Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Tea Talk

I'm starting this and hopefully it will get better as the weeks pass?

I thought it would be a fun way to get to know eachother.

I prefer ice tea over hot tea, so this is the picture I've picked,

but I am the kind of person to offer you both!
So, come tea talk with me on Tuesdays!

I will use a random 4 or 5 questions.

1. What is something you wish you were better at?

I wish I could sew my girls beautiful dresses.

I'd sew quilts and cute aprons.

I can sew straight lines and mend buttons.

2. Why do you like the music you do?

I listen to Christian music and I've grown to like it.

When I walk I listen to really upbeat dance stuff--dare I say it?

I listen to Lady Gaga.

There. I said it.

I also have Prince's Little Red Corvette on my husband's iPod.

Another favorite is Rick Springfield's Jesse's Girl.

I never even heard any of Lady Gaga's songs until my hubby taped some for me

on his iPod, they have great beats to walk to.


Those songs are not very wholesome.

I used to love Country music and have to admit, still am a Country girl at heart.

I can't listen to Country music though without it taking me back to a bad time in my life.

so I don't listen to it.

Music, it puts us in different places doesn't it?

I also love to listen to Classical music, it's just relaxing and I love to watch my girls twirl and dance to it every time I put it on.

3. New York or California?


I have family out there. (my mom's family)

And I just don't understand why famous stars, who can choose, would choose New york.

It's cold there.

California has a certain smell in the air, maybe it's the salty air from the ocean.

(maybe it's the smog, I don't know)

I love the smell of California.

4. Ocean or Pool?


I love both, so if I'd have to pick, I'd pick...

a pool by the ocean!

No, if I had to choose, I'd choose the ocean!

I love to sit by it and just marvel in God's Goodness.

I love to wade in it, search for shells (and washed up sunglasses)

and feel it's soft soft sand on my toesies.

5. Favorite Year so far?

I'd have to say the year my first child was born.

My life's questions were finally answered.

Not that you have to have a child to get those answers.

But I felt so happy and felt God's grace so much in my life.

From that point on, everything was so different, the world was different.

The world was better.

If you want to talk tea with me, post it on your blog or leave me your comments.

I will try to answer things in the comments.

Is that the best way to correspond?


  1. Hi Jamie!
    I will try to talk tea with you. Only problem is that I can't remember all the questions w/o going back to look at it and erasing my comment. :-)But I will try to answer some of them.

    1. The ocean! Because I have never been there. Lake Superior is our "ocean", even though it's not actually an ocean but it's as close as we can get.

    2. I'm a country girl too. I used to be a pop-music girl, listening to KDWB--pop music. I'm sure they play Lady Gaga on there too. I don't listen to her; anyone that is too popular is someone I stay away from unless they're living a public Christian life, but that's usually not the case.

    I listen to country too. Country music has changed a lot over the years.

    I grew up on classical music--Beethoven, Mozart,all those guys. I never liked it. i dislike it even more now, because it reminds me of my Dad who used to love classical music and he's passed away now.

    3. Favorite year? This year. I have learned so much since I've had my heart attack. It's all about second chances and not taking life for granted. It's also about learning about the value of time.

    4. Last one that I can remember.
    I think New York for me. Sure, it's a lot like here in weather, but I would LOVE to see those tall, tall, buildings! New York to me is like our mini Japan. I would love to see all the hard work people have put into it to make it what it is now.
    I would also love to see Ground 0.

    And that's all I can remember!

    Thanks for tea!

  2. *What I meant to say in #2 is that anyone who is popular is USUALLY popular for the wrong reasons, though I know that's not always the case.

  3. Hi Jamie, I've been reading your blog for awhile so this is a great way to get to know more about each other.
    1. I wish I were better at singing. I can do okay, but I'd love to have a great voice.
    2. I love country music. The songs usually tell a story and have a nice variety of beats (some slow, some get up and dance :) and for the most part we can all listen to it together! Although the kids are the first to remind me when a song we don't listen to comes on.
    3. California. There's more open space prettier scenery. I must confess, though, that I've never been to California and only to Niagra Falls in NY.
    4. I also like both - the ocean because I love to just sit and contemplate life while the waves roll in and out. The pool for swimming because you don't get that nasty salt water in your mouth and nose.
    5. Favorite year? If I had to pick one, which is very difficult to do, I'd pick the year I had my conversion. Without that, the past 17 years wouldn't have been anything like what they've been!
    God Bless.

  4. Hi Jamie Jo,
    That's a wild & crazy opening picture. I really like the one you had before better but that is just me.
    1. I wish I was more patient around small children. It takes me a couple of days to get over a visit from my 2 grandsons.

    2. Bluegrass music puts me at ease and filters out the issues that trouble me.

    3. California, I lived out there on the coast 6 months in 1968 and loved it.

    4. Pool, don't care to get into sea water.

    5. 2002 was the last year I had with my mom and it was special.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  5. What a fun idea,
    I'm a tea drinker ( it's in my veins) Hot or cold but always decaf.

    Ocean and pool please. But my favorite is a nice blue lake.

    I love jazz music , Christian Rock and pretty much everything else ( except hip hop)

    Not sure I really have a favorite year.

    New York or California, well....I lived in California for a couple of years and visited New York. so I guess, California

  6. Hope I can type fast here...just got a minute before I need to start supper.

    Oh what a dreary day.

    I wish I was better at so many things. I do not sew, cook or really do any of those girly things. I could probably figure it out but I do not want to spend the time.

    I like anything but rap. Anything but rap and bad immoral lyrics.
    CA for sure. I would go to the ocean and redwoods everyday.

    I want a pool so bad. Another one of those things I need to figure out but cannot seem to find the time.

    My fav. year was 4th and 5th grade. Before my parents divorced and I had my fav. teacher. Childhood was an innocent carefree time for me.

    Enjoyed drinking tea with you.

  7. 1. What is something you wish you were better at?
    Balancing the checkbook. In this regard I am a total procrastinator. Ugh. I hate it.

    Come on over and I'll teach you how to sew. ;-)

    2. Why do you like the music you do?
    Lately I'm on an Il Divo kick (partly because they are soo handsome. Yikes!) because the music is so rich and beautiful and I'm a total sucker for men singing. I melt.

    Give up Lady Gaga AND Prince, Jamie, and listen to Il Divo. And melt.

    3. New York or California?
    California, but not for long. My brother lives there and he never comes to Ohio, but I like the Midwest for the most part. I would, I admit, like a little more excitement in the geography department -- some mountains or an ocean to look at. Sigh.

    4. Ocean or Pool?
    Ocean. I love the breeze and the sound. Sights and sounds. But I would love a pool in the backyard. Will never happen in this house. Too many trees.

    5. Favorite Year so far?
    Probably 1989 when I became a mom. But he was born in October so it didn't last long in 1989. But then, I WAS pregnant all year and I loved being pregnant. Sigh. 1989

  8. PS Is tea on the porch today, or in the living room, or kitchen? Just wondering. ;-)

  9. Hi Becky! Yes, you are right, popular people are usually popular for the wrong reasons....but, but...Gaga's music is the perfect tempo for walking fast!!!

    Hi Laura! Yes, let's get to know eachother! I love that your conversion year is your best year....my conversion year was my worst, which in the long run, became my best because of the conversion.

    Hi Odie! I changed the picture just for you!
    Don't feel so bad, I'm sure your grandsons have lots of energy!!

    Hi Katherine! Welcome! I can make some decaf tea too!

    Christine! I have really had tea with you...or, uh, Diet Coke anyway. Fun to read your music choices...never talked that with you!! I love your childhood memory!

    Barbara!! Oh, the tea is in the kitchen today...or if you want a comfy couch, sit in the living room, they run together anyway! It's cold and rainy here today!
    Divo who? I'll have to check them out....But, but, Lady Gaga has the perfect beat for fast walking....I don't let my kiddos listen!

    II Divo? Going to check them out now....

    Thanks for visiting today everyone!! The tea is always better with friends!

  10. ahhhh, OK, Barbara, I've melted....going to ask for a CD for Mother's day!

  11. I posted mine on my blog:

  12. Jamie,
    I'm squeaking in here just in time! I posted your tea on my blog:

    Thank you, I had a lovely time!


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