Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation Days 5, 6, & 7

Daddy took the kiddos fishing at different times and Mary Hannah came back and said,
"I caught a grayfish, but I thought it was a lobster!"
(she caught a tiny crayfish)
Babycakes came back and said,
"When I was shishin' there were leap pads and catweeds and I caught a poach!"
after asking daddy "Can I roll it in now?"
(Translation: Can I reel it in now?)
Leap pads
We were off to the mighty Mississippi headwaters next! At Itasca State Park.
This was my favorite day!
It's so amazing that this mighty river flows out of this tiny spot.
You have to believe in God if you see this place.
My pictures just do not show the place justice.
On the right side of the rocks, there is the start of the Mississippi, and on
the left side is Lake Itasca! (calm as can be)
Did we walk across the Mississippi River?
Ya, you betcha!
(I don't really talk like that, but I do know people who do)
Sweetie Pie's feet kept sinking in the sand, she did not care for that.

So amazing to see how small the river is here, where we live, the Mississippi is flowing pretty fast and is way too deep and wide to walk across.

Back at the cabin, there were plenty of campfires and smores!
My trick to easy smores, fudge striped cookies!
One t-shirt we could not resist because it sums up Babycake's personality.
"Sometimes I'm a little deer"
"Sometimes I'm a little bear"
"Sometimes I'm a little stinker"
"But all the time somebody loves me"
Yes, Babycakes, lots of people love you!
We also went to Lake Bemidji, right in town.
This is Mary Hannah right before she fell in. (and cried all the way home to the cabin)
She wouldn't even let me get a picture of her all wet.
It was really quite cute and kind of funny.
With 5 kiddos wading in water and rocks, someone was bound to fall in, right?
It was a great vacation and we now have such fun memories!


  1. what beautiful pictures!
    and what a neat place to visit.
    camping memories are always fun. the kids seem to remember those times so vividly!
    love that shot of the baby with her sinking toes...
    so cute!

  2. Again, this trip looks like so much fun! Really enjoyed seeing the photo of you with the kiddos. You're such a cute family :)

    I *love* those kind of smores. They've become my favorite. My SIL calls them 'poor man's smores'. YUM.

  3. Loved the pictures Jamie Jo and brought back memories of when we traveled to Gatlinburg, TN back in 04. We stopped along the way from Maggie Valley so that our 12 year old Beth and my grandaugher Ashley could walk in the stream that runs along side the road all the way in. They had more fun walking in the stream finding interesting rocks than they did anywhere else on the trip. I have a video of it and still enjoy watching how much fun they were having. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  4. I loved Itasca State Park when we went. I remember that lookout tower up the road from there . . . I got to the tree line when my knees buckled. I made it down and out of that thing (everyone else went to the top!), but my muscles were wonky and I could hardly walk back to the car!

  5. I am so jealous!! It reminds me of when me and my husband would go camping in Tennessee! I am glad that you guys had a wonderful visit. Great pictures too!

  6. How fun!!! I love the pics, especially the one of you with the 5!

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  8. The headwaters of the great Mississippi! I went there many times as a kid.

    Every kid needs to have a picture taken there.

    Great memories of the kids "shishing". Looks like a fun time camping. Looks like you had great weather. Seems like it always rains when we go...poo.

    I also enjoy seeing the photos...especially the cute kids!

  9. Ok, we were there July 26, 27th and 28th. Could we have crossed paths?

    P.S. Went to Weight Watchers Saturday and the pounds are already coming off!

  10. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. The spot with the rocks, I bet my kids could have enjoyed exploring there all day!

    Luv your smores idea and have enjoyed learning more about Minnesota from your posts.

    Hope you and your great-looking family had a super vacation and feel refreshed from time together and are smiling from the memories!

  11. Oh, that Babycakes melts my heart! Thanks so much for bringing a smile to my face today! I am so happy that your family had a good time, and it looks like good weather too! Lucky...

    I think I can spell it 13 times while driving over it near home. I suppose up there maybe once if that!

    Tell your other honey that I've fallen in the water many times, including into the Gulf of Mexico when I was 6. My mom got a picture of me just before it happened too!


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