Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

I am thankful to God for my faith, my marriage and my beautiful family,
for my mom and dad whose birthdays were this past week.
For beautiful blooming mums on the porch.
For babies in cupboards

For big sisters who love babies

For wax paper leaf window thingy's that soon, our windows will be full of.

For being on the ball enough this past week to plan out a month worth of suppers and chopping and freezing veggies and meat for these meals. (I feel so organized)
For big girls who love to make pancakes on "Pancake Thursdays"
For big brothers who like to scare little sisters with big spiders!!
(yes, I thought it was kind of funny, that's what big brothers do, right?)
For 4 year old girls who love to paint all the time
For apple orchards....we are going this weekend!

For Cub Scouts (Webelo Scouts) selling popcorn and having a blast doing it!

For all the feast days this week, I want to say for each one, "This is my favorite!"
For my rich Catholic faith that has these wonderful feast days to celebrate.
I am thankful that my husband is able to take off work early today to see a Twins Game live in their new outdoor stadium with some friends.
I am thankful I don't have to cook tonight because of that.
What are you thankful for this Thursday?
Just post it on your blog or leave a comment, it's kind of like a
"Wordless Wednesday" thing. (no need to link)


  1. That icky spider is word get out some serious chemicals and spray spray spray!!! hee hee sorry but the freak me out!

    Cannot say enough how wonderful it is to have a baby in the home. We are blessed and so thankful for babies and big siblings that can love them.

    ok...come over and help me cook. Something I do not like to do.

    Enjoy today. It is so nice out!

  2. Hi Jamie Jo, You had some really good ones. I did mine this morning and have already had one person say they are going to do one so it is contagious. Have an awesome day.

  3. We have a baby in the cupboard too! :)


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