Saturday, September 21, 2013

Odd Things in my Head

 I saw this somewhere this past week...had to say, yeah, that's right!

I saw this too, and posted it on Facebook.
I have to admit, it has made me really think and PRAY before getting out of bed.
I know what happens when the devil has my day
I'd rather God have it
 I need to exercise.
(that's all)
 I might need some of these...
 This is so true
How do I know?
Just trust me, I know.
 We've been buying these swirly light bulbs for the past few years
I had no idea they contained MERCURY!!!
 When people say they are "getting their hair done", 
I can't help but think of this from The Office.

I can't help it, and yes, I kind of laugh to myself.
My daughter just finished this series
(and she LOVED it!)
Any suggestions for other good, clean non witch craft books for an
11 year old?
She recently finished the Sarah Plain and Tall series too.
We do Seton Religion
We love Seton Religion!
I am especially liking Jedi's 
This book has so much information
and it is SO interesting.
(it's a good read for adults)
The history of our faith is amazing.
We are only up to the 4th chapter,
so up til  now, we've read all about the Apostles 
and early Saints.
It really makes a person appreciate their faith that much more.
Buy it HERE
I broke down and bought this giant bag of pancake mix.
I usually make homemade pancakes
but with school and our schedule,
  homemade breakfasts are just plain hard
to fit in....
 Talk about easy!  
As you can see, the excitement of getting up early for school 
is not as exciting for some as others....
 My  mom used to make this homemade dressing when I was a kid:

Mayo mixed with kechup

That's it, that is the recipe!

I made it this past week and it brought me back to childhood!
(you know how much I love salads, right?)

We had butter crackers this past week (with soup)
I also used to have this when I was a kid
(which means Shedds Spread has been around a long time!)

It has to be Shedds Spread--or Country Crock as it's called now
And it has to be put on Saltine crackers.  

My kids loved this!

I told you there were odd things in my head...
I'll leave you with Little Red,  (a little cuteness)
who fell asleep reading his favorite book:
Road Builders!
Facebook people, I posted this already, I know...


  1. That Little Red pic is so cute you can get away with posting it more than once. And those swirly light bulbs...not a fan. They're just not living up to the hype.

  2. LOVED those meme's. All of them. (Especially the nose ring one!) We have ALL Seton. Their religion is a grand slam. I'm teaching 8th Confirmation at the parish this year and am SO excited to be incorporting it in with the program they have the kids using. I didn't really "get" my faith until I was using it to teach my own children. I have tried the Krusteaz brand for other baked good items before, but not the pancake mix. I was pleased with the other products so we will have to give this pancake mix a go. Loved little red sleeping ;)

  3. Good stuff. And I'm glad you report what's been on FB, because I'm not there! Love ya.

  4. We use that dressing mix to as a dip here. Ranch mixed with ketchup tastes good too.

    Thanks for the heads up on the light bulbs! I didn't know that.

    Oh by the way, did you see that Downton Abbey starts this Sunday and there's a way to watch it here in the USA? I thought of you when I saw that, but you probably already knew all that. I'm always behind!

  5. I used to eat butter crackers at my grandma's all the time. I hadn't thought of that in years. Oh, now I'm awash in great memories! Thank you!

    The toilet paper one made me snort, I laughed so unexpectedly!

    Love that sweet little boy falling asleep with his book~

  6. Thanks for the laughs! Love Jim gaffigan.

  7. What a thoroughly enjoyable post! You made me laugh out loud, with the toilet paper thing and The Jim Gaffigan quote (he's got to be one of the funniest people on the planet!)

    And Seton has the best stuff. We used them for five years, and we loved their books and curriculum.

  8. I love random posts like this. That quote is a bedside jewel. I remember hearing it a long time ago but I could revive it here for sure!

    Have a great week!

  9. Love this, Jamie Jo! We love saltines here too...with peanut butter and jelly!

    Thanks for the smiles, dear friend. : )

  10. These were great. I laughed out loud way more than once!

  11. We love the Krusteaz pancake mix. It's great in the Bisquik recipes, too - for like the taco pizza, hamburger pizza, etc - great easy stuff for my 10-year-old to cook almost on her own and it's pretty darn tasty once in a while. If you don't have any of the cookbooks, check out the library. We usually cook from scratch, but these are great, quick recipes.

  12. Hi Jamie! Had a few minutes this afternoon... your post was the first in my reader! :-)

    I stockpiled the incandescent bulbs, no cfls here.
    Love Jim Gaffigan - that made me lol
    And the nose ring -- snort!!

    Has your sweet girl read the Betsy-Tacy series? That's a great one.
    I'm not on FB, so I'm glad you post the same here too.

    Have a great week!!
    Love and Blessings to you~

  13. P.S. - Can't remember if I told you yet -- I love that header picture!!

  14. I remember graham crackers and butter at my grammas!

    These all made me smile. I like seeing the box of potato heads on the counter next to the pancakes. I have a box like that also. It is nice to have little kids around who still play with all the toys!

  15. We buy two bags of that same pancake mix at a time. I, too, used to make my own homemade mix with shredded apples and whole wheat flour/flax...sooo good for you, but takes sooo much more time. I even add mini chocolate chips to the pancakes now....what am I doing?

    Absolutely LOVE that picture of little man asleep with his book. He must have had a hard day to fall asleep right at the good part!


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