Friday, March 6, 2009

Preschool Writing

This is how "Mary" writes, she's 4 and wants to write letters all the time. Of course the only thing (and the most important) that makes sense is the "mom"! She wants so bad to be a big kid!
Last night, after my holy hour, I had some new ideas! (that always happens after being with Jesus!) This morning, I took out our Boggle Junior game and said she could copy the cards and write real words! She loved it and has been doing it all morning! She loves coming to me and having me actually able to read what she has written! Matching the letter dice only lasted a couple minutes before she was bored with that and just wanted to write!

I'm hoping to get together some pictures this weekend of how I teach letters and sounds to preschoolers. It's fun and easy! I used to be a Sandpaper Letter teacher at a Montessori school.


  1. i have a "writer" too and i like that idea of using the word cards to write the words. i also use those leap frog puzzles where they fill in the to go feed the birds!
    hugs and hope you are feeling ok.

  2. OH Jamie! I can't wait to hear your ideas! I think my 3 1/2 year old would love it!

  3. Jaime,

    As you might already know I've been a teacher at a daycare (19 years at a daycare in my hometown before getting married and 1 yr 5 months at my second daycare in my new hometown.). The children in my class are two years (some are very early twos), some threes, one four, and one five. The two older ones are special needs.

    I am very interested in the Montessori method. It isn't a Montessori daycare, but still I'm very interested in that approach. Can you recommend any favorite Montessori books? I would like to go to and buy a few Montessori books.

    What do you recommend in our art area? Do they always have the art supplies out in a Montessori classroom? What kind of supplies?

    Also, when you were doing daycare did you follow certain themes every month? Could you share them with me? I have so much trouble making a weekly calender every week. Could you recommend any books??

    P.S. Did I tell you that we had our 1st appointment with a new surgeon (he's an endometriosis expert!) a week ago? He agreed I need additional surgery. He wants to clean out all the garbage (He took one look at my surgery report from last year and told me that the first surgeon didn't do a good job!)of the endo, cysts, and adhesians. He tells me it will reduce the pain and discomfort and optimize things so I will be able to conceive. The great news is that he says he can do keyhole surgery (through the belly button) and not the open stomach c-section type surgery the first surgeon did last February. I will only be out of work for 2 weeks versus the six weeks I had to take off last year.

    Could you please pray that my surgery is successful in removing all the bad stuff AND could you please ask Our Lady for me (who I know is very special to you! I am sure you are very special to her too!)to please if it's God's will for us to help us to be able to have a baby? I would really appreciate it so much! Thank you so much!

    By the way, do you love Immaculee's books too? She has a new one out about Our Lady. Also Immaculee came out with a wonderful rosary CD and five sorrows CD too. I just received the book and the rosary CD in the mail and I am just so thrilled! The seven sorrows CD is on back order, but they say they will ship it to me as soon as it comes in. I am very interested in learning more about the seven sorrows devotion and learning how to pray the seven sorrows rosary. Do you know how to pray it?

    If you are interested in Immaculee's new book and rosary cds check out her website at:

    Thank you for the friendship and prayers! Please know that I am praying for you, your baby, and family every day in my 54 day rosary novena. One of these days I am planning on sending you more information on this beautiful novena. Stay tuned!



  4. Mary is SO cute - wants to be a big kid! Give her a big hug and kiss from her Godmother! :)


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