Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Flashback

Therese started a "Friday Flashback" I couldn't resist joining in today.
Here I was in 8th grade, but I'm in 1982, instead of Therese's 1983.
Age 13, Farrah Faucett hair and ruffly shirt.
Oh, I have so much to tell you young Jamie.


  1. LOVE IT!

    Thanks for playing!!!

  2. i love this too.
    more jacquline smith than farrah, though. (i always thought she was prettier than farrah).
    so what would young jaimie tell old(er) jaimie?
    c'mon. enlighten us.

  3. when I saw your comments on Therese's site today, i had to stop by. I'm loving the look!! yes, definitely a farrah hair do. you're beautiful, of course! I may have to post my 8th grade photo tonight.

  4. Fun! No time to play along today, though..

  5. Yeah, girl, you're so rockin' it! :)

    Darling!!!! I may dig out in my closet and take a 'copy' pic of my 8th grade year now . . . I don't know . . . it's a lot of work to dig and find that annual! I think my mother still has all my school pics anyway.

  6. Too cute! Just as beautiful as you are today. Love the Farrah hair :)

  7. Look at your shirt!!! Crazy! I looked the same in 8th grade.

    You are such a cutie. I looked at the kids above and Ballerina Rose looks the most like you.

    I would tell myself a whole boat load of things also.

  8. Hey, there. Is Kissteen okay? Her blog is off line and can't be found? Tell her Aloha from me. Hope all is well.

  9. Beautiful, Jaimie, so fun! But you're making me feel OLD.... I married DH in 1982!!!


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