Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Reading Program!

Barnes and Noble has a great Summer reading program going on right now. These are the free books Ballerina Rosie and Jedi earned. All they had to do was read 9 books and write their favorite part of each book, then turn it in. Barnes and Noble gave us a coupon listing the books that they could choose from.


  1. Jamie, Thanks for the sweet comment. Im so glad you guys had a great vacation. I loved your job chart and hope it works good. you are so organized. That was my veggies from my garden in my picture. We have soooo much I have it all in my fridge and it has spilled out onto my counter.
    Talk soon,
    your friend Amy(retro)

  2. Great job! We're doing the summer reading program at the library, and your post reminded me that I gotta run them over there to get their stickers for the week! I also promised them a t-shirt at the end of week four. That would be Saturday. I love the Unicorn book. :-)


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