Wednesday, June 2, 2010

VBS This week
Too pooped to blog
5 kiddos
1 Mama
Out the door by 8am (our usual wake up time)


  1. Praying that you all have a fabulous week! Thanks for taking time to come meet us for supper on Sat. Was so fun to see you again.

  2. Enjoy your week as much as possible! Have a wonderful week at VBS. I'm guessing you will have photos to share? :)

  3. It is crazy...I do that everyday. Brian has helped a lot since Ava has been born.

    You guys have had a perfect week for VBS.

  4. Oh, yeah, Christine! I can top that, we have to have baby fed and food packed for the day, change of clothes, as it is cold in the morning, (VBS is outside) sunscreen and jackets, potty-ed, as there is only an outhouse and stroller packed, snacks and Preschool lesson packed in my daily big bin. Up til Midnight cutting apples last night!!

    HOw's that? Do you do that every day? huh?

    You know I'm kidding, right?

  5. oh ya...OH YA...I'll show ya! I can do that and more with a big BROWN TOE!!!!

    not really

    MAN oh MAN you amaze me. That is a busy busy morning. You guys did have a great week with sunshine etc..

    Wondering how you teach with the sweetie-pie??? She a good baby???

  6. There are mamas watching littles in the "daycare" (in the house) but I don't put her in there....She is a very good baby, stroller and being held by all the teen helpers and Lisa K. (you know her from Hastings) helped me sooooo much, yesterday Sweetie Pie fell asleep on her and slept for over an hour, maybe almost 2!!

    You are amazing to get your kiddos up that early every day, just had to give you a hard time!! :)


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