Thursday, May 22, 2014

Slow Down

This video is graphic (that's your warning)

It brings up many thoughts and feelings.
Are our souls ready?
A split second and our world can completely change.


  1. This truly stirs me. Thank you, my friend, for sharing~

  2. Thank you for the SLOW DOWN...bigger caps though. still...I just got pulled over the day I helped a little with your kiddos....I was distracted and in a hurry. I am slowing down and paying attention more. Zach just told me last night him and 5 of his friends want to go out to the east coast this summer...a little road trip....Im like whhuuuuut??? there are 50 million things people cars trying to kill you out there. He is suppose to work work work this summer then I bring him to his little dorm room where he is suppose to sit and study for the next 4 years and LIVE! but it always comes down to having your soul ready to meet Our Lord every day....where you ready when you were 18??? It wasnt in my mind.doesnt mean it cant be that way!

  3. I couldn't even watch half of it. I have never witnessed an accident in my entire life and I thank God for the same. And I hope it stays that way.

  4. I feel that humans are sometimes the dumbest creature on Earth. Why the hell they have to drive recklessly? They might not value their own lives. But other people out there have to die/suffer big time because of their mistake. Sometimes I wish there were no vehicles. Give humans something good and they will abuse that thing. They have turned vehicle into killing machines.

    I am posting this blog's link on my FB and Twitter! Some idiots might grow brains.

  5. Wow. How horrible. Not horrible that you shared this, Jamie, but horrible that so many of the clips in this video were REAL.

    I've been in a couple bad accidents (one when I was 18 and not at ALL ready to go before Our Lord) and I thank God for His mercy in sparing me. It wasn't my time, thankfully, but's hard not to fear for our kids, isn't it?

    Did you show your oldest this video? I'm thinking of sharing it with our new (and first) driver. Will ask my husband what he thinks.

    Love you, Jamie!

  6. PS. Your new photo header is WONDERFUL. And can you tell my new thing is writing words in all caps? That's because I'm too LAZY to italicize.


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