Friday, November 13, 2009

ALDI Confession

I think by my post, you might have the impression that we actually paid for our brown paper bag.

I could leave it at that.

BUT, I have this huge conscience that just won't let me do that.

Here's what happened, we paid for our 9 items, some tea, some chips, some treats, some broccoli, (the only produce that looked good to me) and went to the counter like 5 feet from the register, but there were no bags, like most grocery stores....hmmmm, I then spotted them on shelves by the register, thought "STUPID place for bags!" then said "Jedi-please go get one bag over there for our stuff!" He did and we bagged and left, returning the cart and carrying the bag to our vehicle.

After looking up "ALDI" on the computer, I read that ALDI charges for their one told us!! Should I return the bag? I keep wondering what they charge for a paper bag? I'll have to return it. I DO want them to keep their low prices.


  1. Before you take it back, make sure there isn't already a charge on your receipt. They may have already charged ...

    Don't know if I'd like the extra hassle of that particular store, either. Sounds like more work! Especially when we aren't used to the routine they're asking for us to do.

  2. LOL -- it's something like 13 cents. Small price to pay for a clean conscience!!

    I'm really grateful for Aldi -- we just got one in our area last year. I can't buy everything there, but our grocery bill went from avg of $225 to less than $150, including purchasing the stuff I can't get there. This to me is real money, especially since the only change required is to switch stores -- no couponing, sale-watching, etc.

    As for bags: I keep a large plastic tub and a couple of large insulated grocery bags in the back of my car, and unload directly from the cart to my car. (Much easier to do this with the kids already buckled into their carseats than to try to bag things up with them running around the store!!) The only trick is remembering to put them back when I'm done unloading at home! But even then, it's no big deal to go out to the car with bags in hand to carry the stuff into the house.

    I've had very good luck with their produce and dairy, but I won't buy fresh or frozen meat or frozen veggies/fries there. Funny taste, don't know why. But you can get some really good deals on certain limited offer frozen stuff (name brand), for example. And cereal, good enough that my kids enjoy it, for less - in some cases, way less - than $2 a box.

    Also, you can't beat their brownie mix -- people actually ask me for the recipe!!! Not bad for 99 cents! :)

  3. Personally I would look at your receipt to make sure it's not already there, like other said it's like 10-15 cents a bag. They don't scan the bags they just add it to the cost. They generally just ask you how many bags do you have it they don't know already.

    Also a lot of people will bring back their bags for reuse, including Aldi bags. So to be honest I'm not totally sure how they keep track of what is "new" bags and what are bags being brought back into the store for reuse.

    Of course you should do what you feel is best, but I would definitely look over your receipt :)

  4. Here in Australia, South Australia Govt passed laws that supermarkets couldn't give any plastic bags for our shopping.

    When you go to the shops, you have to bring your green bags or pay for a plastic bag that you use over and over.

    It annoys the heck out of me but there isn't much we can do about it.

  5. WHAT??!! You drive down right now and gets those bags back to the store. Even if that sweetie-pie baby is feeding.

    hee hee

    That gal who lost her baby was from MN. Driving on I94 somewhere. I am a news person. Listen in the morning and read the paper.

  6. I just have to add....18 comments about a grocery store???!! How interesting.

  7. I've been to ALDI's exactly ONCE and that was enough. Give me my good ol' Rainbow any day. (Or--if I'm feeling extravagant--my Byerlys!)


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