Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Wolverine!

I watched this movie last night!
I totally loved it!

If you are an X-Men or a Wolverine fan, 
then, you will love this movie!

Without giving anything away, 
make sure you watch through the first credits,
there is a surprise that makes it even more exciting!

In this movie,
he finally gets Jean out of his head
he owns up to being The Wolverine!!

Tom reads comic books
so he always has inside knowledge about the characters

Like this particular movie, Wolverine finds a love interest.
I guess in the comic books, she is the one he marries!

And his "bodyguard" in this movie, 
in the comic books, is his good friend and is always with him.

Tom has known about the end surprise 
for years and waited for me to be surprised.
(because of the comic books)

Let's just say, 
I can't wait for the next X-Men movie.

I am so happy that Hugh Jackman keeps making these!


  1. Hello there!
    Rhett would like me to tell you that he LOVES this movie!!!
    And now, I am excited to watch it with him. : )
    Have a cozy day, my dear friend.

    1. If you've liked the other Wolverine movies, you'll like it!

      cozy and warm day--inside!!

  2. Ha! we watched this last night too! Loved it! Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New year to you too! Small World! (the world of not in the theater movie watching!)

  3. Ok Jamie, I'm going to pass on anymore "super hero" stories because I thought Man of Steel was too weird for words. ;-)

    1. Barbara, it's gotta be that whole comic book thing that make them good for me...?

      Sorry, I liked it!

      Downton tonite?

  4. My hubby and son thought it was a fun movie. I haven't seen it, but may after your review.

  5. This is one we haven't seen, so I'm going to add it to the queue!

  6. I was expecting to like this one, but I totally fell asleep ~ LOL! I would be willing to try it again. It was probably me, not the movie!


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