Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Everyday Life

Tom watched the game for about 10 minutes
We did watch half time though
I was impressed with how clean it was and classic
I loved the way Bruno Mars dressed and performed!
What was that Red Hot Chili Peppers part about?
(I did not like that part)
 If you  missed it, 
Bruno Mars performed this song and a few others
And he had great back up dancers and musicians dressed like him

 Clinic Day!
A few of you have asked, so I'll try to update you!

Clinic day is just that, a day at the clinic (a whole day)
We arrived at 10:30 and left at 4pm
We saw Little Red's whole team of Cleft people
Plastic Surgeon, Dentist, Orthodontist, Dental Surgeon
Nutritionist, Speech, Ear Nose Throat Doctor
Think of 7 appointments all in one day, 
moving to a different room each time and waiting inbetween

 It was a long day for a 2 year old,
(heck it was long for a 44 year old)
But he was great, everyone loved him 
and we got all our appointments done in one day!!
We came prepared, books, crayons, and lots of raisins...

Little Red will not need surgery til his permanent teeth come in 
anywhere between age 6 and 9
Most of his surgeries will be oral
with a couple plastic surgery ones, 
like they will bring his nostrils in more as he grows
and he will probably want to do more to his top lip.

They cannot give an exact number of surgeries, 
but I count at least 8 more.

Speech starts TODAY actually.
We went with the school district, rather than the clinic 
The school district will come to our home
I thought this would be less disruptive than leaving twice a week
to go to the clinic.

I'm nervous as heck to have someone come to our crazy home though.

 She dresses you see it?

 Yep.  They are on backwards.

 I took 10  kids sledding to a hill by out house
(not in our backyard)
I love this picture
It was FREEZING that day, but it was above zero (barely)
(I left the 2 littles home with daddy)
 Can I just say these kids are awesome?
They are.
These are some of our homeschool friends
If you homeschool and you are getting down about how hard it is
or having doubts because people think you are weird,

 Have some fellow homeschoolers over!!
(playing Quelf here)
I tell you what, we had 12 kids here and they were so awesome,
it felt like 6
They are all polite, I can't even count how many times they thanked me
They looked out for the littles, they laughed and all got along so great!
 We had a slumber party
We used to not slumber party,
when they were little
 but we do now
and I love it.
I think it works better now that they are older
 It reminds me of my childhood.

 Little Red ran off in this picture, 
but, this picture just makes me happy inside.
It makes me so happy we homeschool
that our kids are really really good kids
And they hang around really really good kids.
 There's a difference.  
That's a fact.  

My intention is not to cut on public or parochial school kids or their parents
really, it is to encourage other homeschoolers
So don't get huffy

It's not a competition

 How about some cuteness?
Don't let them fool you, one minute they are kissy lovey dovey 
and the next they are chasing each other screaming because 
she touched something he played with this week.

 I sewed this curtain this week
Our old mini blind was just disgusting
It was rusted at the top and would not even come off 
to be cleaned
so I decided a curtain would be better.
 The kids take off the ring if they shower at night
Don't get all, "Wow, she can sew!"
Because it's just a sheet and yes, I can sew straight lines.
(and cut)
I like to use sheets, because I don't have time to go to another store,
like a fabric store and pick out material that costs way more than a sheet.

 My kitchen helper this week and her dessert of choice!
 We make it every year, but usually make a boy snowman!
 She made a girl one!
Recipe HERE
 We have our Valentine tree up!!
One kid said,(might have been the oldest one)
"That tree is stupid"
 But then, another said, "It's tradition!"
 She's right.
It just would not be the same if we didn't have our 
clumsy-takes up a lot of space-kids steal the candy all the time-Valentine tree up!
 If you want to do a tree like that
I just cut out hearts and put conversation things on one side 
and Bible love verses and quotes on the other side!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!


  1. Loved Bruno Mars performance too, though I hate his Sex/Paradise song. Were home again today due to snow, and I've already baked a cake...aaahhhh!

    1. OK, ummm, I have now gone to Youtube and listened/watched the lyrics of that did that get past me? I was ooed and ahhhed by his dancing I guess....OOPS. Well, he was classy singing a sexy song. I am guilty of not listening to the words...I like lots of music and half the time don't know what the heck they are singing about.

      We winter people need extra fat on our bodies in the winter anyway, right?
      (not that you have even an ounce on yours)

  2. Love those pics- and who couldn't love Little Red??? I know he wowed them. I am glad he has a break for a few years from the surgeries. I loved Bruno Mars. Did you see the clip of him when he was 6 (I think) and singing at the Aloha Bowl? That was when he was still Peter Hernandez....

    1. I did NOT see that clip...I'll have to try to Youtube it! I didn't know his real name either...interesting!

  3. I love your Valentine tree tradition - how special! The snowman cake got lots of ooh and ahhs as my 3 youngest stood here watching as I read this post!
    It might take me a bit to catch up on blog posts while I was away, I sure missed seeing my blogging friends!

    1. Gosh, sometimes when I've been gone or busy, I just start fresh, what I've missed, I've missed!! Might take some pressure off you!

      We've missed seeing you too 9Peas!!

  4. I liked Bruno Mars too. However, I find myself watching those types of things and being on edge wondering when it's going to get inappropriate. Luckily, nothing too bad this time, other than the song Colleen mentioned. (and those weird Chili Peppers without their shirts on!)
    I love that tree you guys made. I may do that. I'm not crafty, but I think we could handle that one! Now I just have to dig out of the snow and find a branch :)

    1. Oh, I know, Kathleen, I watched the same way, ready to turn it off! I was afraid he was going to start stripping or something!!

      Go read what I said to Colleen comment, I didn't know--honest!!

      I put on my boots and coat and mittens and froze my butt off looking for the perfect branch! (we got rid of the old one last year) You can do it!

  5. My favorite posts, Jamie...

    Glad your appointment day went well and is behind you. : )

    Love love love the cake!

    And thought Bruno Mars was classy! Nice to see!

    Cold and icy here today...chicken soup in the crockpot kind of day. : )

    Hugs, dear friend!

    1. We are making a turkey breast today, so we can have turkey rice soup tomorrow! EVERY day in MN is a good day for soup!! haha!

      ((((hugs)))) right back!

  6. You are an awesome mom to take those kids sledding! What fun it looks like you had.
    also, i have kitchen table/dining table jealousy about your table.
    that is all. :)

    1. Oh, gosh, I wrote about the table way back around Thanksgiving, we got it the day before! (I love it too!)

      don't be jealous, it will be wrecked in a few years or less.

  7. Thanks for reminding me to get out some st. valetine pretties! Glad to hear the appts. went welI. I was wondering also. Glad he doesn't need surgeries till older. He has gone through so much but he is so sweet. I just love his hair!!!

    I had fun watching the superbowl and commercials. Think they threw those chili peppers in for all the crazy tattooed people...had to give the wholesome show a little edge????

    I agree about homeschooled kids. Yours are sweet. Glad they had a good time sledding...even though it was so cold. It still is so cold! Cute little girl with her pants on backwards. Ava just learned how to zip up her own coat TODAY...need to go and write that in her book.

    ps..ava just LOVES her little book and told everyone in the house who she got it from and put it under her pillow last night. She carries it everywhere. sweet.

    1. Those are your valentine candies!!! I did go buy more, because they keep eating them! (at least Not Me keeps eating them)

      I didn't watch many commercials, like 2 maybe. Too boring. It just makes me sick the amount of money they spend...we have starving and homeless people right here in our country and people are paying millions for 30 seconds.

      It IS cold. I thought it was going to warm up to like over 10 degrees?!!!?

      Yay for zippers! It helps so much when they know how to zip!

      So cute about that little book!!
      It was great seeing you!

  8. I loved Bruno Mars. And I really like the song "Locked out of Heaven" (the one Colleen and others mentioned) the lyrics actually go hand in hand with theology of the body!! (As long as you think of it in the context of marriage that is.) So glad you've got time before any more surgeries!! Nice curtain, I don't even think I could pull that off!!

    1. OK, go read what I wrote to Colleen--first comment--I did not know, I swear! I was too entranced by his dance moves and cute face I guess...

      When I went to Youtube to watch though...I tried to look at the words like you said, and I just don't know Madeline..nice try though!! hahhaa!

  9. I love the Valentine's Day tree! It's a cute idea!!! I also agree with you 100% about homeschooling kids v/ public school kids. There is a difference, and it shows....that's all I'm going to say about

    You know, I had never heard of Bruno before the Super Bowl, but I have to say it was the best half time show in years. He was great! The dancers were great too.

    1. Every time that song, "Just the way you are" came on the radio, I'd be like, "Who sings this?" I didn't know any other songs he sings though. I mostly listen to my ipod!!

  10. Oh Jamie Jo! What a fun post. It always warms my heart to stop over and visit your "house". There's so much it! Tell your kids "Hi" from us :)

    1. Thanks Patty! I'm pretty sure it is a lot like your home!

      Tell your kiddos hi and give extra hugs from MN!

  11. Is that a Cash kid I spy at your sleep-over festivities?! :-)

    Just today, Esther says, "Remember when I pushed Bridgette and didn't say I was sorry?" And then she stood there with this pitiful look of remorse on her face. I guess she's developing a conscience!

    Hoping that we'll get to see you all this summer!

    1. It might be....the little girls loved him!

      Oh, Esther, I'm pretty sure Bridget has long forgiven and forgotten!! You little sweetie pie!

      (that's quite a conscience! I'm impressed mama)

      We can't wait to see you and that sweet baby!!

  12. Great tree idea. And you're one child is right. It's tradition and that's important.

    We didn't watch the super bowl. We don't even get cable or satellite. Just recorded stuff. But I did hear it was a nice half time.

    You're right about gathering together. I've heard too many discouraged homeschooling moms lately. We need to get out and get together! I'm just glad we don't have to get up super early like many do. I'm enjoying snuggling in on these cold mornings.

    Sledding is so fun. I actually went down our hill in the back this week. It's been so long since I have sledded and it was great!

    Curtain looks good. And the cake really cute. Way to go, kitchen helper!


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