Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

(I hope I got better sunrise pictures than this one)

Thankful for America, living in this country and being HOME!

Thankful for not having to tip everyone who is nice to you in America

Thankful for quiet early morning walks and prayers on the beach with my 3 oldest kiddos,

each having their own morning with mama.

Thankful for coming home to snow almost gone!

Thankful for weather expected around 70 this weekend

Thankful for amazing animals and birds we were able to see in Mexico

Thankful for NOT gaining any weight on vacation!!! (Yipee!)

Thankful for my in-laws and their endless generosity, even watching all 5 of our kiddos

Saturday afternoon so Tom and I could have some time together,

It was just what we needed and really made the trip that much better!

Dean and Anne win MIL and FIL of the year!

Thankful for cousins to vacation with!

(this is the last of my pictures for now)

Thankful Thursday

A time to remember to be thankful A pause in the week for praise, thanksgiving and thinking positively in addition to the normal daily praise we need to give God.


  1. That was a super duper thankful thursday post Jamie. Loved the great pictures and sitting here so happy that you had that experience and loving in-laws that make things happen. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  2. Thankful you all had a good time. Nobody got sick??!!

    You are blessed with family that you CAN go on a trip with.

    Glad you had some sweet hubby time. LUB those times.

  3. I just started to follow your blog today. Happy to hear you had a wonderful time away with family, and that the remainder of your family at home was well provided for by your inlaws. What a blessing!

  4. What great in laws you have! Glad your families were able to have a great time!

  5. Hi Toll House Cookie!
    (your name makes me very hungry for choc chip cookies!!)


    My in-laws actually paid for all of us, all 7 of us, and all of my hubby's brother's family--all 5 of them to go to Mexico, with them!

    No one was left at home!!

    They watched the kiddos at the resort on Sat afternoon for us.

    Christine, Yes, Tom got sick Wednesday with diahreah (sp?) and kept it til we got home and had the nastiest farts I've ever smelt. We call them Mexico farts.

    Jedi also got sick on Thursday after our morning walk on the beach--we got up at 5:30 am and then swam afterward. By 10am he had fever and chills and diahrea.

    It only lasted a day and he was better. Except for the D thing.

    No one else got sick in our family.
    I'll post more on all the details later!!


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