Sunday, February 16, 2014

St Valentine's Party!

 OK, so I had a party again this year.
I've had a party every year for 7years.
I might not have the year Simeon was born, I can't remember.
I was so dang busy, I forgot to get pictures of my kiddos, 
you know all together in one picture, an annual picture I love to take.
Oh, well, we can all wear red another day this week, right?
 I did manage to make these this year for my kiddos
I pinned Patty last year, wanting to make them this year!
See HERE--her's are much cuter.
 I also tried to make these beautiful Valentines like Jessica--HERE
but my printer broke after printing the colored ones, it ran out of color ink
and now we can't even get it to print black and white.
 My kids only made like a couple each and got tired of doing them 
and made their own or did the cheap pre-made Spiderman ones!
 I made these, like every year....kind of fun.
 My husband brought me some beautiful roses.
I admit, I do not like roses
I think they are overrated, and I just like fresh mixed flowers better,
I really was tickled to get these.
Sometimes I surprise myself and I guess he knew I'd love them

 I baked 6
(yes 6!)
giant cookies
The chocolate chip ones were hard as a rock,
but the sugar ones were wonderful.  
*note to self: next year only make the sugar cookie ones*
 Prizes for 23 kiddos

 I always give the heart candy boxes and heart cups as prizes!
Plus we had prizes for all the Minute to Win it games!

 Here the kids are stacking Conversation hearts in towers,
 to see who can get the highest
in 60 seconds!
 These boys were hilarious.
 This game you had to put a popsicle stick in your mouth 
and stack 6 conversation hearts on it, in 60 seconds....

 This one they had to bite off the end of Valentine candy corn 
and stick it around a plate in a circle
in 60 actually took longer like a minute and a half.

 Little Red does not like huge crowds he wanted to decorate his Valentine bag.
 This game we had 6 Penne noodles around a bench and they had to hold a piece of uncooked
spaghetti in their mouths and without using hands, go around the bench
picking up the Penne noodles.
This game was my favorite to watch!
The kids did so awesome!
 Some of the kids, like my own here, made the funniest faces while trying to do it!
Everyone was cheering and laughing!
 I reminded everyone to wear red or pink.
Jedi did not get the memo.
I knew the night before he was going to wear this green shirt.
I just knew it.
But I forgot til we were already at Mass and I looked over and 
sure enough, I saw the green sleeve peeking out his coat.
OH, well...

This is the last picture I got, 
because our upstairs bathroom toilet overflowed 
and started dripping in the downstairs dining room!
Yes, pee water all over the dining room....
then, it was a mad rush to fill the decorated bags
and there was no time to eat,
so I sent everyone home with giant cookies and treats.

I hope they all had a great time!

 Then, the next day was sweet Ava's 4th birthday!
She's my sweet goddaughter.
My favorite thing growing up was rainbows.
And not surprising, my sweet little goddaughter wanted a rainbow birthday!

 Christine has lots of animals, 
and my girls love animals.
Look at these adorable 4 year olds!!
(and a fat cat)
This little girl of mine, is going to own a pet store when she grows up, 
because her mama does not want any pets.
You know what I say about that?

"Good for you!!"

"Oh, look how cute you look with the dog!"

"Can we get a dog?"


Hope your love day was extra special!


  1. This is what I just love about you. You keep it so real. Rock hard cookies, green shirts, toilet over-flow, no pets evah, broken printer..leads to cheap valentines, kids get that is the good stuff.

    Of course all the other good stuff too. Friends over and very very cool games at the party. Thanks for sharing. I love getting ideas.

    Thanks for coming over. hope sweetie-pie got all the cat hair off of her. so embarrassing those cats shed so bad!!!

    Ava loves "her board". she calls it "My board" and carries it around. so cute.

    1. I had a dream Christine that I wore my black coat to church, like I always do and a lady behind me tapped me on the shoulder to show me my backside was full of cat hairs!!! hahahahhahaha!! Isn't that funny. That's it, that was my dream.

      Glad Ava loves her board!
      Real life. It happens.

  2. This is just so amazing! Happy Birthday to Ava!
    Looks like St. Valentine's Day is a family affair there!
    I am so mesmerized by the cute pics you post..Love those heart shaped cookies :)

    1. OH, thank you Manju! It was a fun time! Do they celebrate St Valentine's day in India?

    2. Not really. It's just that couples gives gift to each other to express their love. Sadly most ppl (who happen to be orthodox) don't have a good perception about St. Valentine's Day. I think it is their lack of understanding and knowledge, and the cultural differences.

      Personally, I think it's a great way to celebrate love and friendship. I celebrated with my 2 besties. :)

  3. I love love love your sweet one with her pretty pink bow! Good thing my Flynn wasn't there or she would have ripped it right off her head! ; )
    This was awesome, my friend! You are so great at this stuff...wish I were.
    I'm socially awkward. For real.

    But the fun you shared...the memories you made...true St. Valentina's Day love.

    Have a great day, my friend.

    1. Oh, gosh, she wore that thing on her forehead like that all day, would NOT let me put it up on her head, you know, the RIGHT way.

      I did think of Flynn the whole time she wore it though!

      That's why we should live next to each other (all us bloggers) you can all come on over for my parties.

      At the end of the day, when I'm ready to fall into bed but have to clean up (it took me over 2 hours to clean up!) I think that to myself, that hopefully, they will remember the fun times and parties we had and it will be a good memory.

      You have a wonderful day too!

  4. You are so completely generous with your time, talent, joy, and opening your door for others. God bless you for that! I wish I lived (make lived) closer so we could take part in all those fun festivities!

    The toilet. Holy cats! You are one strong mama. That'll be one for the memory books and you know what? Everyone is going to remember the fun, not the drip! Ha ha.

    Thanks for the link-y love :)

    Have a great week!

    1. You KNOW I wished we lived closer!

      I didn't even get a picture of the pile of towels catching all the dripping from the ceiling, I was too busy at that point to worry about pictures!
      I hope they don't remember the drip! hahah!

      You have a great week too Patty!

  5. You are the fun mom everyone dreams about having! Oh, what fun. I felt like I was right there with you all, enjoying and laughing!

    1. You know the funny thing is my kids all said they like the parties better where they get to play the whole time and it is not organized into games......I told them there's a time and place for everything!!

  6. I love this. What a fun way to celebrate Valentines! Have a wonderful week.

  7. We tried the dog thing for 18 months....and then gave her to my aunt. Somehow, when the novelty of the pet wore off, she became "my dog" and I was the one walking her each day and cleaning up after her messes. No thank you! I have enough little people who need my help! So, I'm with you on the no pet issue!

    Lovely party! I need to follow your lead here and plan a fun get together for my kiddos, too!

  8. Looks like so much fun! I hope we can do things like this one day. Our Valentine's Day was pretty simple, but even so I felt stressed the whole day! You look like you handle everything beautifully!


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