Friday, February 8, 2013

Nostalgic Reasons

 I started working out (after a 1 year,10 month break)
and realized I needed some workout shoes.
I couldn't resist and had to buy these blue and yellow Nike's
Because, they were in my price range
My very first pair of Nike's were in, I think 6th grade.
I saved all summer
and bought them for $28
(which was a lot back then)
They were these same colors
for nostalgic reasons,
I had to get them
Here they are!
My old shoes!!
I was so cool.
I thought I was, til 
the first day of school,
everyone else had these.
I got these the next year.
I was so cool.

I still am.
Did you see my new shoes?
(up top)

I started Weight Watchers Monday
I didn't join or anything
I know the point system,
I just count the points (calories)
and write it all down

I'm done pumping.
(as of today)
It took me all of January to go from every 6 hours 
to every 2 days
As I am pumping my last ounce, right now.

Did you hear me?

I am done pumping!!

I'm emotional about it.
I'm not going to talk about it.

The last week and a half or so,
my body has needed me to start exercising again and to 
start lowering my calorie intake big time
I didn't really need to watch it while pumping so much
I could actually eat whatever I wanted and not gain anything.

Not anymore.
Now that I have more time
I'm not pumping for hours
I can focus on losing this accumulated weight from each kiddo

I walked yesterday on the treadmill for 23 minutes
did 24 push ups (on the treadmill while stretching--do you do this?)
and jumped on my mini tramp for 5 minutes

I can't move today.
It felt so good to exercise yesterday that I kind of over did it.
I love to exercise.
I had to make myself stop
(the baby needed me)

I tried to make this short
I have so many posts in my head

***I have to add to this, that I actually got one whole bottle, 
4.5 I might keep doing it every other day like now, it's so hard to give up!***



  1. I had a pair. Wish I would have saved them. They are classic!

    Sounds like a great workout!

    I would workout all day, too, if given the time!!!

  2. Cool shoes. I'm so proud of you for working out. I hate to work out. I totally am going to need to after this baby, but I hate it. I just watch Colleen (Martin)... she excersizes enough for both of us!

    1. I'm dragging your butt into the gym after you pop out Clara!

  3. Good for you Jamie! I will be your biggest workout cheerleader! YOu should join so you can track your workouts and we can be friends over there :)

  4. LOVE those shoes! I have way too many pairs of athletic and running shoes, but if I saw those, just for the colors alone, I would get them.

    If we were closer geographically, I would find a way to get you to work out with me! I'm addicted to it. And you've done well in replacing the pumping with something that's going to require a lot of your thought and energy so you don't have to focus too much on the loss of the pumping.

    Go Jamie! Go Jamie! Go Jamie!

  5. Congrats on finishing pumping!!!

  6. What awesome shoes!! Perfect way to reward yourself as you get back on the exercising bandwagon again.
    Congrats on finishing pumping(you are wonderwoman!!) and exercising!! You go mama! I ams exercising most every day and while I don't like it, I see the benefits and do like the 'me' time. When I was pregnant with M and I wanted to keep on exercising all the pregnancy, my doctor said there would come a day that I would like exercising so much that I would miss it if I didn't do it a day or two. I laughed. Now, it's true! I think it's the rush. Like yesterday, I was so excited I ran on the treadmill for 1.7 miles straight. That was a major accomplishment for me.
    I laughed the other morning when I told hubby that two of my daily joys these days were coffee and exercising. I was kind of kidding.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Oh! I had those white shoes too and I thought they were so cool!

    I like how exercising makes me feel, I just have such a hard time actually doing it. I love to swim, but it is not feasible right now.

  8. Weaning is so emotional and hard! Prayers for you!

  9. Super cute shoes! Glad to hear you got in a workout. I'd like to get back into working out, too. I need that mental and physical boost, you know?But I think it will be some time before that happens. I think I understand your being emotional about the end of pumping. It's so hard for me right now. I'm making so little and pumping around the clock every 3 hours. Between that and driving 2 hours round trip daily to see the baby I am *exhausted*. I know you understand me. Lots of love to you, my friend.

  10. Awwww, I bet it is hard to stop. I never got the chance to get attached to pumping so I have no idea what you're going through, but I feel for you.

    YAH FOR WEIGHT WATCHERS!!! I LOVE IT! I've lost 7 lbs in 4 weeks and only 7 to go! I can actually fit into my favorite jeans again and not feel self-conscious. My husband has lost 16 lbs. in the last 5 weeks, so I know it works!

    I don't like exercising, I'm I do walk 4-6 miles once every two weeks at Disneyland though. That helps

    My Aunt had those same blue shoes when I was a kid. She loved them!!! There were so ugly, lol. I think your new Nike's are awesome!!

  11. Classic shoes, dear girl! I can even remember the SMELL of them while shopping at KMart for sneakers. Alas, my mother never bought them...too much $$ when she was raising 9 kiddos. But I have the memory of the smell. Oh the glorious smell! As I grew, and more kids left the house, we were finally able to get some of those smashing Nike shoes. I remember putting them back into their box after school each day...just holding onto the newness as long as I could! What a goof ball, huh?!

  12. I am down to every other day for pumping too and I am really having a hard time with it. I was asking the very same question today, why is it so difficult? Maybe because I know it may very well be the last time? Haven't even thought of exercising, just know it would do me some good. I am not sure where I will get the motivation!

  13. I imagine it would be hard to stop once you got so good at it!!!

    I love your shoes. i had some of those old Nikes too!! My new ones are black and purple and also in my price range, lol.

  14. Laughed so hard at your post! Very cute. I remember both pairs of shoes...oh how I wanted those red, white, and blue ones. My mother was "mean"...even if I promised to save up my own money she would not allow spending on what "she" believed was frivolous shoes from Target were good enough. bleh! LOL Happy Friday, Friend!

  15. Yeah, way to go! I cannot find the motivation to walk in the cold, and I suppose it doesn't help with the headaches benching me.

    As far as pumping/weaning it is so hormonal and emotional of a time. Though, in all honesty, I am so tired that I could wean today and not look back. Not to mention not worrying so much about taking new meds. They say it's ok but I never feel completely ok about it.

  16. At our school RAINBOW Nikes were the big deal. I had Nikes, but not rainbow. Hence, I was never in the IN crowd. But I had better friends, anyway, the smart ones who were in band and choir and NHS.

    Don't tell my daughter, but her ballet days are numbered, even now that she is on pointe. I just can't justify taking her two hours a session, four days a week when I am getting zero exercise and have 50+ pounds to lose. For less than her current ballet tuition I could get a family membership at the Y and take all the kids 3-4 mornings a week. The girls could even attend class with me. Is this selfish? It makes me feel selfish, but it's also hard to justify the time and money ballet is taking from our family, and not really adding much to anyone's life but hers.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to rant, but here I am in the ballet waiting room on a Friday night when I could be at home with my family eating pizza and watching a movie by the fire.

    Well, congrats on being done pumping! That was quite a lifestyle for you. Now what will you do for computer time?

  17. I need to get back onto the WW wagon and be serious about it. Is Simeon sleeping though the night? Peter is about 1/2 of the time. When he does, then it is easy to get up early and exercise. When he doesn't...well, let's just say I hit the snooze button! Good for you for getting back into it!

    I have had huge issues with some sort of infection that I just cannot shake, so I am in the weaning process and it is's knowing that the whole baby-hood is ending and that is tough. It gets more difficult with each one thinking this may be my last baby. Okay, clearly I'm a little emotional here! Just wanted you to know that I can relate to the difficulty of letting go.

    Stay safe and warm during the big storm Sun/Mon...God Bless!

  18. I actually think those blue and yellow ones are way coolers than the red and white ones. And the ones you just bought are awesome. those would make me want to work out ! I too need to get back on the exercise routine. you go girl! that was a lot of exercise you did yesterday.

  19. Love the shoes! 24 push-ups? Nope...I can't say I do that. ;-) I wish I could share your love for exercise.

  20. I remember my first pair of Nike 's that I saved up for too, then when I went to the store, they didn't have my size!! I remember the deep disappointment and had to pick another pair. Funny how I recall that time so long ago! Love your new ones and good luck in your exercise program!

  21. Big hugs to you in regards to pumping. It's such a bond with your child. I think it's hard to let go, even if it's just once a day, or even every other time. Sort of like nursing. It's the one thing that still "connects" you two in a way. At least that's how I see it. And congrats on the new shoes! It is so exciting to get a makes it exciting to start out on a new journey of health and fitness. I'm already counting down to after my recovery after this baby...I need, need that exercise to combat my always PPD that comes after each kid. And good luck with WW's. I wish you all the success in the world :) You've been through so, so much, and you deserve this little piece of time and commitment to you yourself.


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