Thursday, May 23, 2013

Les Miserables

I know, 3 posts in one day?
This is it. 
 I finally watched this this past weekend!
I've never read the story or seen the play
I liked it.
Kind of.
I liked the story
I'd probably like a Cliff Notes type story of it though
I liked some of the songs,
but some I just fast forwarded through.
(sorry--does that shock you?  I swear I have ADD)
It had some great stars in it.
I loved Hugh Jackman's part.
I liked his heart.
He overcame so much,
he forgave so much.
Really a great story about love.
Not a love story in the traditional sense, though,
a love story about the love we all crave and need from others.

Russell Crowe's part, made me so sad, reminded me of Judas.
The despair did.

What are your thoughts on the movie or play or whatever you've read or seen?


  1. I loved the movie! Saw it a few times, but there is nothing quite like seeing it at the theaters on the big screen! Makes it that much more dramatic :)

    1. Oh, yeah, I'm sure it was really good in the theaters, probably more like a Broadway play!!!

  2. I saw the play down in the cities when Brian and I were dating. I remember crying at the end. No fast forward during the play! Hope to see the movie soon.

    1. Oh, I cried in this movie when Hugh Jackman's character had to say goodbye to his "daughter".

  3. LOVED IT!! What a heartbreaking and beautiful story. I've seen it in play form, and in regular movie form (Liam Neeson as Valjean), and now as this latest movie musical extravaganza. I love it in all its forms.

    I've tried to get through the Victor Hugo novel several times, though, and I just can't--even though I always love books more than the movies that are made from them. It's a pretty intimidating book.

    1. Thanks Laura! I'm going to check out the regular movie form. Tom (my husband) didn't really care for the singing one. I was pretty impressed with the major stars voices! We'll check Netflix for the movie!

    2. You might really like the Liam Neeson movie version. Absolutely no singing! :)

  4. I hated the play and couldn't sit through the movie. I just don't like dirty depressing stories, and I know it gets better but most of the story is too sad to be entertaining for me.

  5. Never read the book. I saw the movie a long time ago. I was much younger, did not know any backround and while I enjoyed the film, I never had a lasting impression. I enjoyed the musical, understood the history better, and thought the actors did a good job. Though I am not a fan of big names in movies like this. Too distracting for me and rarely do they transform so much that I don't think about the person and what else I have seen them in. Very few actors can do that for me. Hugh Jackman came the closest. Plus, I don't know, while I enjoyed the music I also thought it took away from the story. Still, I enjoyed it.

  6. Ditto on the feelings toward it. My hubs rented it for us and didn't realize this version was a musical. He didn't finish the movie LOL!

  7. Oh!! I forgot to add, this really should have been rated R because of the one scene with the prostitute and know...I won't allow my 13 almost 14 to see it yet just because of that. Sad.

  8. I've loved the story for a long time and was excited to see the movie. A little long, and while I would have loved some more dialogue, the theme of the movie is terrific. My poor husband- I didn't tell him the whole thing was a musical, and he got in a little nap in the middle of the movie.

  9. You didn't like it? I thought for sure you would. I absolutely loved it! I think my husband may even love it more than me. I put this in the category of "Good Quality Catholic Movies" of which there are so few in quality. The themes are mature, but so rich and Catholic! In almost every seen there is something- from the saintly priest, to the conversion (a conversion on the big screen! take note!), to the moral choices, even rosaries and crosses in snuck unexpected in many scenes. There was nothing to be rated R. Worse stuff is on TV. The bad stuff is shown for what it is and the consequences of sin are as clear as day.
    Then ending scene with the people who died shown as the saints in heaven for the sacrifices they made is so Catholic, I'm surprised this was a secular movie!
    Watch it again with subtitles. The songs are catchy and good. I thought this was the best movie I've seen this year.

  10. I loved the play and had to control myself from singing along with the movie!


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