Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful Thanksgiving!

 Thankful for so many blessings
 Thankful for French toast Fridays...
I always use Cinnamon bread (Pepperidge Farm)
and use vanilla and cinnamon in my egg and milk mixture...
my kids say they are the best
I might have to try 9 Peas, Egg nog French toast though...
 Thankful for game time on easy school day mornings
Thankful for how serious she takes this game...

 Thankful Christmas songs on the piano have started 
and Thankful we now have 4 taking piano!
 Thankful for more 4 year old might need to click on the picture for a close up...
I love how the family of giants has a mom but the big family's mom died.
I love how she said the one kid near the bottom, with the pink face, is
"sad because no one wants to play with him and his mom died."
I love how all the "kids" are just kids, except one kid in the middle, he's "Ned".
 Thankful for zipper jammies on sweet little boys,
 Oh, I love zipper jammies!!  They are sooooo cuuuute!! 
(He's pointing to his reindeer on his)
 Thankful for big, puffy, rainboot, scarf wearing little girls
(it's been COLD here in MN)
 Thankful for babes in the sink.
He's actually outgrowing it but I love it so much, I'm milking it as long as he'll sit there!
 Thankful for this
good smelling little boy
 after his sink bath
 wearing his church clothes
 with his hands in his pockets!
 Thankful these 2 are almost inseparable!

 Thankful I got my chocolate Advent calendars  and Advent candles ready to go for Sunday!

 Thankful my almost 14 year old (in a few months)
still lets me take his picture once in a while!
 Thankful for baked beans!!
No, not because they give me some good farts!!
Because he LOVES them.
After his palate surgery (back in March) 
I even pureed them and he loved them that way too!  
 You can see eating is kind of messy,
 his food comes through the small hole still in the roof of his mouth
kind of in a slobbery way.  Way better than before, when big chunks of food would come...
Thankful there are no surgeries scheduled for this year or hopefully the next few.
 Oh, gosh, what's not to be Thankful for here?
She is such a sweetie pie. 

 Thankful for her cute pink hat, she wears it EVERYWHERE!!!!
 Thankful for my Creative kiddos
 She entered a contest in our local Catholic paper...
this is what she sent in...hoping she wins!
 Oh, my gosh, melt my heart.
Thankful he has a natural love for our Blessed Mother.
He just knows she is Jesus's mama
(for non-Catholics, he's not worshiping the statue,
 we do NOT teach that--you know that right?)
 Thankful for strawberries and funny faces...oh, he's such a character...
 Thankful for my husband, the love of my life.
Thankful these 2 fight over my lap every time I sit down...
Thankful for our family rosary distractions. 
 (see, Simeon, the rosary stealer)
Oh, and there's those cute zipper jammies....

Thankful for all my beautiful kiddos and believe it or not,
Thankful for the loud, crazy, busy, funny, screaming, laughing,
temper tantrum filled, non stop action, constantly cooking, cleaning, picking up,
life, filled with days full of hugs, kisses, love and BLESSINGS.
Wishing you a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. beautiful :)

    <3 jeni

  2. Thankful for you and this glimpse into all your loves. I especially like that shirt your husband is sporting! Thank you for sharing my French toast link too!!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. That shirt was his father's day gift, we did the hands in the shape of a big "S"! he has lots of hand tees and wears them proudly!

      I think my family would love your french toast too!

      You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too, so happy to "know" you too!!

  3. Jamie!! WHERE did you get those chocolate Advent calenders??? I've been looking for those everywhere and cannot find them!

    Ok, I zipped through the rest of your post to put in my question before I forgot, will go back to read it now....:-)

    1. I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you....just teasing. I can't give away my location on here, but will email you...if you can't find them, I can pick up some and mail them to you!

  4. Good farts!!! You crack me up! Seriously, these are such terrific scenes from your wonderful family. I love, love the giant family drawing and the cutie explanations. Little Sims is looking like a GQ model! And yes, enjoy those sink baths while you can. They go too fast. Happy, blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. I was on strict orders from Tom to NOT eat the beans. :)

      Oh, I know, he's already growing out...and it makes me sad. He is looking a little GQ, isn't he? Oh, I know he'd love you if we lived closer, I feel like you are the auntie he's never met! That's all those precious prayers, they bring us close in heart.

      Happy Thanksgiving Shelly!

  5. Jaime, Happy Thanksgiving! You have such cute kids! I LOVE the picture of Simeon kissing the Blessed Mother statue - so sweet!

    You and your family are in my daily rosary intentions! I know we never met, but I think of you as a sister in Christ - you're my rosary sister! XO


    1. Oh, Maria, you are so very sweet. I think of you as a sis in Christ too, sisters of the heart.

      Love you-happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Jamie...I seriously think we should be next door neighbors!
    I think we are living parallel lives!
    I sooo enjoyed this one...all of it.
    Love your sweetie's love for Our Blessed Mother...and I think we have the exact same statue. : )
    Beautiful artwork, beautiful children, beautiful days in a beautiful home, beautiful mommy and daddy.
    Happy Thanksgiving, my dear sweet friend!

    1. let's just buy a block in the country, you, Christine and me...We could all live on Christine's land...and steal her eggs from her chickens. (haha)

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too sweet friend!

    2. the stupid chickens dont lay eggs!!!!! just two chickens laid some for a little while and now all of them stopped. We even gave them fake light. stupid waste of money and time chickens.

    3. What? Do you need a rooster? You could email Suzy L. She knows a lot about chickens!! Maybe she could help you with it.

    4. Christine - we need to talk about your chickens!! I've got hens, have had them for years... They need 14 hours of light a day, have you been doing that much? Our light is on a timer and comes on at 2:30am!! (cuz it gets dark so early now...)

    5. P.s. - NO Jamie, she doesn't need a rooster, unless she wants little chicks! :-)

    6. Thanks for you help Lori--I know NOTHING about chickens, I buy my eggs at the store!

      Happy Thanksgiving!! Do you have everyone home?

  7. Replies
    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Handful!!

    2. Handful--How are you? You should blog a post and update us! (me)

  8. Beautiful! These posts always make me thankful too. And it is so amazing to see your little ones grow. It really struck me how Simeon is getting big!

  9. I only have a second, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Xander has the same moose jammies as Simeon. So adorable!

    1. Oh, I wish we could get a picture of the two of them together. You'd have to watch out though, I might steal Xander. Simeon needs a little boy to play with anyway. Happy Thanksgiving Colleen! Next year, you'll have another sweet baby in cute zipper jammies!!

  10. Happy Happy Thanksgiving and all the love your family shares with each other.

    I hope she wins that art contest too! Very very nice drawing!

    It has been so cold...bitter cold! Hope everyone is feeling better and thankful for you!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving!! I'll be thinking of you and those 30 people, and that 29 lb turkey!! Went to Sam's Club today to get my pies (I only make the pumpkin cheesecake homemade) and it was crazy, CRAZY!! I'd love to go there sometime and just watch and see what people buy. Especially on a day like today.

    2. um...shawn decided to rsvp a little late and some other relatives so now it is up to 38.

    3. are funny. I am dropping the chickens off on your doorstep next out!

  11. I love everything about this post, but my favorites are the artwork, the kissing of the Blessed Mother, and the rosaries around the baby's neck! So much precious-ness. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Oh, Happy Thanksgiving to you too Kathleen!! Yes, all those are sweet things, aren't they?

  12. Hi Jaime Jo! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sweet family :) I am enjoying my daughter, son in law and grandchild. Dinner is at 2 pm, but I wanted to be sure to come by and ask for some of that french toast!!

  13. What a great post. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for the busy, crazy, constantly chaotic life we big familes/homeschoolers live. God bless your family! Love the pic of Simeon with his hands in his pockets. Adorable!!!

  14. Oh Jamie, Hon, I am thankful for YOU. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


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