Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

I have so much to share, it's hard to draw line and only share one or two pictures.
So, indulge me, I'm sharing a lot.
I should do what Margaret did.
Wish I could, but, I just can't.
I try to be simple, really, I do.
Instead of showing each individual food from our Lenten teas,
I'm going to show the picture of our table before we started.

And here is our Good Friday Lenten Tea
The food was so good, it hardly felt like good Friday!
Here are our Lenten Pretzels,
we made to have with bean soup on Good Friday.
You'll get the idea of who my helpers by the end of this post!

Those same 2 little girls are the only ones who colored their days during Lent!
Cry with me, my kiddos are growing up.

Those same little girls made these beautiful eggs for our windows!
(we got the idea from the Crafty Crow)

After trying a new way to dye eggs and it failing, and returning it to Wal-Mart,
we just did the cheapest, easiest and best way to do it, (in my opinion)
good old fashioned Paas dye and crayons.
(Oops, this picture is out of order)
We made these Empty Tomb rolls this morning,
yesterday morning was just too busy before Church.

Here's my little helpers again, busy making bird nests!

Our beans have been replaced with abundant jelly beans!
Our Resurrection Eggs have been read and looked at several times!
My husband bought me a beautiful Easter Lily
Here we are Easter Morning.....

Yep. You guessed it. We do the Easter Bunny.
We also do Jesus.
We know what Easter is about.
It's about Jesus Rising from the dead.
My kids know that.
But, seriously, folks, the candy is about the bunny.

I'll tell you a secret.
The Easter bunny is not a lie.
I am the Easter bunny in our home.
Just like I am mama, wife, tooth fairy, Santa, nurse, cook.... get the picture.
I have a "to each his own" attitude about the Easter bunny and all that stuff.
Really, this is what we do.
You do what you do.

Here are us girls
I am actually wearing a dress for the first time in a long, long time.
I am trying to wean baby from breastfeeding.
She is nursing now only in the morning and at bedtime.
Cry with me now?

When your kiddos take the pictures,
you get a lot of blurry ones so this is it for me and daddy.
As you can see from my header picture,
This was no easy task to get this picture!
Yes, I bribed them with jelly beans.
My baby is 20 months old now.
(can you hear me sobbing?)
She's so little though.
She's such a baby.
She is not a big girl.

OK, she's a big girl.
She's still my baby.
We celebrated Easter with friends of ours,
After almost 2 full weeks of rain, cold and rain, oh, and snow...
Easter Sunday, the sun was out and it was in the 60's!!
It was our own Minnesota Miracle!
Easter Egg hunting!
I got a lot of pictures of the babe....she's so darn cute in her dress and tennies.
That sums up my girls.
girly girls with tennies.
Not afraid of getting dirty.
Isn't he sweet?

They big boys counting their findings
My brave girls doing the zip line!
Special sides I brought along:

Happy and Blessed Easter everyone!!


  1. We do the Easter Bunny here too, as well as Santa Claus, why not?

    The kids are taught the REAL meaning and the other is just plain ol' fun!

  2. We do the Easter Bunny, too, and inevitable someone makes a crack about this or that great hiding spot that Mom found.

    Camille goes with the flow. Has she figured it out? Who knows. She's just happy to be getting candy!

    Happy Easter, Jamie! You look beautiful!! Your whole family does. (and I LOVED that you got to go to Mexico)

    PS. My word verif. is "pretrust". There's a blog post there, I'm sure.

  3. He is truly Risen, Alleluia!!
    Happy Easter, Jamie!
    Everyone looks SO great in their pretty Easter clothes - truly a miracle for the 60 degrees after the cold snow/rain (here too, and a no wind day! - NEVER happens here in Fargo!!)
    I really loved your Lenten tea. I wanted to as well, but this is one, tough, pregnancy and I'm feeling my age and limitations! : ) We did a few "off the cuff" food things:
    On Holy Thursday we did round waffles/grape juice and then round homemade mini-pizzas with small crosses for meals to symbolize the Eucharist and watched the Last Supper part of Jesus of Naz, then on Good Friday we had french toast sticks formed like the cross (did the same with fish sticks that day, too!) and circular fried eggs to smbolize the stone rolled over the tomb. Finished Jesus of Naz and an animated Passion movie.
    As far as candy, each child has a basket with it and they can have two pieces a day til it's gone. They're not sure how to handle all this sugar after Lent! ;)

  4. I lub all the pictures. Fun to see all those pretty girls. You look beautiful too!

    So glad you had a great day and the weather was decent.

    I am crying also as our babies are getting older. Sometime it is LIKE where did the time go. I was just at the hosp. looking at her so tiny.

    My older ones are growing up so fast also. Sometimes I am anxious to get out of this hard 1 yr old stage. I couldn't even clean out my flower beds and she was climbing a huge rock!

  5. praying for Sarah that her pregnancy goes well.

  6. What a beautiful family!!! (We do the Easter bunny, too.)

    I have to say, the beautiful picture in your kitchen of the Madonna and Child...I just LOVE it! It caught my eye in any of the photos it showed up in.

    You look as though you all had great weather and an enjoyable day.

    Happy Easter...stopping in from Cahtolic Cuisine.

  7. Stopping over from Catholic Cuisine to wish you a blessed Easter! Love all the joy and colors of your celebration. What a great Easter photo you captured of your beautiful children too!


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