Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful for Everyday Life Link-up

 Thankful for so many things
Even through the muck of everyday ups and downs

 Thankful for the mama fox in our yard.
I keep the kids away from her den though.
She sat and watched us looking at her in the window....
Isn't she beautiful?
 Thankful for what we call "Grandma's feather bed"
We have 4 kids in here, sharing 2 double beds.
(Little Red just joined them...poor boy)
(Oh, shush, he just sleeps here)

 Look at that dresser.
One of the nicest ones we have 
and one girl decided to (years ago)
sit on the drawer, as a bench.
Yes, it did break
Our fix?
I painted a piece of wood...we are going to nail it over the hole.
Please tell me these kind of things happen in your house too...
 Thankful for Holy Heroes, and that at least one of my children likes to watch their videos!
Thankful for my little puzzle man
He can do 60 and even 100 piece puzzles
(100 with help)
 Thankful for under 10 bucks,
 I recovered this dressing table bench!
My 9 year old picked the material, isn't it cute?
 Thankful for sweet 4 year olds, full of kisses and hugs and screams.
She is all cuteness wrapped up in a tiny body

 Thankful my plant continues to bloom and bring spring to my kitchen!
 And we need to mow the lawn!
 Thankful for my blooming spring cactus!
(it might be a sign for Phoenix?)
 Thankful for toddlers that undress 
themselves (anywhere, anyplace, any time he wants to)
because this will come in handy, right?

Thankful for this sweet girl, she is just dying for mud...
looks like she found a little.

 These girls can't wait for the snow to get off the trampoline.
(why, yes, we did leave it out all winter)
They've been shoveling it off and trying to get it off
(this is a very big, heavy, hard chunk of ice)
 Thankful for sweet as pie
 Thankful for our racetrack built right into our home.
He starts at the living room, (where I am taking this picture)
runs to the office and back
157 times per day.
 Thankful for toddler antics.
The only reason he even is holding this particular baby 
is because his older sister wants it.
He held it all morning so she couldn't play with it.

And she only wanted this particular baby 
even though we have 26 other ones that look very similar to this one.
Thankful for muffins in the morning
(pumpkin chocolate chip)

Thankful my 2 youngest girls can sing all the songs from the movie 
Of course, since we live in Minnesota
and are expecting 8-12 inches tonite, 
they love the snowman one best.
They've seen it in video 4 times
(well worth the $16 deal I got at Sam's Club)
They also have all the lines memorized.

 Since we are looking at moving to San Antonio
or Phoenix, Arizona

I thought you'd enjoy this song!

Classic, huh?

Linking up with Margaret for her Weigh in Wednesday
(I'm not weighing in by actually "weighing in")
I'm going to weigh in on the fact that I'm still
trying to lose this accumulated baby weight
and still trying to work out when I get a chance.
this week on the treadmill
 (I made it there twice)
I'm Thankful  that 
My favorite song to walk to was:
(off my i-pod)

(please excuse the meaning of the video)
I had to watch it 3 times to get it.

I'm Thankful for Backstreet Boys songs,
they get me moving!!


  1. I'm pulling so hard for San Antonia because then we actually might get to meet in real life! Are you sure Dallas is just not an option??? We love North Texas and would LOVE having you as a neighbor!
    All of your thankfuls make my day! Good to see your sweet family! BTW - yes, those type of things happen at our house all the time - I refuse to buy new couches right now and we NEED them but my kids are so hard on furniture that I can't figure out what industrial strength furniture would be ascetically pleasing to me!


  2. Jamie,

    Thank you for sharing your thankfuls and all the cute photos of your beautiful children! You are so blessed! Move to Phoenix, AZ! My brother in law has a house there he is trying to sell (a very nice house in a good neighborhood too!). The weather in AZ is beautiful - most of the time it is warm and sunny! I have visited there two times so far - once in December (People there put Santa hats on the cactuses in their front yards - so funny!) and once in April. I LOVE AZ! My brother in law has invited us to move there someday. We are thinking about it. The only problem is, I'd be thousands of miles away from my family. The weather there is much better for my severe asthma. Hey, if we both move to AZ maybe we can meet someday? Wouldn't that be so cool? :)

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

    Maria XO

  3. Two year olds! My Tiger does the same thing. You want that? Oh no, I have it!

    And Frozen? Heavens... I had to drive around with all the kids yesterday a ton and I swear I heard Let it Go a thousand times sung over and over and over. Then Tony started in on In Summer. It has been stuck in my head ever since. Sigh. It is my life now.

  4. Another great list, Jamie Jo. Love your little performer! She's a doll. That is amazing that your little guy can do those big puzzles. Good for him. Happy Thursday!

  5. It's gorgeous in Texas today! High in the low 80's and green leaves and wildflowers! You'd love it!

  6. Love it, Jamie Jo! I'm playing catch-up after being out of commission for over a week (love those hemiplegic migraines - not!). I'm sorry you're getting that much snow even if you do live in MN. I think I would cry. We are getting rain... lots and lots and a wintry mix maybe this weekend but we did just have two glorious days of sun and warmth.

    The baby doll thing? What a stinker. What is it with a special doll anyway? We have one that is constantly fought over too.

    The bed thing? If my toddler would sleep I would do that in a heartbeat. That's how my two oldest slept as babies/toddlers/preschoolers (queen bed on the floor). The girls are insane sleepers though and it's not the same. So my bed is her bed, which is both cute and annoying.

    I love the flowers. They scream happy and sunshine. And that fox? That is so cool.

    Have a good weekend! (I'll try to link if I can. I'm feeling better but a stomach bug decided to run through the house so we'll see how the day plays out.)

  7. Happy Weekend...more snow...thankful?????
    Crazy weather we are having.
    Yup..your fox is adorable.
    Smart little boys doing puzzles..adorable.
    singing little girls...adorable. (we have not seen the movie or know the songs..believe it or not!!
    I love those beds guys actually make the beds! I guess I would for a picture.. otherwise we never do. horrible, I know.

    Your flowers do brighten up the day.

    I like how you include all or most of the kids in your posts. Thankful for you...God Bless.

  8. Wonderful list my friend...
    I love your sweet!
    And those pumpkin muffins!!!!!
    Yes, please. : )

  9. The Wildflowers in Texas as so beautiful right now, they really are. The song could not be more perfect for your current situation. Too funny. Your kiddos look so happy!

  10. Oh, I love how beautiful your home is! I love all the touches of Spring you put throughout your home. How do you keep your plants blooming? I have so much trouble with that! I love how your recovered that's so pretty!

    Love the girls and (boy) bedroom! So pretty and pink! We haven't had the kids break any wooden things yet, but my dad builds cabinets so we could get him to fix it eventually. They do break all kinds of other things though, and we usually have to figure out a way to fix it or we have to get rid of it, if it's bad enough!

  11. What a joyful post! Gorgeous pictures, and I love the video. Smiling at brother holding that particular baby all morning so sister couldn't play with it, because that is my grandson with his sisters, to a "T." !

  12. I have friends who just came from Phoenix and loved the Catholic community there. THat Fox picture is SO AWESOME, what a poser! Love the song and your gorgeous kids. Hugs!

  13. If I had a vote (obviously I don't) I'd vote for Phoenix! 'Cause it's closer to Colorado and we could meet up at 4 Corners!!! You have no idea how much I'd love to give you a real life hug. :)
    …wow, what a change from Minnesota, though, either place you end up. hot, hot, hot.

  14. Jamie Jo - I love your fun looking colorful home and pictures of your happy children running and playing. What blessings you have! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  15. Peter is really in to taking his clothes off right now, too! Must be a 2 year old thing!

  16. There are fox around your house?? :O Damn that's scary!

    BTW, I am a fan of Backstreet Boys since a decade now.. Loved this video :)


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