Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Even in Minnesota...

 2 of my favorite things:
1. Babes in the sink
2. fresh cut flowers

I'm feeling a little down about, oh,
the weather,
 (it's almost March and no melt-down in sight)
 my weight, 
ADD/ODD stuff, 
marriage stuff,
 another surgery coming (next month), 
 in the slumps with our schedule,
 our meals, 
swim lessons to figure out,
I think I only have enough frozen milk to get Sims to the end of March,
(maybe into April a little)
Doctor appts,
(you name it, eye, dentist, therapists, plastic surgeons-x6 kids)
I miss my friend Sarah (she lives in Fargo)
The fears and worries I have constantly, like
do I show enough attention to each child?
Do they feel loved or lost?
Christine stopped blogging

I'm not feeling very "Thankful"

(but I am thankful)

I've got a painting job in the upstairs bathroom half done.
I don't like half done things.
I can't find one of our library books (anywhere)
(yes, I prayed over and over to St Anthony)
(we just paid like $12 in late charges on one of Jedi's books)
The library and I have a love/hate relationship

The kids--all of them--at the same time
have coughs--up all night coughs, since last Friday.
(They are getting better though)
(and thank goodness it was at the same time, otherwise, you know,
a cough could go on for weeks with 6 kiddos)

Anyone ever read
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?
(And did you catch my title?--Get it?)
  (And, I can never remember how books/movies/plays, etc are supposed to be emphasized)

At least the toilet did not overflow with pee and poopie all over today (yet)

I'm failing LENT miserably 

What's a mama to do?
Forget it all
and play!
Play-dough and play restaurant on the agenda!  


  1. No such thing as failing lent! :) Maybe focus more on offering up the everyday challenges rather than adding anything in. (?) Play-dough (and chocolate-but it is lent ;)) fixes anything.

    1. I know Laurie--but, but, but, I do that anyway--that's not "extra".

      Playdough it is.

  2. Goodness, I can hear ya Jamie! I keep readjusting my lent plans just a bit since all the 'extras' that keep coming up seem like sacrifice enough. Not that it's much, but it's all just very wearing right now.
    I think it's also a winter, MN thing. Feeling in the dumps off and on for weeks and headaches that are adding to the mix and making me more withdrawn. :(
    I'll say a prayer for you and hope that brighter/better days are up ahead. Play dough is a great way to help a mama...I'll send a cyber hug your way too!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Yes, being stuck inside in Minnesota with littles is not really that fun. Even if they do Walk Away the Pounds with you (me). My littles did it today with me. It was great til my 6 year old snapped the stretchy band in her face (eye)!!

  3. Can you catch my excitement for snow through the web???!!! This is our first measurable snowfall in over 2 years!!! SQUEALLLLL!!!

    I'm sorry you're having a rough go of it. :( Life is just hard. But you are such an awesome mom and wife. Let us pray for you.

    Lifting you up in prayer my friend,

    1. I know Valerie--did you notice I didn't comment on your post about it? I know it's exciting when it comes, but, but, but when it stays and stays and stays and well...I didn't want to rain on your snow parade! :)

      Thanks so much!

    2. I am so jealous. You all get to see the white stuff. I have to live through you all. It was 74 muggy for Feb and rainy all day. At least the snow is bright. I LOVE the picture with Simeon in sink with snow and flowers behind him. It is killing me. But I love to see it.

    3. Awww, Jamie Jo! You are so kind! Even in the thick of it you are thinking of others!!! "didn't want to rain on your snow parade!" Hugs my friend!!!

  4. Dang! Do you have any wine? No? Well, I'd offer to drink a glass for you, but I don't have any either. Why does that happen when you need it most? Hang in there. One moment at a time. Hugs and prayers heading your way...maybe they'll hitch a ride on the winds blowing north and get there sooner! :)

    1. Nope. No wine here, just plenty of WHINE. Are those warm winds coming?

  5. You are not alone. I am there myself - silly library fines, snow/cold, school troubles, life blahs, questioning myself, husband stuff, etc., etc. Knowing/being and feeling are two very different things aren't they? Life is just so much easier when they come together!!! And you know, I was thinking today how I always seem to fall into these kinds of traps most when I am trying to dig in spiritually - or when I start to fizzle and come to that choice - to keep plugging on, keep the faith or just want to give up. I really think more and more that there is so much more of a spiritual battle going on, and not just trying to slog through another day. Not that I ever just want to slog through but some days that's all you can do! Of course I am praying for you, your family, and Sim's upcoming surgery.

    1. Yes, sometimes it's just a thousand little things that add up and I just feel I'm going to burst.

      Thanks so much Nicole. Prayers for you too.

  6. Now that cutie little dumplin' in the sink is worth a basket full of big smiles!

    I'm so sad Christine quit blogging- I tried to leave a comment but they were turned off. If you see her, give her a big hug for me and tell her I AM really going to miss her posts of kids, family, and the wonderful, funny world that surrounds her.

    I'm sending YOU a big hug, too. Sometimes life just piles up, doesn't it? We can only do what we can do and not get stressed about the rest. You're a wonderful wife, momma, and Christian. I'm praying for the surgery already. Love you!

    1. I'm sad too, but at least she didn't delete gives me hope. She's a woman, she's fickle, she'll blog again. (hear that Christine?) haha!--kidding you, kind of.

  7. And a final (more serious) note:: I know that your home, according to Blessed JPII, "Shines with Gospel values." We see it in all the love you put into your domestic church...the good and the bad. Praying that all these hugs and well wishes from your friends help carry you through your day tomorrow!

    1. Oh, thank you Patty, Love the quote!

  8. He still sits in the sink without trying to launch himself onto the kitchen floor? You're one lucky mama!

    Don't despair. I have a feeling that all these things are creeping up on you BECAUSE it is, don't think that you're failing at it. The good Lord gives us crosses to carry and it would appear that He thinks you're able to carry quite the load today. Offer it up in prayer and know that we're all praying for you.

    God Bless!

    1. He'd rather fill his cup and dump water all over the counter and floor. He loves to do that. He tried to get me!! (he's smart) He loves water poured over his head, his eyes are very wet in this picture from that. He's going to love summer and the wading pool!

      I think you are right, God finds us and gives us things...Thanks so much!

  9. I thought we were on a Mission for More instead.

    More prayers, more patience, more love, more rest, more taking the the time to _____ (you fill in the blank).

    We're women. Its our duty to worry.

    I'm sure you've heard it before but, it's not a sprint. It's a marathon. Slow down. It's not how we plan it anyhow. It's HIS. More listening, that's how we're going to get through this one!

    Now, go copy this comment and put it on my blog when I'm freakin' out.

    God Bless you and your honesty.
    We'll offer our rosary for you tonight. Cause we need to say it MORE!

    1. I am, I am....More found me though too!

      It's a marathon, that's good....I'll try to remember that. You are right. And tomorrow is a new day. For new toilet overflows with more patience.

      I'll try to cheer you when it happens to you. (made me laugh at that, thanks!)

      OH, gosh, thanks for the prayers, you are a sweet heart!

  10. Hugs! You're a great mom, Jamie! Hang in there, you ask to be a saint, and He is making you one. (Ever notice I don't dare to ask?)

    1. Never is a daring thing to ask, I kind of cringe when I ask. (every time I pray)

  11. Oh Jamie! I wish we lived closer so I could give you a huge hug. Boy, am I commiserating with you right now on so many of those same issues. Hang in there and know I am praying for you.

    1. OH, wouldn't it be fun if we lived closer? (If I lived closer to you, that is, so it would be warm) Thanks for the prayers, right back at you!!

  12. We just made homemade playdough yesterday! Too funny.

  13. But perhaps, you are not "failing" Lent. Perhaps, this is precisely where the Lord wants you. Doing everything that you are doing, and offering it back to Him in a spirit of sacrifice. I don't know about you, but it seems the bigger our family gets, the more my own "plans" for my spiritual life fall by the way side, and I am asked to pick up crosses (in the form of sick kids, business, lost library books, etc) that I would never have picked for myself:

    "In...Lent...we must try to arouse and strengthen our resolution to become a saint. If other efforts in the past have been unsuccessful or have not entirely reached the goal, this is no reason for discouragement. 'Nunc coepi'..."Now I have begun"...or rather: "Now I being"; let us repeat it humbly, and may the experience of our past failures make us place our trust in God alone" - Divine Intimacy

    1. I know you are right Jen. You are always so wise beyond your years. I agree with the bigger our family gets, our own spiritual plans seem to go by the wayside, but I think God is working in us in a different way.

      "Now I being" wow! What a beautiful quote, thank you friend!

  14. Oh my goodness, that is one cute baby-in-a-sink! :o) It doesn't sound like you're "failing" at Lent at all -- it sounds to me like God is designing your Lent for you. Ask me how I know... LOL Hang in there!

    1. Hahah--Oh, I"m sure I know you know too. I think you are right though, God designs better lents for us than we can do ourselves. We just THINK we can do it the way we want.

  15. Well...I am so crabby I QUIT blogging. The house is messy, the cars are messy. Everything is so dirty here.
    Lent is hard sometimes. I really need more adoration.

    Play-dough is always the ticket to happiness.

    1. and chocolate. And Cherry Coke Zero.

      And Adoration. Do you know they changed the hours at ST Anthony's? closed down after 5pm!!!! I've been thinking alot about Adoration too...

  16. Your week sounds a lot like mine. I was pretty bummed about Christine as well. I sent her an email.

    We may not have the crappy whether, but I do have the school blues. We're nearly half way though the school year and now everyone is sick with this cough and cold. So there went an entire week of school.

    Our Lent isn't doing very well this year either. The kids still haven't decided on what to give up and they keep cheating. (Sneaking meat on no meat days) Fasting hasn't been an option with everyone so sick and needed the food for strength. But we offer it all up and pray that's enough.

    I forgot Sims had another surgery next month. We'll start our Rosary Dedication for him this week. We love to include people in our prayers that need Mary's extra help!

    Cheer up, and offer all your suffering to God, everything will work itself out. (Even finding that library book) Hope you get your bathroom finished. What color are you painting it? We have a toilet upstairs that doesn't flush and the kids keep using it, even when they're told not too, so I feel your pain with the overflowing...yick!

    God bless!

    1. I have one daughter who I am making give up Red dye 40 and 50. She didn't pick anything to give up so I picked it for her. Her heart is not in it.

      Thanks so much for the prayers.

      Bathroom? A couple years ago, we had someone coming to paint our living room, so I had to pick quickly for the bathroom, so I picked blue. I hate the blue I picked. It's a total "bathroom blue" Hard to explain, but I hate it. So I am painting it white!! Fresh white. Pretty white shower curtain. Black frames with bath kiddos on the walls....Right now I only have the primer done. Have to wait for next paycheck to get the paint to finish it.

      Our upstairs toilet doesn't flush good either, it's the water pressure. Tom has to unclog every night almost. We are making big kids poop downstairs...tmi? Sorry. Tom can't wait til the kids grow up and have their own places. He promises he's going to go visit and take a big dump and leave it for them.

    2. Oh my gosh I laughed at that until tears streamed down my face. We have cloggy toilets too and my husband gets so mad. I read that to him, what your husband said and he laughed and laughed. I'm always yelling "do a test flush!" And in my mind I feel like I sound like George Costanza's mother on Seinfeld. So funny.

    3. OMG, your husband sounds so much like Sean. He HATES anything to do with poop. Just the sight makes him vomit. He can't even change a diaper. No matter how many times I tell them not to use that toilet, they still do. I have to "try to flush" just to get water to go back into the tank. It doesn't fill, that's our problem.

      Lent has been a huge challenge for all of us this year. But, that's more to offer up!!!

  17. First, I love the re-design and the new photo!!

    I know how long winter can be, when I was working I can remember feeling like we lived in a world without color. So I bought flowers for my work station every week. It was so nice. Treat yourself when/if you can even if it is Lent. Just get purple flowers. :)

    We should get together sometime, we'd love to cheer you up! :)

    I saw a peek of your next post....

  18. Hi Jamie', you are certainly not failing Lent miserably! God may be trying to direct your attention to a different path than you'd planned for yourself. I think He must laugh at His beloved children when we make all these plans, in the best intentions, instead of asking Him what He wants us to focus on. That is so true of me. He's leading me in ways I hadn't dreamed of and it's going against my carefully laid plans :). Also pushing me out of my comfort zone.

    Your a busy mama but try and take a moment to say a prayer that Jesus will reveal His plan for you!

    May God bless you on your Lenten Journey!

  19. I just have to say that all of these loving comments are such a blessing and uplifting to those of us who read them too. I was feeling much this same way on Tuesday so I traveled out of town to get to Adoration (our altar is under construction) I was on a desperate mission...Without a doubt, it was just what the Divine Physician ordered...Jesus is always the answer and He never fails. Hope you can get there soon!

  20. Thinking of you, and of Christine!! I will MISS her. Prayers for both of you.

  21. Ugh, been having those kind of weeks myself :( I am praying for you. That you can find the calm through the storm. Hugs!

  22. Aww, HUGS!!! I am so behind and get the PMS thing. I was a bit scary last week. A bit... well, that might be an understatement, lol.

    That picture of Simeon in the sink makes me so happy too! I love sink baths for babies. There is nothing quite so sweet, much more fun than washing a dish in the same place. And flowers make it so cheerful!


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