Sunday, September 7, 2008

Paper Dolls!

This post is for Jessica! These were part of the Little Saints Preschool program. It is me not following the program. I like to follow an outline and do my own thing. SO, these were supposed to be plain, simple flannel board boys. First of all, I didn't want to try to cut flannel. (it's not fun, is it?) Then I thought, the girls will play with these for only a couple days, so I'm going to make it simple and a little more hands on for them. These are Mary's and she actually let me help her a little. I forgot to take a picture of Ballerina Rosie's...but you get the idea! I did save them and we will add to them and make new clothes and new dolls! Mary is SO different than the others, she rarely lets me do anything. She wants to do it all. Babycakes lets me color numbers on her paper, shapes, letters, pretty much anything. NOT Mary, never is something that makes her unique and special. (I keep telling myself that anyway!) It does make me realize how special God makes each child, so different, with such different personalities. Children are such a blessing, not only my own, but ALL children, all over the world.


  1. Oh! Those turned out very cute Jamie!! How fun for you and the girls!!

    And your right... Cutting felt is no fun. When my oldest was in pre-school I spent most of the summer cutting out felt and construction paper/cardstock pieces for the Little Saints program! :S At least I still have most of them...

  2. Oh so cute! If you ever want to do felt dolls again, try these: No cutting required! :) Have fun!


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