Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diagramming Sentences

How important is diagramming sentences for kids?

The mama is having a hard time keeping track of the right kinds of

sentences and the right way to diagram them,

which makes it hard to teach.

(I do have the answers, but it is much easier when the mama understands) I really don't even remember doing these in school.

At all.

Is this something needed for college?


  1. When I was in 7th grade we moved from Colorado to Alabama. They were right in the middle of diagramming sentences, and I was totally lost. I then spent the whole summer in tutoring figuring it all out! Definitely no fun!

  2. It really depends on what subjects your kids will take in high school (and college). We found it to be incredibly invaluable for Latin. It would be for other foreign languages (I know for sure German) as well. Of course, it's incredibly invaluable for English class as well -- if you know where to put that indirect object then you certainly know what it is.

    I love diagramming -- it's like putting a puzzle together. Just figure it out together.

    PS Thanks for your nice comment this morning on my food blog. You're a sweetheart.

  3. We played Mad Libs a few weeks ago and I'm still bad at diagrams!! In 9th grade, I had a tutor try to help me with the entire concept. Quite honestly, it never made sense to me. Now in French class, I knew my diagrams up and down because they taught us those by memory. I guess if they are still teaching them, they must be important. ;-)

  4. I don't remember this AT ALL either! However, I do understand the basics of it and am able to follow what the kids are doing. My dd has them in her English workbook and in Latin (very helpful) and oldest ds had them in English workbook this year. As to their usefulness, I can't say. I think for some, writing in the proper order just comes easier and then it's not such a big deal to know this diagramming inside and out.

  5. I don't remember diagramming sentences, but then again, I do not believe I got very good instruction in English grammar- among many other things which is one reason why I'm homeschooling. Good grammar is such an important skill from ACT scores, to college, to practical life skills. Don't give up teaching grammar! When I taught 5/6 grade, I used Easy Grammar Plus. It was so easy, that someone with as poor grammar as me, could teach it!

  6. I believe grammar is essential, in any language. You have to find what works for your family and the individual child. We've tried several programs...

  7. I get stomach cramps, unnatural sweating, and major avoiditis when I have to do this with Seton's curriculum. Thankfully, Christian seems to understand it better than myself. I loathe diagramming.

    I never saw the likes of diagramming when I went through school - nor did my husband . . . I don't understand it, nor do I reckon I really care.

    Anyway, good luck with it!

  8. I came to the US when I was in 8th grade speaking French only. Within 1year I was at the top of my english writing class. I credit learning to speak and write english correctly to diagraming sentences. If you know how to diagram sentences than you know how to write a gramatically correct sentence. Now adays it's rare to find highschool students that can write well. So I'm for it. However I also think that it's a tool... if this does'nt help the student, use another method. Hope it helps.

  9. i'm hoping you can help me...i want to diagram this sentence; love of god is love of neighbor. analyzing a sentence and portraying its structure can be very helpful in understanding the message of the sentence. but since i haven't diagrammed a sentence in over 50 years i am hesitant. i am teaching a sunday school class on sunday and really want to emphasize the above sentence. i'm hoping you can help me. i see the 2nd love as the direct object...is that how you see it? i'm trying to remember the differene between a direct object and a perdicate....oh my grammar skills are so rusty. can you help? please! oh, and i just found your blog....can't wait to peruse it all!

  10. Pocketbook--give me a chance to look that up...I think I have it. We have a doctor appt today, I'll try to get back to you later!!

    What a great lesson though, very creative!!

  11. Barbara, not sure if you will read this, but I didn't know how to let you know....

    I think it's this:

    LOVE(verb) of God ( prep. Phrase) “God” would be the object of the Prep. And noun.
    Is (I believe would be a conjunction in this sentence) Love (verb) of neighbor(prep. Phrase) NEIGHBOR is the object of the prep. As well as a noun.

    I also thought Love of God could also be the subject and love of neighbor the verb and prep phrase...

    Have fun!!

  12. OMG, I just found this post at the bottom of your current post and I have to totally agree with you. WHEN ARE OUR KIDS EVER GOING TO DIAGRAM A SENTENCE IN A JOB? Unless of course they go into teaching? I have never been good at it, nor has my husband, but Declan seems to get it, so I guess that's all that matters?


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