Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Perspective

 I don't know what it is, 
maybe I'm too serious or something.
I think I'm in balance.
Even though, sometimes it's hard.
I try to just be so very Thankful for all we have and 
all the Lord has given us.
I really think when we really are thankful, it is rarely for material things.

I don't like complainers.
There, I said it.
Funny how something I dislike so much is one of my struggles.
(Ask my husband)

Oh, we are always a work in progress, right?
It seems this time of year, 
everywhere I look people are showing what they are 
getting for their kids and families.
And I get a little jealous.
And I complain.

Even my kids look
and see other children more fortunate than themselves
 and I see those feelings 
come out.

And I think they have no needs.
They have Faith, they are well taken care of.
They shouldn't have a want in the world.

I wish we had more money
I wish we could get the kids more
I wish...

Funny thing is, 
that what we have, is what I call 
a "modest" Christmas, 
is extravagant to many others.

There is always someone less fortunate than us.

There are always OPPORTUNITIES
to be Christ to others
to appreciate what WE have
to LOVE others
to be HAPPY for others 
to PRAY for others, 
BOTH the MORE fortunate and the LESS fortunate.

This past week alone, 
I belong to a Catholic Homeschooling online group (it's national)
and one woman has a 3 year old that is battling a brain tumor and in her final days.

I have a 2 and 4 year old.
I cannot even imagine what this mother is going through, 
even typing this, my eyes well up with tears and I get a lump in my throat.

Thank you God for healthy kids.
Please bless this family struggling, with their last moments with their precious 
daughter.  Lift them up, give them the strength to continue to grow closer to you.

Another woman, many of you know, Marijanna 
 saw her baby on an ultrasound a couple weeks ago, healthy and strong, 
went back in for another ultrasound, a week later, 
to find her sweet little boy had died.
at 19 weeks. 
Right before Christmas.

It brings me back to when we had our 20 week ultrasound 
with Little Red and how devastated I was because I wouldn't be able to nurse him.

Thank you God for allowing me to pump breastmilk for my baby
and feed him with a special bottle.
Thank you God for healthy children.

Please bless Marijanna and her family, as they grieve the loss of their child
I have to stop to cry for her, with her, to share in her pain in 
some small, minute way.

Another homeschooling family just had their 7th child last week, 
they had to move 4 days after  his birth, they cannot afford a new vehicle
to go anywhere together as a family, the mother is overwhelmed 
with all she needs to do for her family 
and they only have enough money for food, 
no presents this year. 

Thank you God for this huge van, I call "The Beast", 
we are all able to go places as a family.
We have enough money for gifts for our children
(gifts they really don't need)

Please bless this family, lift them up, 
give them hope, help them to find You in unexpected places.

In the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations 
and hurrying and scurrying to get everything done, 
Let us not forget to pray for others.

For the lonely
The mourning
The struggling
The depressed

It's all perspective, we may think we are struggling, 
but are we really?  

May we all find that because of the birth of Jesus, 
because he has come to save us,
we are all one body.
We are all connected 
We all need to pray for one another.

And let us be Thankful


  1. Amen. Christ came to give us hope, for the salvation of souls, not to begin a holiday in which we lose hope because we can't afford to make it picture perfect. Uniting in prayer.

  2. I love this moving post. Yes, even in our trials, we must not complain because God gives us strength to deal with what we need to deal with. Thank you for this wonderful reminder to be grateful and help others in need with our means and our prayers at this Christmas time. Thank you, my friend and have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I cry for Marijanna and her family also. I know there are a lot of people struggling. There can be so much joy and so much sadness. I get this post. Praying for all those who struggle.

  4. I don't like a complainer either--which makes no sense, because I am a complainer too, ha! At the same time, sometimes people have a special gift for seeing the bright side to things, and others struggle with it. I think we all have the capacity to do this, but it's harder for some. Like those who struggle with depression. I feel especially for them, because to everyone around them, they just seem to be a complainer, when really they're struggling with a real cross.

    I think the secret to being grateful for what you have is being humble. Fighting against pride as we always are, it's hard to be humble!

    Marijanna and her family are in my thoughts and prayers as well.

    Hope you have a merry Christmas~

  5. Beautifully written. I sat here reading and nodding a yes the entire time. There is so many sad and needy souls in this world. The greatest gift you can give them is their faith. And you are doing a superb job!

  6. I'm offering up all your intentions with our own, thank you for bringing perspective. It is easy to lose sight of our gifts during this Season when our focus is not where it should be.

    Merry Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  7. Perfect. And this is why I love you. : )

  8. Thank you Jamie Jo. Trying even here in the midst of our grief to be "thankful" for so many blessings that surround us. This is so hard to do while thinking of planning his burial around when his little casket will arrive, but yet we have these two beautiful, joyful, smiling, healthy, normal little girls to share our Christmas with and it is Clara's first Christmas, so we want them to remember joy and not sadness. Tomorrow I want so badly to have the strength and sing at the Christmas Mass... especially "What Child is this" for my husband Shaun (It's always my Christmas gift to him. It's his favorite). Please say a little prayer I can sing. Have the most joyful and thankful Christmas and remember when you look around your room littered with wrapping paper and full of children that you truly have SO much to be thankful for... thankyou for the reminder. xo love you.

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  10. Thank you for these thoughts. I needed to think. What national homeschool group?

    1. "Catholic Homeschool Moms" I'm assuming national, because these women are all over the country! A friend signed me up or shared me or's a Facebook thing...


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