the real world.".....sigh.

    I am so glad Simeon is doing much better. I just love that little boy. His little smile brightens my day!!!

    I have heard of the show, but never had the time to watch it. Is it on Netflix? Maybe when Sean goes back to school next month, I'll check it out!

    1. Gosh, coming from MN, I remember that about California--lots of different languages heard when out and about, especially the grocery store, it's the norm...but here in MN, it's rare. Until the past few years with the Somalians.

      That's interesting about the way the Philopino's view homeschooling...hmmmm...that has to be hard seeing them, with comments like that.

      I think the fist 2 seasons are on Netflix, and you can catch new episodes, within a certain amount of time, on the Materpiece Theatre link I linked in the post.

      There's a not so tasteful scene in the very first episode, involving gay/sex...if you can get past that, they never show anything like that again....Kind of weird.

  19. This is just an observation: isn't it interesting how different areas of the country have different immigrant/refugee populations.

    Northern Wisconsin has a very large Hmong population. There is some trouble with some of the kids and gangs and having to have 3 different interpreters in some of the larger schools (pet peeve of mine) but the old people, the ones that came here as first generation are SO hard working and appreciative and family-oriented.

    1. That is interesting....we have quite a few orientals, maybe they are Hmong? Minnesota gives lots of benefits to anyone coming into our state.

  20. I haven't yet watched Downton Abbey, but my entire book club talks about it every month so maybe one of these days I'll give it a try. I have no desire to make my own laundry detergent, but I LOVE the "face card love notes"!

    1. Felt Fam--if you start Downton Abbey--just remember that the first episode has a nasty scene (for tv or anything)--it's a gay sex scene--but after that, there has never been anything like that at all...not sure why they did that, maybe they were planning on going a different route then decided against it....I only watched a second show because so many people loved it, it had to get better, right? And it did. I'm glad I kept watching.

  21. Hi Jamie Jo. Good to see your sweet Simeon is more like himself. XO. That was for him. ;-).

    My friend swears by making her own laundry detergent and wants me to save several jugs so I can start making my own. Supposedly she's made enough to last her till Kingdom comes. I'm not interested. I'm thinking about using Charlie's soap because of my son's eczema.

    I haven't jumped on the train yet to Downton Abbey. I may cave soon with all this crazy talk. ;-).

    We don't have Somalis here but I've noticed the exact same thing with Muslims. I have yet to see one crack a smile...never seen it. Even with their children around. I don't get it either.

  22. Ha, you are not the only one to think such random thoughts. ;) My mind was painfully blank and spacey when you wrote this post (was it only yesterday?).

    My husband and some of the kids have sensitive skin so I have to buy the more expensive "free" laundry soaps. I thought to try making my own. It was relatively easy to do though I hated how shredding the bar soap made it tough to clean my food processor. It was cheaper. In the end? Saving a few pennies did not win out over my desire to save time. Plus, I found a made in the U.S. all natural brand (Ecos).

    Downton - yes I watch but I love books or shows like this.

    Glad Simeon is doing better!


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