Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bows, Milk, Frost & Snowflakes, and Missing Pieces

There! I'll just put the labels in the post title!
Bows! I've got to be honest, I've never liked those head band bows on babies. Until this baby! She looks so darned cute and she is my first baby girl with hardly any hair. SO, now I get it, these band bows are for balder babies! My other babes could wear barrettes. (in the first month) Maybe it's because of a couple other babies who wear bows and look so darned cute too!
I cried over spilled milk. Yes, this is spilled milk, in our garage, mixed with mud and melted snow. I set the extra milk that wouldn't fit in the fridge on top and forgot and opened the freezer when putting away groceries. A whole gallon of milk spilled. Anyone have a kitty you could send over to clean our garage floor? Not sure how to clean it up, my mop wouldn't clean it up (for anyone who helped me when I broke my leg, I still have the old bad mop) I don't have any extra towels because I'm always trying to declutter (so, that's why I always kept those old towels) and it's not freezing overnight in the garage, so there it sits. Can't wait for it to start smelling!
Hey! Is that an angel in the milk?

Milk bowls. We have lots of them every day. My girls like to eat cereal but not all of it. Anyone out there have milk bowls?
Frost. We have lots of it. We've had days of it. It's beautiful, especially when it's sunny out. It is just breathtakingly beautiful, like God painted the world white.
I've got a theme here with the white. White snowflakes. The girls love cutting these. In fact, we are going to be cutting some more in a few minutes!
Christine mentioned missing pieces today in her post. We have missing game balls for our Caribou game. It's such a fun game for 3 year olds! We only have 3 balls and I think we need 6. Without the balls, it doesn't work! (that's not my hand, I google imaged it)


  1. Ughh! about the milk. I'd have cried, too. The bow baby is adorable ... I could never get the bows to stay on, so I didn't like them either.

    No milk bowls here, the kids tip up the bowls and slurp it down. Graham especially wants to make sure there's enough milk to slurp AFTER the cereal is gone.

  2. As a bald child myself until almost the age of two, I think bows are a great idea! Nothing worse than looking back at your own baby pictures and thinking you look like a boy ;)

  3. I would have cried too! Guess it is the wrong time of year to take a hose to the garage floor...

    Milk bowls here too!

    Love the bows!!! Have you checked out hairbowsforlife.com? They are all $5 each and she donates 10% to pro-life!

  4. I CAN see the angel in the MILK!!!

    OH MAN...what a pain to spill all that. In my condition I would have left it also and called a neighbor to send over a puppy to drink it all up.

    That baby girl is sweet sweet in her bows. Give her a big kiss on the head from me.

    I love all the frost also. I wanted to take pictures today but cannot find the energy to walk around the yard to do it. Just to put the big ol'snow boots on would kill me....ugh.

    I DO NOT know how you got through that broken leg situation. YOU are one strong strong lady. I never heard you complain once!

    i am sucha wimp

    I have that game also. How about we switch games!!!!! Just kidding...I know how much you love Blockus also. MISSING PARTS>>>UGH!!

  5. I just had to throw away our caribou game because of missing balls...and the fact that Henry crumpled up all of the cards.

    THe milk...ugh...
    We have a broom thing with a fibers that are super close together, and then on the other side a thingy that you would wash your windows with at a gas station (what are those called?) So, I just sweep water out the garage door (our basement has flooded a lot), and then stick our dehumidifier in the middle of the garage to suck up the last bits of moisture. Can you sweep the milk out, and then dump water on it to rinse and then sweep the water out?

    The bow is super cute! Aslynn had a ton of hair as a baby so I thought the bows made her hair stick out and look even crazier. I always wanted a bald baby (0/4 so far!). I would love to put a cute headband on a bald girl! SHE IS SO CUTE!!

    The snowflakes are great. My kids LOVE making paper snowflakes. It makes a big snowstorm of paper bits in the house, but they seems to turn out beautiful no matter what.

  6. yes, that is definitely an angel in the milk. that means you think your day went bad, but it didn't !!! or else it means your guardian angel got wet when the milk fell. the bow is cute on your daughter, and it is true that some can wear them and some can't. she definitely can wear them. my almost 3 year old picks up the bowl and drinks the rest of the milk when the cereal is gone. I should probably be thankful.

  7. I forgot to add something about the milk and cereal. Reminds me of when I was a poor Catholic School Art teacher and had no money. I actually poured my milk back in the jug......so so so embarrassed when I was dating Brian and he poured some OUT! I had forgotten I had done that and he asked...."What is THIS?"

    never ever will forget that.

    my kids leave too much soggy milk and cereal left over also. sigh...whatcha gonna do?

  8. Hey! Let's all combine our Caribou game balls and play at my house!!!

    I think a window squeegee thingy would work, but not a broom, it's too far to the driveway, like 15 feet at least, I'd have a stream of milk then all the way to the end, right now we can walk around the milk!

    Where can a person buy that stuff that bus drivers have for when kids puke on the bus? I think they just sprinkle it on and sweep it up...would that work?

    Christine, love that story, even though it kind of makes me cringe, grosss!!!

  9. I found your blog through Sarah at A Hopeful Heart...fun post:)

    I can see the angel. I have a pile of old towels in my donation pile as I type and am thinking I may just hang on to them now.

    Thanks for all the craft ideas. I'm going through a winter craft dry spell. Those certainly help.

  10. PS-We had the same problem with our Caribou game. I found another game at Goodwill for half price and just combined the two sets. Now we have 2 extra balls. But I'm guessing they will disappear soon:)

  11. Didn't read through all the comments to see if anyone else mentioned this, but you can order (cheaply) extra parts for Cariboo. We took ours to our homeschool co-op and one of the kids poked a hole in each card with the key! And it arrived quickly too. I was very pleased.


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