Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you all so very much for your well wishes and blessings for my birthday. How very blessed am I?
I have to admit, I don't like the attention on me. A few of my friends asked me what I'd like to do and my response was "I'm too busy to have a birthday!" With school starting and trying to follow a schedule I just didn't have time. I want to thank especially Christine for surprising me at 8:55 a.m. with a full meal, fresh bread, fresh garden veggies (my favorite), brownies, candy (one for each of us!) a diet cherry coke, french vanilla coffee and lotion. (sorry if I forgot anything) She is so thoughtful and I really appreciate it. My good friend, Lisa, also made my day by insisting on coming in the afternoon (after our school schedule) to watch the kids so I could go to Adoration to be with our Lord on my birthday. (along with a beautiful rose and a nice gift) It was wonderful and made my day! I yearn to see Him and could have been there all day!
My good friend Sarah, sent a nice book and perpetual Masses for our whole family. My wonderful husband got me what I asked for, a copy of the movie "Bella"!! He also surprised me with a 1/2 dozen beautiful roses. (delivered in the morning) Even though I insisted he not do that! I'm a party pooper for myself! I even told the kids I did not want a cake. (hey I'm trying to lose weight and did not want to feel guilty on my birthday!) I told them it was because it is not healthy. I really try to not talk about being "fat" in front of the kids. I want them to see confidence and have confidence themselves no matter what size they are. Throughout the day I felt guilty about not wanting to feel guilty! So my super husband picked up a Dairy Queen ice cream cake and we all had ice cream cake and ate unhealthy for the sake of celebrating and the kids had fun and I didn't feel guilty (that much)!
I have to apologize to Melissa because she is a fairly new friend. Although we clicked the minute we met and have fast become great friends, we are still "new" friends and she asked what I'd like to do, as she loves to celebrate birthdays! (I do too, just not my own) I ended up venting my feelings about the coming day and I guess did not allow her to be good to me. SO I am sorry, in the future, if you want to do something to or for me, you just have to do it, I'll deal with it somehow, but I can't be asked, because I won't allow it to happen. I know, it's bad. Maybe it's a control thing. I have that "Martha" personality, wanting to be a "Mary" but it's hard. Please accept my apology.
It's kind of weird, I get kind of sad right before my birthday every year. I think I start thinking about where I'd like to be physically, spiritually and always fall short of that. Once the day comes, I'm fine, it goes away.
Thank you all and blessings to all of you, I couldn't help but pray for all my readers in Adoration yesterday, you just kept popping into my head!


  1. You are so welcome! I do not think you are any different then anyone else. When people ask me for example "What can I bring?" I always say nothing because I wouldn't want to impose on them. I would rather they just bring something or say..."Let me bring this or that"...This subject would make a great post. Wonder what other people do.

    You are a super-duper friend and I was more then happy to see you on your day and give you a great big hug!

  2. O! Happy belated birthday!

    Similarily, while I would appreciate a Christine so much, it would have to be a surprise or I'd feel bad that she was putting herself out for me. You are very lucky to have Christines and Melissas and other friends in your life.

    May this be a blessed year for you!

  3. Well, I did have your address (when I ran that contest? I promised to delete stuff - and I did) or I'd have sent a handmade card to you (at least). Look. I understand that wanting to be the doer and not the receiver. I like that you apologized to M in the open like this, because you are showing honest humility. I often times block blessings by not allowing folks to do for me - their gift is a grace God gave them to give . . . and I have just deprived them of the very joy I love when I'm giving! Thank God you understand that, too.

    Anyway, you are just darling and I'm glad your birthday was so wonderful for you! If you resend your address via oldhamdj(at)comcast(dot)net I'll getcha on my Xmas card list. :-)

  4. Happy Belated birthday! My birthday was the 7th. I enjoy having a birthday around the Blessed Mother's birthday, don't you???
    God Bless!

  5. Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet friend!
    I'm so glad that others are getting to know what I've known for years.........just how very special you are!!!!!!!

    Love you, praying for you, and wish I was there to give you a big birthday hug and kiss! It was great to catch up a little today on the phone!

    Love and prayers,

  6. As I read your blog, I couldn't help but wonder if you'd mention my name. Thinking probably not, since I hadn't given you anything but a hug, an e-card and some raggy old blankees. And it certainly is hard to give to a person who doesn't seem to want to recieve. So I put off the present I had in mind for you until I felt you were ready. But better late than not at all, it is on its way. It's been a work in progress since you first mentioned the date of your birthday.

    You have given so much to me in the past few months, things that now bring grateful tears to my eyes and truely I want to do something special for you as a thank you. I just pray you'll let me.

    Anyone who is a friend of Jamie's is truly blessed. God has brought this gem of a woman into my life, and I'd be darned if I'm ever going to let her go! ;o)

  7. God loves you just the way you are, Jamie!


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