Saturday, November 23, 2013


Yep, we watched it this weekend!
Yep, it was great!

 I hadn't seen any previews at all, so the actors were a surprise to me
and a good surprise, they all did a super job!
At first I was like, Russell Crowe?  Is he going to pull it off?
I think he did.
He's a good actor, what can I say?
 Henry Cavill, plays Superman (never heard of him--that was good)
Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, (as I've said)
Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, and this last guy, is Michael Shannon
(I never heard of him--but he plays a good bad guy!)
The movie also stars Christopher Maloni (think SVU and Pretty in Pink)
and Laurence Fishburne (think CSI and The Matrix)

All Star Cast, huh?

I liked this take on Superman, 
another perspective.
Way better than the old Christopher Reeve ones...
Oh, gosh, those were stupid.
I don't think I could actually sit through a whole one of those now.

I love watching these kind of movies with Tom,
because he's a big comic book guy 
and he knows all the back stories.
He knows things before they even explain it in the movie.
Like the "S" stands for "Hope" on Superman's planet.
He knows things like
 the fact that Superman is the nicest of all the DC superheroes.
He cannot do bad, he just can't.
(unlike Batman--who has that edgy thing going)
 I guess the nicest of the Marvel superheroes is Captain America.
(in case you don't know it, there are 2 sets of heroes that do not cross, 
Marvel Heroes and DC Heroes--2 different comic books)

You follow me?
 I think this is kind of funny, 
one of the lines in the movie is
 Superman stating something to the effect
 that he is as American as it gets, being from Kansas and all

(I think this is funny, because the actor is a British Actor!!)
(and the fact that Superman is actually from another PLANET!!!)

Who cares?
(He did a great job speaking without his British accent)

I wonder how many guys out there look like Superman 
and how many of them tried out for the part?

Oh, he's a good one....

 And if you prefer a little scruffier Superman, (like me) here he is...
(you're welcome)
Maybe that's why I like Wolverine so much....
 OK, onto happy, cheerful, sappy, every movie is almost the same, kind of review
(that's what Tom says anyway)
Have you been catching any Hallmark Christmas movies?

They are on!!
All the time, til Christmas!!

I love them
I love them all.
I'm the only one in my family though.

 I thought this one was a little different, it had a little meat
(OK, only a little)
The woman's husband died last February 
and so this Christmas is hard for her...
I know, you already know, 
Yes, she falls in love
Yes, she moves on...
But that's good, right?
That's happy, right?

Yep.  It is.
And if you love your husband 
and cannot imagine a Christmas without him, 
you will cry in this one for sure.


  1. I have yet to see Man if Steel but I want to. I had seen only a little preview and had no idea the stars in it.

    Is it Wolverine you like or Hugh Jackman, who does a great job?

    And sappy, holiday Hallmark movies? If I had cable, I would be all over that. :-)

    1. Oooooh, Nicole, you ask such hard questions....I'll have to think about that one! :)

  2. I first saw Henry Cavill, in The Count of Monte Cristo with Jim Caviezel. I really like that movie!

    We tried to see Man of Steel in the theatre when Peter was around 6 or 8 weeks, but he didn't do well, so we had to leave early, but what we did see we enjoyed. I really don't like the battle scenes but I liked a lot of the other parts and I wasn't too thrilled with the woman who played Lois.

    1. Someone told me that on Facebook!! I had to pull out our movie, The Count of Monte Cristo and see!! You are right. Cool. I'll have to watch that one again...

      No, I've never been able to bring a baby to the when we have babies, I know it will be a long time before the theatre for me!

      I'm not sure if I liked Amy Adams as Lois or I must not be. I like dark haired Lois's. :)

  3. I LOVE those stupid sappy Hallmark movies too. I am the only one and we don't have the channel. I was visiting my mom last week and she was watching one with me. I guessed the entire movie. My mom kept saying, "That can't happen, people don't become angels, she isn't still alive . . ." I kept telling her that in Hallmark world, all things are possible. LOL

    1. Oh, Neen, you need to fly here (wish I could pay your way) one winter week and we can stay up late watching Hallmark movies every night together!! You can go out and enjoy the cold weather and snow, and I'll make you hot cocoa and we will talk all night, wont' we?

      You are right, we know what happens, but so what? I saw that movie too...I like that "Hallmark World" I'm using that with my husband now..

    2. My poor young adult daughters just feel like the perfect guy (or even a good one) is never going to be found. I can understand their irractation with the movies. On the other hand I have my prince so I like those movies. The often contain snow (LOL). Now to go work on making this a Hallmark quality Thanksgiving.

      At some point we will have time to talk all night. I can't wait as I know that we are going to have a blast!

  4. I have to tell you (maybe you or Tom already know)-- I heard Dr. Ray tell the story about the origin of the Superman story . Superman's parents were originally Mary and Joseph and his chest shield was triangular for the Trinity. There were many details which were so similar to Christ's life it gave me chills -- obviously it was intentional. I can't remember most of the details (my old brain), but maybe you can find something on the web.

    PS did you instant stream this one?

    1. Tom looked it up, very interesting, I'd like to hear Dr Ray tell that story again...He found out the writer of "Superman" was actually a Jewish man. He did not find anything at all about it's origins being religious at all, but actually it symbolized him, being a Jewish immigrant coming to this country and everything being foreign....That's what Tom found on the internet....Maybe Dr Ray was comparing it to Christ's life?

      That reminds me of Star Wars and the parallel it has with good and evil....real and in the movie!

    2. I remember the author's father had been shot and killed, and I think that's where the "fight for justice" came from. Some say it was originally written about Moses, and as the new Moses, the connection goes to Jesus. Here's a link about the ties to Christ, though written about an older film:

      I think if you went back and watched Man of Steel again, you'd see more connections.

  5. PPS the main detail -- the most important one -- he was sent to save mankind. I imagine Hollywood wouldn't want anyone to do that today!

    1. Hollywood, doesn't know what they want.

  6. Thanks again for a great review! (hope everyone is recovering!)

    1. Oh, gosh, the boys never got sick...we'll see, it's been 2 nights since anyone puked...

  7. We just saw Man of Steel and enjoyed it! Loved knowing more of his backstory, too. I will look for the other one- lousy weather outside here makes for good movie watching weather!

  8. I love your movie reviews! Keep 'em coming!

  9. My son wants Man of Steel for Christmas so thanks for this review! Hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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