Friday, July 11, 2008

The World's First Love

Every week before going to the Adoration chapel, I grab a book off my shelf in my bedroom. Never the same thing. Sometimes several books. Sometimes only my bible. Whatever I feel like, is what I think the Holy Spirit is prompting me to grab I guess. Tonight (Thursday evening) I grabbed this book. I absolutely love Fulton J. Sheen. I have read a few of his books and love his old TV shows. How I would have loved to have met him! He is stern, but gentle and you can just see the love in his face and in his words.
OK, so I skipped around and actually went straight to where I'd slipped my book marker and it was chapter 9: The Marriage Feast at Cana. (Yes, I do that on purpose, hoping that is what God wants me to read) Cayna, isn't that a beautiful name? I know someone who named her daughter this. Anyway, I could copy the whole chapter, because the whole chapter actually spoke to me in a few different ways, but I am going to share with you the part where Fulton Sheen is talking about a sick baby and how the mother knows and takes the baby to the doctor. So the mother is putting herself in the place of the child who does not have the knowledge to know what is best or cannot will to do anything to help himself. Here I will quote from the book:
"And as the mother knows the needs better than the babe, so the Blessed Mother understands our cries and worries and knows them better than we know ourselves. As the baby needs the doctor, so the Blessed Mother knows we need her Divine Son. As Our Lord mediates between us and the Heavenly Father, so the Blessed Mother mediates between us and Our Divine Lord. She fills our empty pots, she supplies the elixir of life, she prevents the joys of life ebbing away. Mary is not our salvation--let us not be absurd on that. The mother is not the doctor, and neither is Mary the Savior. But Mary brings us to the Savior!"
(The empty pots, he is referring to the miracle at Cana that day and how Mary knew they needed wine even before they did. She knew their needs, as she knows ours)
I thought this very fitting to read right before we start our Consecration on Sunday. Please join me in this St Louis De Montfort Consecration to Jesus through Mary. In getting to know the mother, you are only getting closer to her Son.
Ballerina Rosie will be 6 on Saturday and Monday we are having a "flower party" for her. SO I will be very busy and this is your reminder to start the consecration!!!! Please don't forget.
Blessings to you all this weekend. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. I recognize so many of the books you post. We have them on my bookshelves as well. Only it is my husband that reads them all. I joke that he should start a Catholic lending library! I just have to start finding the time to read them.
    Thanks for the reflection.
    Wow, six-years-old! Enjoy the preparations and the celebration and tell her Happy Birthday.

  2. I have a personal love for Fulton Sheen. His book, Peace of Soul, brought me back from the brink of despair and depression following the birth of my third child. I read it in three days. He has a way of writing that helps me understand things in a profound way. What an excellent thing to read before the consecration! I haven't forgotten. We start tomorrow! Have a wonderful party and Happy Birthday to your little one!

  3. I like your new picture!

    I listen to him at 9am on the Relevant Radio station. He is an amazing man.

    What a wonderful world it must have been back then to have him on TV!

    I will do the consecration too! Thanks for encouraging are our spiritual coach!

  4. I thought the consecration begins on Sunday? Help clarify, please. I can not be lazy and check my schedule in the book I have for Pete'sake!

    Yes, I had a porno spam. YUCK!


  5. Yes, it starts on Sunday!!!!!

  6. Hi Jamie, its me, the one who named her daughter Cana (spelled Cayna). I have read your blog since you told me about it at VBS. I have just found out how to leave you a note!! I'm real technical... NOT,

  7. Ok, Stacy, Now I'm totally embarrassed!!!! I never would have thought you would be reading!!! I don't tell alot of people I seems prideful?

    Sorry about the mis spelled name, I will edit it!

  8. Jen, you just inspired me to check out Peace of Soul. The library system actually has it!

    Jamie, I just love how grounded you are spiritually. Please pray for me.

    My husband also listens to Fulton Sheen on his commute. I have learned that along with "How was work today?" ,"How are the Twins doing?" and "How is the I-35 bridge coming along?" I can also ask, "What did Fulton Sheen have to say today?"

  9. Jamie, the new picture of your beautiful children (Gifts from God)feeding the ducks is adorable!!

    I have never read anything by Fulton Sheen yet. The "Peace Of Soul" book sounds like it would be a great one for my sister. She suffers from depression.

    Jamie, happy birthday to your daughter! I hope she has a wonderful one! May God bless you and your lovely family!

    P.S. Have you ever heard of someone being insulin resistant? Or the book "The Insulin Resistance Diet"? My Mom has diabetes two and I have some symptons of being insulin resistant. I heard from two friends who were diagnosed with insulin resistance that it can impair your chances of conceiving. I am wondering if that could be my problem too besides the endometriosis. Hubby and I are trying to find a good Catholic pro-life doctor in our area trained in the creighton model who can help us. Please keep us in your prayers!

    I'm praying for you and your family too. On your daughter's birthday I will pray a rosary for her in honor of her birthday.


  10. Maria-
    First, thank you so very much for your prayers for my daughter, that is SO nice and the best gift to give!

    Second, I have not heard of insulin resistance, or being diagnosed with it. I know after using insulin after many years, the body can get resistant to insulin, but I haven't heard of what you've explained.

  11. Hi Jamie, the new blog header is another evocative photo, love it!

    I have this book and look forward to reading it, that was a beautiful and meaningful quote.

    We're Fulton Sheen fans as well, GOD LOVE YOU!

  12. I am not sure anybody would be interested (I'm a Catholic wife married for one year, hubby and I are in our forties, and we do not have any children yet..but we are hoping and praying for some!), but I created a blog to spread devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Rosary.

    P.S. I wish I could figure out how to make the background blue and make a banner with the Blessed Mother in it!


    Maria :)

  13. Hi, there! Hope your consecration time is going well. Thanks for making me think about and commit do doing it again!

    Love the new picture header!

    May I suggest your friend maria therese go to Kitchen Madonna and hook up with Alexa? She will create a background etc. customized to her specs. FREE. She's done many and they are lovely. Her blog is (I think).


  14. I love the new blog header too! It's just lovely!

    I am going to have to try and get a hold of this book. It sounds wonderful. I just finished reading another book by Archbishop Sheen, and LOVED it.

    I hope your daughter had a great birthday!


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