Friday, September 6, 2013

Now You See Me!

 We saw this movie the other night
I know, I stayed up way too late for a school night.
(I'm finding I'm needing to veg out a little)
Excellent movie!
Excellent stars!
(I like Mark Ruffalo)
The end will keep you guessing and make you want to watch it again,
OK, you will have the answers at that point,
 but you will want to watch again to catch those things you now know,
only you won't have time to watch it again
and it will bug you.

But then you will let it go 
and decide "Yes, it was a great movie!"

(at least that's what I did)


  1. We just watched this movie this week.

    And I loved the whole movie.

    Except for the ending.

    1. OK, maybe I'm not OK with the ending yet. I need to watch it again. You said your place? I'll be there with the popcorn! (hee hee, I wish)

  2. My husband and I are always looking for a good Netflix movie to watch, and we often pick duds. I think we'll try this one--it sounds good. Thanks for the review!

    1. Oh, Laura, your husband will like it--mine did! It's so hard when we pick duds. We had a dud last week and only watched like 10 minutes and took it out.

  3. I just love these movie reviews cause then I can tell my hubby to get it. I never know what is out on Netflix.

    you needed to veg..I needed a very hard drink last night. (i know I am not suppose to bring up booze...but after yesterday...well go read it on bloggy)

    (someone is getting OLDER soon!!!!) time to meet for tea.

  4. We loved the movie. Did you see the scenes half way through the credits?

    1. Credits? Dang it. NOW I HAVE to get it again!

  5. Wait! How did I miss this one? Never heard of it...but I'm adding it to my list.

    And don't you have a special day soon? : )


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