Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Lady of Lourdes Novena for Simeon

I've decided on Our Lady of Lourdes Novena for Simeon.
I had a hard time deciding and asked God to help me decide today.
Yesterday (or the day before) Becky told me she wanted to make Simeon a
special rosary and the centerpiece we decided on is Our Lady of Lourdes.
(isn't that wonderful of her?)
Then, today, in the mail we got those free Mass cards that always come,
and they were, (yep, you guessed it)
Our Lady of Lourdes Mass cards.
 not just Mass cards, but a novena prayer card too.
An Our Lady of Lourdes Novena prayer card.
(Prayer answered)

Our Lady of Lourdes it is.
I put the novena on my sidebar
If you want to pray this novena with us, 
We would appreciate it so much.

Please don't feel you have to
Many of you are non Catholic, 
and I know God hears all our prayers.

A novena is a prayer prayed by many or just one, for a series of days, 
usually 9 days, for a specific intention.

This novena starts tomorrow, 
Wednesday, April 25, and goes til Thursday, May 3rd.
Simeon's surgery is on Friday, May 4th.

Thank you and God bless all of you.


  1. A perfect choice!! It's it awesome the way God tells us what to do!! ;)
    I'll pray the novena with you! Our Lady will cover you and Simeon in her mantle of protection.

  2. I am praying for sweet little Sim! It so seems like yesterday you had him- can't believe the time has gone so fast. I've got the date marked on my calendar, too, to remember to pray especially for him that day. Give him a little squeeze and a kiss for me!

  3. Hi Jamie Jo,

    I am back now. I have been sick with morning sickness all day with this new pregnancy. I am 14 weeks this week so things are getting much better.

    Perfect timing to read to read this! And you have a perfect story of how God led you to this prayer. I love your story I am going to share it with my family! We will pray this Novena. You bet!:) I know God will hold baby Simeon in the palm of his hand during his procedure. And he will be right there with all of you to comfort you. God Bless everyone and may you smile through your worries knowing that God is beside you.

  4. Thank you, Jamie Jo, for taking the time to explain a novena. What a special thing! Simeon will most definitely be in my prayers--and I can tell you for certain, prayer works!! :)

  5. So glad God sent you signs. Don't you love that? I think O.L. of Lourdes is an excellent choice.

    Thanks for letting us know--I'll be joining in!

  6. Wonderful, so glad you shared. My kids and I will say this with everyone as well.

  7. We are with ya! Oh how I love God's plan revealed and what a blessing that you were open to recognize it. Thank you for allowing us to give our prayers to little Simeon and all of you. God bless!

  8. Yes, I love praying novenas! They are so special for giving peace and direction. I will definitely join you in this prayer.

  9. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? I do and will certainly be praying for precious little Simeon. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  10. I will pray with you ....for Sims. AND for you for the nerves.

  11. I'd be honored to pray along with you for little Simeon.
    Praying the first prayer for today now.

  12. I would love to pray with you! This has come so quickly!!

  13. Bernadette is my confirmation patron, and I have been needing to lean on her for my own intentions, I will be happy to pray along. Also I noticed that Simeon's birthday is just one day after my daughter's) so we will put all of those commonalities together in prayer!

  14. We will of course be praying the novena along with you. I'm printing it out so I can read it during our nightly prayers with the kids. I think it's so important to teach them that we are all connected in the Communion of Saints, and this is a very real way to help them understand. And, as a mom who's youngest baby had the clogged tear duct, her's finally cleared up when she was almost a year old, long after the 9 month mark my pediatrician had given me, but it did happen, so take heart.

  15. I just love how God works & speaks to us in special ways! I will be joining you in praying this novena. God bless you and little Simeon!

  16. Thank you everyone!!!
    We will be thinking of all of you and thanking God during our novena and afterward!!

    Gardenia--Thanks for the whole idea of a novena for Simeon---I know Little Leo's mama did it for him, but I just didn't even think of it--my brain is mush!

    Shelly--Thank you so much, I know you are and have been praying for Sims and I appreciate it so much--he's squeezed and kissed for you!

    Lorie--congratulations!!!! I don't think I knew that--did I? HOpe you are feeling better!

    Felt Family--This is a walk in the park after everything you've been through!! Thank you for your prayers, I'm praying for you too.

    Sarah--I feel bad that I need those signs sometimes....but so very blessed to get them!

    Tina &
    Kelly---Thank you so very much for your prayers, we are so very blessed.

    Mama Bear--It makes Christmas even more special, doesn't it? (and busy:) Love what ties us together--thank you!

    :)Jessica--Thank you so much!! God bless you!

    Bridget--Thank you so much!!! He's had these darn clogged tear ducts since he was born!!! His eyes always are stuck shut every time he sleeps and there's always so much gunk and they are watery and red. My chiropractor told me to use "Simple Saline" on a washcloth to help with the redness--which is from wiping (dabbing) constantly.
    My last baby (you know her name:) had it the first few months, but not all the time, it was on and off. My first had it til I pushed on the corner and his went away right away. I just think this poor baby has enough to deal with....give it to me, I'll have it, he has enough!!

    Thanks for understanding though, it was good to hear someone else has dealt with it!

  17. Nicole--Thank you (I think I missed you) Thank you for all your prayers and for joining in!

  18. Tiffany--I just took you out of "Spam"? weird....thank you so much--God bless you!

  19. Our Lady will take care of him :) Have you consecrated him to her yet?

  20. just checking in again, to say we're praying with you!!

  21. Four months old already?!?!?!?!? I will be glad to join you all in prayer for Simeon and for your whole family. I hope you will all feel Our Lady's peace and presence with you.

  22. I stumbled across your blog through a friend and am praying for Simeon, especially during this novena. My boyfriend had a cleft palate, and he turned out wonderfully :). It's part of what formed him into the man that he is, and I'm grateful for that. I appreciate learning more from your blog about the surgeries and what his parents must have gone through. You're all in my prayers. God bless!

  23. Praying praying praying!!!


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