Friday, January 15, 2010

January Crafts, Snacks and Hats!

Snowman cake, recipe found here easy and yummy!
Easy paper plate snowmen and women, again, we use Q-tips for painting!
Black and white snowman again this year (with a little added color compliments of
Mary Hannah)
Beautiful hats from beautiful Mathilda
Babycakes did not get one (because mama didn't think she wanted one) so her heart was broken when her big sisters had hats and she did not.
Mary Hannah felt sorry for her and gave hers to her.
(which melted mama's heart)
Babycakes (happy as can be and growing up, we'll order in 3's from now on)
It's 28 degrees here in MN and feels like 70! I kid you not. I saw several people outside today with only a sweatshirt on, I even went out without zipping up my zipper! (to my coat, that is)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone, God bless!


  1. Thanks for the ideas!! I need to head into winter/snowman crafts at school, but just haven't gotten into it after break.
    I've also been in a baking slump since the holidays, but I think that snowman cake might just get me out of it! Hopefully next week.

    *love* those hats!! They look darling on your girls.

    Happy Weekend to you too!

  2. Love the ideas! I may have to try the cake and I love those hats!

  3. Cute hats, adorable girls . . . what love!

  4. The weather does that to us ... we get used to WAY below zero temps and them when it barely gets above that line ... well, it just feels like Spring is around the corner!

    The hats are cute!

  5. those are such cute hats. chanced upon your blog! :)

  6. Always have loved your creative crafts!! You're such a great Momma.

    My kids are clamoring to make some (can I be mean and say only on our day off of school? ;)

    "Jamie always makes the neatest stuff - can we?" yes, Noelle! Now back to your math! :)

    Miss you and talk to you soon!

  7. i love that snowman cake, jaimie!
    and what perfect timing because we have a "snow" unit planned for this week!

    cute. cute. hats on cute. cute. girls!

  8. Thanks for sharing! The cake idea is a great one with 2 winter birthdays (or just for fun). The paper plate snowmen are cute too. No matter how you do it, "building" snowmen never gets old.


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